Lazy Dog Breeds

Let's admit it. Although it's a lot of fun to play with a dog, it can be exhausting too. There's no shame in adopting lazy dog breeds simply because you want to spend less time outside and more time lying on the couch with your best friend.

These 30 lazy dog breeds may be just what you're looking for – an ideal couch potato companion.

Don't get me wrong. You'll need to make sure your pooch gets exercise – no matter which breed you adopt, every canine needs to have at least the minimum amount of physical and mental stimulation for a healthy life.

If you think lazy dog breeds are lying around one hundredMost Lazy Dog Breeds Perfect for a Couch Potato Owner percent of the time, unfortunately, you'll be mistaken. Even the laziest dog will still require daily walks and playtime. The difference between lazy dog breeds and more active breeds is that they live a much more sedentary lifestyle.

While Labradors will play for a large part of the day, many of the breeds on this list will only be up for a few short walks each day and prefer to spend the rest of the time chilling on their bed or your sofa.

If that's what you're looking for, then adopting one of these lazy dogs will get you a perfect companion.

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Lazy Dog Breeds

30 Most Lazy Dog Breeds
Perfect for a Couch Potato Owner

Lazy Dog Breeds1. English Bulldog

English Bulldogs are patient and kind dogs who love to lounge around with their owners. Because they’re brachycephalic (have a short, pushed-in nose), they can’t do strenuous exercise.

A quick walk around the park is enough exercise for this lazy breed.

This calm and courageous breed will keep you laughing with their silly personality, but mostly, they're interested in eating their favorite dog foods and taking many naps.

They are small in stature but very rugged, making them a good choice for families with rambunctious kids.

2. Bullmastiff

Lazy Dog BreedsBullmastiffs are the ultimate “gentle giants.” These dogs might be a bit on the lazy side, but they are also brave and loyal to their master.

Even though they are large dogs, Bullmastiffs are not active and do very well in apartment settings.

These dogs are also affectionate and will try to climb in your lap if you let them.

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3. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is Another Lazy Dog Breeds

Lazy Dog BreedsThe Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a lover. This breed wants nothing more than to spend time with its owners and give lots of kisses.

They like to take quick walks but are most comfortable curling up on the couch with their companions after a good Cavalier dinner.

Affectionate and gentle, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a good choice for a family interested in lazy dog breeds.

4. Bichon Frise

Lazy Dog BreedsBichon Frises love to please their owners. They are brilliant and love to show off their skills.

Obedience training is a breeze with these pups, but some have a hard time with house training.

Bichons will get short bursts of energy followed by a very long nap. This is one of the lazy dog breeds that will require a few short walks during the day.

They'll burn their energy while outside and then come in and curl up on the couch with you.

5. Japanese Chin

Lazy Dog BreedsOriginally bred as lap dogs, Japanese Chins are always up for a cuddle. They are very sociable but should be carefully watched around young children.

The Japanese Chin's idea of exercise is jumping up into people’s laps.

The breed actually hails from China and is a favorite among owners looking for a sophisticated companion.

Intelligent and charming, the Japanese Chin is certainly one of the top lazy dog breeds.

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6. Pekingese

Lazy Dog BreedsThe Pekingese are not fond of exercise at all, and that's what they're known for.

Their short bowlegs make it difficult for them to run around too much, so they are most comfortable lounging on the laps of their trusty pet owners, who will care and feed the lazy dog.

Pekingese are great lap dogs and trendy dogs among owners who love to carry their pets everywhere.

Sadly, they are not very good with children and other dogs or animals but will get along with cats, according to many pet owners.

Training is a chore with this breed, too, because of their stubborn and independent nature.

7. Dachshund is a Lazy Dog Breeds

Lazy Dog BreedsThe Dachshund's short, stubby legs are a big reason why they make great lap dogs.

They enjoy walks, but a session of indoor ball chasing is enough to provide adequate exercise, and they're most interested in consuming Dachshund-friendly foods and napping a lot of the time.

