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Skin Tags on Dogs: How to Prevent and Remove Them

Skin tags are small, benign growths that can appear on any dog, of any breed, gender and age. Some breeds are more susceptible to...
How Much Does It Cost to Neuter a Dog

How Much Does It Cost to Neuter a Dog?

Having your dog neutered is an important decision, and some dog owners feel uncomfortable about it for different reasons. It's important to weigh the...

Why Do Dogs Lick Your Face?

When a dog licks your face, does it mean they are kissing you? This is one of the most common assumptions, and the reason...
Low Cost Dog Vaccinations and Where to Find Them

Low Cost Dog Vaccinations and Where to Find Them

Vaccines provide your pet dog with protection against many dangerous diseases. Unvaccinated dogs that live in cities and mix with other animals, or that...
7 Most Common Signs of Anxiety in Dogs

7 Most Common Signs of Anxiety in Dogs

Anxiety can affect all breeds of dogs in all environments for many reasons. It's essential to understand the signs of anxiety in dogs, because...

12 Things Dog Owners Should Watch Out for in Spring

Winter is always viewed as the most problematic season for dogs and dog owners. However, as warm and awesome as spring is, it offers...
My Dog Is Scared of Me - 10 Things to Do

My Dog Is Scared of Me: 10 Things to Do

When your dog is scared of you, it's not only a devastating feeling, but it also becomes increasingly difficult to train, groom and feed...
Wheatgrass for Dogs - Uses, Benefits and Side Effects

Wheatgrass for Dogs: Uses, Benefits and Side Effects

If you have ever witnessed your dog munching on the lawn, you may find yourself wondering if there are any potential benefits of wheatgrass...
dog bad breath home remediesvideo

8 Best Dog Bad Breath Home Remedies

Bad breath isn't just annoying, it's also a sign of dental health issues. Dog bad breath home remedies will get rid of the foul odor.
dog shedding home remedyvideo

5 of My Favorite Dog Shedding Home Remedies You Should Try

I am often asked about tips and tricks to help stop shedding in dogs. Today I'm sharing my favorite dog shedding home remedy options.
how tight should a dog collar bevideo

How Tight Should a Dog Collar Be?

Dog collars have a few purposes, but their main job is to provide a way for you to easily restrain your pet. How tight should a dog collar be?
Dog Eating Sticks - Why and What to Do

Dog Eating Sticks: Why and What to Do

Of course we’ve seen dogs with a stick in his mouth; dogs love to play and fetch a stick – he often will wind...


How to Do CPR on a Dog

How to Do CPR On a Dog

Doing CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) is something we’ve all seen performed many times in movies and TV, but it's actually harder than it looks. When...
Top 35 Unique Summer Adventures to Have with Your Dog

35 Summer Adventures for Dog Owners

Summer is the perfect time to take time off work and head out for an adventure! While many dog owners don’t think to take...
20 Dog Walking and Sitting Horror Stories

20 Crazy Dog Sitting Horror Stories

Using pet sitting or dog walking services done by professionals or simply asking friends to take your pet for a few days is a...
Science-based Canine Athlete Nutrition - How to Feed Athletic Dogs

The Science-based Guide for Feeding Athletic Dogs

The aim of an appropriate nutritional plan for athletic dogs is to maximize performance and minimize the occurrence of injuries. To assess the best...
The Guide to Water Intoxication in Dogs

The Guide to Water Intoxication in Dogs

Water intoxication in dogs is what happens when your pet consumes excess water. This can be from playing in the pool or biting on...
slowest dog breeds

25 Slowest Dog Breeds

When adopting a dog that's going to be right for your personal lifestyle, the dog's athletic ability and energy levels are a very important...
The Best Fitness Tracker for Dogs

The Best Fitness Trackers for Dogs

Fitness trackers aren’t just for humans anymore. Pet technology continues to evolve, which helps dog owners to monitor their pets, take better care of...
Best Cheap Ways to Prevent Most Common Health Issues in Dogs

15 Cheap Ways to Prevent Common Health Issues in Dogs

Maintaining healthy habits is the best way to keep your dog from becoming ill. Using the below tips and doing your best to prevent...

9 Tips for Running with Dogs

Running can be a great pastime for dogs, not to mention that you and your dog get to spend time and bond together. However,...
Understanding The Science and Psychology of Dog Language

The Science and Psychology of Dog Language

Nearly all dog owners talk to their pets, but how much meaning do the dogs absorb? Certainly dogs understand how to follow commands we’ve...