Dogs On Demand - Uber Delivers Puppies to Your Work

As news about Uber's growth continue to surprise business investors, the company doesn't stop there and has decided to use their power of popularity for good. Popular app-based transportation network and taxi company headquartered in San Francisco, CA has recently announced that they will partner with Animal Planet to celebrate their Puppy Bowl XI airing (make sure you don't miss it!)

Uber will be delivering dogs on demand to all offices in different cities: Atlanta, Baltimore, Cleveland, Dallas, DC, Denver, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Phoenix and Seattle, as reported by HP.

In order for, possibly, bored office works to spend 15 minutes with adorable puppies, they will have to pay $30. All proceedings, according to Uber, will be donated to that particular city's participating organizations. Plus, all dogs who are delivered to offices will be available for on-the-spot adoption. It's difficult to say how this would work given certain rules dog adoption centers have for their owners, but more details will follow soon.

The only request famous car company has made is that the office works make sure to check with their bosses for approval beforehand, as well as have a special place or a room where dogs will be able to play without any issues.

Want to request a furry pal for your office? You can do so today by simply getting on the Uber app. The service is available between 11am and 3pm. Remember that Puppy Bowl XI will air tomorrow, Sunday February 1st at 3 p.m. on Animal Planet channel. Don't miss it!

Uber has previously done the same with kittens in October, which they've initiated with respect to the National Cat Day. So is this going to be a thing now?

Featured photo courtesy of Paula Lively


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