Dachshunds make our list of lazy dog breeds, but these pooches are very opinionated and not great family dogs.

Originally bred to hunt, these pups can be spunky and may see a child's antics as a threat.

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8. French Bulldog

Lazy Dog BreedsThe French Bulldog is another brachycephalic dog, which makes a short walk around the block a big workout for them.

They are single-owner dogs, perfect for people who live in apartments and the elderly.

These adorable pups are very adaptable, and with the right French Bulldog food and exercise, they're also healthy.

They are also intelligent, making them a wonderful choice for pet owners who wish to travel with their canine companions.

9. Boston Terrier

Lazy Dog BreedsThe Boston Terrier is a breed that can adapt to any living situation.

They love people and are easy to train. These dogs only need short walks.

As they are sometimes called, Bostons are often found by their owner’s side with a chew toy.

Their funny personalities will keep you amused, and as long as you feed your pet with the best food for Boston Terriers and keep him somewhat active, they will also live a long time.

10. Yorkshire Terriers

Lazy Dog BreedsYorkies are small dogs with large dog attitudes. They are friendly but will assert dominance over anything that comes into their homes.

They are very energetic indoors and like to dash around the house.

These short bursts burn a lot of their energy, so Yorkies only require short walks a few times a day.

They love to be with people and hate being alone, meaning they are not good dogs for being left for long periods of time.

On the bright side, they are generally healthy and live as long as proper Yorkie diet and exercise.

Lazy Dog Breeds

11. Havanese

Lazy Dog BreedsThis is a great city and suburb household pet and a perfect lazy dog for those looking to spend the least amount of time outdoors. Havanese are good and gentle with children and other animals. They only require slow-paced walks and some playtime for the minimum amount of exercise and mental stimulation.

This lazy dog breed was originally bred to be a small companion dog and love to be pampered and fed their favorite Havanese dog food.

Hailing from Cuba, these pups are named after Havana and are the National dogs of the country.

12. Pomeranian

Lazy Dog BreedsThe Pomeranian is the typical lap dog. They are spunky and assertive.

The big dog in a small dog mentality is a trait that most Pomeranians express frequently.

Certainly one of the laziest dog breeds, and Poms are also loud guard dogs that will certainly let you know if something is approaching.

They need minimal exercise, eat very little Pomeranian dog food, and do well in single households because they do not get along with everyone.

13. Maltese

Lazy Dog BreedsMaltese are a great social lap dog. They are ideal for apartment dwellers and have very minimal exercise needs.

If you're looking for lazy dog breeds that would be ideal for urban households and also one of the most beautiful small dogs around, the Maltese may be right for you!

This breed is one of the very mild-tempered dogs. It does well with training based on positive reinforcement but needs to be socialized at a young age to ensure that they are not nippy to strangers or other animals.

They tend to get along very well with cats, too.

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14. Chihuahuas

Lazy Dog BreedsThe Chihuahua is the smallest of all dog breeds. This makes them ideal for life in an apartment and with the elderly.

They only need minimal grooming and exercise.

Chihuahuas are not a good fit for a household with small children. They need obedience and socialization from a young age since they tend to be nippy.

15. Pug

The pug is a great family dog that gets along with strangers and other animals. Their small size makes them perfect for apartment and city living and low cost because Pugs eat little food.

The poster child for brachycephalic dogs only needs short walks around the block.

Although they are charming and loving, the Pug can also be quite mischievous.

They'll keep you laughing but aren't the ideal breed for pet owners who spend a lot of time away from home.

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Lazy Dog Breeds

16. Shih Tzu

Lazy Dog BreedsThe Shih Tzu is probably the most popular lap dog. They do well in apartment settings because they only need short walks and a quick romp around the house.

Shih Tzus loves children and other animals, making them one of the top lazy dog breeds for families.

On the bright side, if exercised and fed the right Shih Tzu dog food, they are very healthy and live a long time.

