Don't Miss Today's Super Bowls for Dogs and Cats!

Just a few hours left until today's Sunday Super Bowl starts, but there's also one for dogs and a separate one for cats, too. This is also not the first time that puppies and kittens are getting their own game of Super Bowl, as the program is becoming extremely popular to watch in American homes.

Don't miss today:

  • Puppy Bowl XI starts at 3pm today on Animal Planet
  • Kitten Bowl II starts at noon today on Hallmark Channel

The annual television show that original started mimicking America's favorite sports events has now became a huge thing in its own right. If you're unfamiliar with the structure of the program, be prepared to see footage of a bunch of cute puppies play a game inside a model stadium (and commentaries are included!)

To read more on the Puppy Bowl event, head over to Animal Planet.


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