Why Dog Parks Aren't Suitable for Every Dog

As dog owners, many of us would love to enjoy time in the park with our pets. Since not all “regular” parks allow canines in them, dog parks were created specifically for that reason. But now, some dog experts are advising that you should be very cautions when taking your pet to the park, and realize that dog parks aren't suitable for every Fido.

Lisa Moore of The Modesto Bee has provided some advice for dog owners who owns dogs that love dog parks but avoid other canines, and sometimes even bite them.

The worst part about today's dog parks is that they aren't properly regulated, which they should be. Dogs are still irrational animals, and unless professionally trained, they don't always know how to “behave is social situations.”

“In a word, Robert, stop. You are doing both your dog and the other dogs at the dog park a great injustice,” says Lisa.

Truth is, many dogs do not enjoy playing with other dogs, no matter how much we as dog owners would love to believe in that. This applies especially well to younger dogs and puppies who are still exploring the world, are risk takers, getting to know things and aren't experienced enough to be around other pets. Life says that contrary to popular belief, not every dog will need interaction with other animals to be happy, and some of them would love to spend time only with their owners – having a walk or going for a jog, for example.

Because dogs aren't humans, they aren't in control of their emotions. So what stars as a casual, harmless play in a dog park can very soon turn into a more intense “argument” and even a dog fight. Lisa says that you must always have treats with you, occasionally interrupt plays that are getting too out of hand, and be prepared for anything. In short, when you're taking your dog to a park, you cannot relax completely, and you shouldn't. Be aware of where your pet is, what they do and how they behave. It's their time, not yours.

Featured photo courtesy of Jessica Lamirand (via Flickr)


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