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Dog Sitting Rates

Ask a Dog Sitter: Dog Sitting Rates & Dog Sitter Salary

It seems that pet sitting is a natural career choice for dog lovers hoping to make a living doing something they enjoy. And with dog...
Dog Walker Salary

Ask a Dog Walker: Dog Walker Salary & Dog Walking Rates

It's a question that I hear all the time: “How much does a dog walker make?” I never quite know how to respond, since...
Dog Trainer Salary - How Much Do They Get Paid

Dog Trainer’s Salary: How Much Do They Get Paid?

Ask any dog trainer and the first thing they'll tell you is that the rewards of dog training extend far beyond any amount of...
Training Dogs with Electronic Collars

Interview: Training Dogs with Electronic Collars

Training a dog isn't something to venture into lightly. There are numerous methods of dog training, and every canine responds differently to each one. Finding...
Professional Dog Grooming and Being a Pro Dog Groomer

Interview: What’s It Like to Be a Professional Dog Groomer

I never know what kinds of leads I'll get for interviews, but one thing is for sure - they're always with really interesting people. Lisa...
The Low Down on the Paleo Diet for Dogs

Interview: The Low Down on the Paleo Diet for Dogs

The current trend in the pet food industry is to follow the trends in the human food industry. As pet owners jump on the...
Cricket Protein For Dogs

Interview: What’s All the Hype About Cricket Protein For Dogs?

Last week a news article came across my desk about a dog treat company that was using cricket powder as the protein source in...
The Importance of A Quality Dog House

Interview: The Importance of A Quality Dog House

The approaching Thanksgiving holiday means that fall is coming to an end. It's hard to believe that it is this time of year again....
Creating An Easy Way To Help Animals In Need

Interview: Creating An Easy Way To Help Animals In Need

Helping animals in need is easy. You can donate time volunteering, donate money to rescue organizations and shelters, or spend time advocating for the...
SamSam Sidecar

How Do You Market a Unique Dog Product?

A couple of months ago I started following a new, unique dog product that I find very interesting. It's called the SamSam Sidecar. I...
Use of Cannabis in the US Pet Industry

Cannabis for Dogs and Cats: New Businesses in the US Pet Industry

Growing cannabis, or what we now more commonly refer to as marijuana or weed, is becoming a booming business in the United States, especially after...
How to Start an Indoor Dog Park

How to Start an Indoor Dog Park

As leash laws have become more restrictive and cities are becoming more and more crowded, many concerned dog owners are using indoor dog parks...