Dog grooming is essential for a healthy pet. Find step-by-step videos on how to groom a dog, how to clip nails, deshed a dog, etc. Interviews with professional dog groomers and companies for the best information on general pet grooming and dog grooming supplies.
Dog Teeth Cleaning 101 - How to Clean Dogs' Teeth

Dog Teeth Cleaning 101: How to Clean Dogs’ Teeth

Growing up we've been told over and over how important it is to brush our teeth twice a day. Turns out, it's still a surprise...
How To Train A Dog To Enjoy Grooming and Stay Calm When Groomedvideo

How To Train A Dog To Enjoy Grooming & Stay Calm When Groomed

If you learn how to train a dog to enjoy grooming it will benefit both of you. The happier your pet, the happier you...
Do Pet Parents Need a Dog Grooming Table at Home

Do Pet Parents Need a Dog Grooming Table at Home

As pet parents, part of our job is grooming. How we live up to that responsibility is up to us. Instead of grooming our...
Do You Tip Dog Groomers - Why and How Much

Do You Tip Dog Groomers? Why and How Much?

Regular dog grooming is essential to ensure a healthy canine. Some people choose to groom their dogs at home, while others take them to...
best dog grooming blogs

Sunday’s Recap: 7 Best Dog Grooming Blogs

Everyone is looking to a save a little money when they can, and grooming your pet home is a great way to shave a...
How I Keep My Dog's Skin and Coat Healthy

How I Keep My Dog’s Skin and Coat Healthy

I love grooming my dog! But for this love affair to continue, I always try to ensure that her skin and coat are healthy,...
How To Use Dog Clippersvideo

How To Use Dog Clippers to Trim or Cut Dog’s Hair

Learning how to use dog clippers is a skill that every pet owner should know. There are certain breeds that require regular haircuts, and...
Dog Tear Stains

The Truth About Tear Stains on Dogs

Tear stains are an eye-sore (no pun intended). There's no doubt that they aren't pleasant to look at, but did you know there are also...
Best Silent Dog Clippers for Noise-free Grooming of Dogs

5 Best Silent Dog Clippers for Noise-free Grooming of Dogs

Depending on how you approach it, grooming your dog can be a very enjoyable and worthwhile task. However, if your dog is scared of...
How to Calm Your Dog Before Grooming

How to Calm Your Dog Before Grooming

Not all dogs are afraid of the groomer, but many are. Some dogs have so much anxiety about being groomed that they start getting...
Free dog grooming supplies giveawayvideo

Giveaway: Dog Grooming Supplies Pack Valued at $40

At home dog grooming can save you a lot of money on professional services. If you're going to groom your dog on your own,...
Deshedding a dog - A Step by Step Checklist

Deshedding a Dog: 7 Best Methods With a Step-By-Step Checklist

All dogs shed to some degree. Yes, even Labradoodles. It’s a natural process that allows the new coat to come in. Some breeds shed...