Affectionate and outgoing, this breed is great for people who travel with their pets.

The Shih Tzu is a loving dog who will enjoy spending lots of time with its owner. If you're away from home for long periods of time, this may not be the breed for you.

17. Basset Hound

Lazy Dog BreedsThe basset hound is a lover, plain and simple.

One of the most well-known lazy dog breeds, they are wrinkly and stubborn but well-behaved pets.

Because they slobber and tend to make huge puddles from drinking, Basset Hounds aren’t the best fit for a tidy home.

They love to lounge around and cuddle but, they need to have long walks. Keep them on a leash, though, because they tend to wander off tracking scents.

18. Bolognese

Lazy Dog BreedsAlso known as the Bichon Bolognese, this breed is very similar to the Bichon Frise.

They are affectionate dogs that are ideal for apartment living because they are chill, prefer to lay around a lot, and make great lap pals.

This lazy breed is eager to please and do well in obedience training.

They only need a few short walks and some playtime to make sure their brain and body stay healthy.

According to most Bolognese pet owners, Bolognese gets along well with gentle children and other animals.

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19. Greyhound/Italian Greyhound

Lazy Dog BreedsIt is probably a surprise that the Greyhound is on this list of lazy dog breeds.

However, though they are known for racing, they can only go short distances and are not made for endurance.

Greyhounds love to run around in a fenced-in area, but only for a short time before collapsing to nap.

The Italian Greyhound is a smaller version of the original, and they are a great choice for city living. They only need short walks daily.

Because of their thin coat, they need to wear sweaters or jackets in the winter to keep them warm.

20. Tibetan Terrier

These well-natured dogs are suited for any living situation. The Tibetan Terrier picks up obedience training easily and enjoys the company of calm people and animals.

They are very wary of their surroundings and will let out a warning bark. This is because they were bred to guard Tibetan monasteries. The Tibetan Terrier needs brisk walks a couple of times a day.

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Lazy Dog Breeds

Lazy Dog Breeds

21. Lhasa Apso

Lazy Dog BreedsEven-tempered and friendly, many people think this breed is a good choice for families. However, Lhasa Apsos do not do well with small children or strangers and can be nippy.

They are small and only need two or three walks a day, making them perfect for apartment living.

Early training is essential with this breed, or your pup may develop some naughty behaviors in the future.

22. Brussels Griffon

Lazy Dog BreedsThe Brussels Griffon is an intelligent dog, and they make loving lap dogs. They enjoy short, slow walks and cuddling with their owners.

Early training and socializing are key with this breed because they bark excessively and can be timid with new people and animals.

Alert and curious, these pups can also get themselves into trouble quickly when not supervised.

23. Clumber Spaniel

Clumber SpanielThe Clumber Spaniel is a rare breed, with only around 200 dogs registered in the United States a year.

They are affectionate and easygoing canines.

This breed needs daily walks but is not very athletic. These dogs can be quite amusing, and their mellow temperament is ideal for owners looking for a dog that will go with the flow.

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24. Chow Chow

Chow ChowThe Chow Chow is a cat-like dog. They love to snuggle and relax with their owners.

Because they are sensitive to heat, they do not do a lot of exercise.

All the Chow needs is a short walk daily, but be careful when the temperature is hot.

This is a serious-minded breed that is very bright, making them very easy to train.

25. Bernese Mountain Dog

One of four Swiss mountain dogs, the Bernese Mountain Dog is a sweet, family-oriented breed.

This dog is an excellent stand-in for a stuffed animal and will cuddle with you all day despite its large size.

They only need a few longs walks a day. Calm and good-natured, this is another of the lazy dog breeds ideal for families with young children.

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Lazy Dog Breeds

26. St. Bernard

Lazy Dog BreedsSt. Bernard is a great watchdog that will lounge around the house all day.

They need to be socialized and trained early to prevent disobedience, which can be dangerous.

Their size and bark will deter any unwanted guests.

