Top 3 Best Electric Fences for Dogs Any

Making sure that your dog stays in the yard is one of the most important aspects of keeping them safe. It will also keep you from having a yelling match with your neighbors. Large bulky fences take away from the aesthetic appeal of your yard, which is why so many dog owners choose to go with some of the best electric fences for dogs instead.

These top 3 best electric fences for dogs are much easier than the collar for dogs systems that use a wireless remote or the wireless systems that have an electric transmitter. Best electric fences for dogs allow you to set up your perimeter in any shape you want and you don’t have to worry about keeping an eye on your pet every second that they are outside.

ATTENTION, dear dog owner. Before you purchase ANY type of electric shock collar for your dog, please take a look at the following articles and strongly consider conclusions drawn by scientific evidence and dog experts:

Top 3 Best Electric Fences for Dogs



Elite Little Dog in-ground fence

Little dogs can sometimes be the most difficult to train, and if you are concerned that the shock voltage is going to be too strong for your dog you should check out the Elite Little Dog In-ground Fence (read our review of this in-ground dog fence!)

This first one of the best electric fences for dogs is specifically designed for small dogs and offers 4 levels of electrostatic correction settings, including one that is tone only. It comes with enough wire and flags to secure 1/3 of an acre also. A waterproof collar that is made of reflective material is also included so you won’t have trouble spotting your dog at night. You can buy this system for about $170.

Top 3 Best Electric Fences for Dogs

SportDOG 100-Acre In-Ground Pet Fence System

The SportDOG 100-Acre In-Ground Pet Fence System is one of the top rated best electric fences for dogs available. Amazon usually have this for the best price available, which is around $240, and you will definitely get what you pay for. This fence can be used on any dog weighing over 10 pounds, and as long as you purchase additional collars, you can have as many dogs as you want hooked up to the system.

System's collar is waterproof and has 4 correction settings, including tone and vibration, so you can choose a higher or lower setting depending on the intensity that your dog requires. It is also equipped with an anti-linger feature to preserve the battery. This system comes with 1000 feet of wire and 100 boundary flags which will cover over half an acre of land. One thing to note about this best electric fences for dogs is that this collar is for use in the U.S. only and it will not work properly with international voltage.

Top 3 Best Electric Fences for Dogs All

PetSafe Stubborn Dog Inground Fence

Another top choice is the PetSafe Stubborn Dog Inground Fence. You can pick it up for about $180, and – like its name suggests – it is perfect and one of the best electric fences for dogs that are more difficult to train. It is primarily made for larger dogs that are over 30 pounds. It comes with 500 feet of boundary wire and 50 boundary flags. This system also comes with a waterproof collar and has 5 correction settings. It can cover up to 1/3 of an acre. This system will not work with international voltage either.

All three of these best electric fences for dogs systems offer expansion packs that you can purchase to fence in a larger area. If you wish, you can also buy extra collars for each system.

Whether you choose to go with one of these suggested top-rated best electric fences for dogs, or you do your own research and decide to go with something else, be sure to research before you buy. Every inground system has different ratings and settings that are used for different sized dogs and the last thing you want is to give your dog a shock that is too strong.

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