St. Bernard is a heavy drooler, so this breed is not ideal for a pristine home.

It is often tough to get this breed to exercise, making our list of lazy dog breeds.

Motivating your St. Bernard to get up and exercise is imperative to his overall health and well-being.

27. Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Lazy Dog BreedsThe dog breed was chosen by Queen Elizabeth herself. The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is very smart and easy to train.

They are great with children but may need some early training to stop nipping.

Corgis get along with other animals, especially cats. The only exercise these guys need is a couple of short walks a day, but they require an appropriate Corgi dog food diet.

This breed is also very affectionate and will enjoy time spent snuggling on the couch with its owner.

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28. Miniature Pinscher

Lazy Dog BreedsThe Min Pin, as they are affectionately called, is a spirited dog for an experienced owner.

They can be aggressive if not given the proper training early. They love to curl up on the couch and chill out.

However, they do need several short but extensive walks a day. What puts this breed on the lazy list is that they aren’t high maintenance once trained.

29. Chinese Crested

Lazy Dog BreedsThe Chinese Crested will certainly attract attention wherever it goes. Their odd looks make them very popular.

They are kind and great for first-time owners.

This breed will also do very well in apartment life. Chinese Cresteds only need a few short walks a day with some indoor playtime.

The hairless variety needs sunscreen when outdoors because they will get sunburn.

30. Coton de Tulear

Lazy Dog BreedsThis dog will get along with almost everyone. They are very loving and sweet.

Obedience training is a breeze with the Coton de Tulear.

They adapt to the lives of their owners, which makes them great for city living and owners with busy schedules.

This breed needs to be taken on a couple of long walks every day, but they will be happy to cuddle up with you on the couch in between the walks.

These dogs are brilliant, and their happy-go-lucky personality will keep you smiling.

Honorable Mentions for Couch Potatoes Who Want More Options 

Want a lazy dog to stay on the couch with you all day but didn’t find any breeds on the list that you necessarily want to adopt?

Here are some honorable mentions that will also enjoy your lazy lifestyle. 

  • Cocker Spaniel 
  • Great Dane 
  • The Great Pyrenees 
  • Neapolitan Mastiff 
  • Newfoundland 
  • Saint Bernard 
  • Spinone Italiano 
  • Tibetan Spaniel 
  • Tibetan Mastiff 

Remember That Even Lazy Dogs Needs Exercise

Even if your dog is lazy, remember that even the laziest dog breeds need regular exercise. You will have to at least take them out for a walk or two each day.

Most of the breeds on this list, however, are fine with shorter walks. If you aren’t sure how much exercise your lazy dog needs, talk to your vet.

FAQ About the Laziest Dog Breeds

If you still have some questions about the laziest dog breeds or want a short, concise answer about these breeds, we’ve gathered the information you need below. 

What Is the Laziest Dog Breed?

The laziest dog breeds include the bulldog, Saint Bernard, basset hound, French bulldog, chow chow, Bernese mountain dog, and Pekingese. 

What Is the Most Laid-back Breed of Dog?

Some of the most laid-back dog breeds include the bulldog, chihuahua, Bernese mountain dog, French bulldog, Glen of Imaal terrier, Chinese crested dog, and bullmastiff. 

What Dog Is the Lowest Maintenance?

Some of the lowest maintenance breeds include the Shiba Inu, dachshund, greyhound, bullmastiff, and basset hound. 

What Dog Breeds Can You Leave Alone?

Some breeds that do best when left alone include basset hounds, chihuahuas, Shar Peis, French bulldogs, and pugs.

Remember that you can leave most breeds alone for at least a short period of time when properly trained.

You will also have to get these breeds to get used to being alone and work up to doing so for an extended time. 

What Is the Calmest Dog?

The calmest breed is the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, followed by the Irish wolfhound, Bernese mountain dog, and St. Bernard.

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30 Most Lazy Dog Breeds Perfect for a Couch Potato Owner

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