Merry Products Dog Crate with Crate Cover Review

I was very thrilled when I came across this product, and I'm sure my Shih Tzu would've been too if she could! Merry Products dog crate with crate cover set actually looked pretty good in the pictures, but it looks even better in reality. Seriously, it really does!


I had been through several reviews on various forums online when doing my research on the best crate for my dog. There are quite a few options out there, to be honest, but one of the most interesting ones that other buyers recommend was the Merry Products Cage, and so I decided to purchase this cage for my lovely Shih Tzu.

Needless to say, I was very happy to see that this one cage had a lot more to offer that your regular doghouse. Every feature made the product useful in its own way, so let’s go on to see how.

Merry Products Dog Crate Specifications

  1. Removable plastic tray: It was great to learn that I could just remove the tray and clean it without too much trouble. I’d often put some biscuits in my dog’s bowl and leave it in there. She would munch on these and leave stains, crumbs all over the place. I just slide it out, wash it, and put it back in. Also, I love to make the crate comfortable for my dog by covering it with some cloth and pillow.
  2. Magnetic wooden cover: The wooden cover is just amazing. When at home, I use it pretty much all the time and cover the metal crate. This way not only it doesn't look too scary, but it actually decorates the room, in a way. The magnet-attached wooden cover is not only good-looking but also sturdy, which is something I never expected it to be so – I keep my books on it occasionally.
  3. Hardwood look: The whole set looks very attractive, which is something you don't normally say about metal dog crates. I never thought I could actually use a cage to give my room a certain look/feel. In a way, it looks fairly elegant no matter where I keep it. The cover set is mahogany brown in color which gives it a contemporary look.
  4. Steel dog crate: The metal crate itself seems fine as well. Whenever I need to move the crate from one room to another, I have to remove the wooden cover, which makes the cage a lot lighter and easier to transport. You don't have to use the cover set, but it just looks a lot better.

Key benefits of Merry Products Dog Crate

  • Recommended by dog owners on various online forums and Amazon!
  • Manufactured by Merry Products: Even though I've never bought anything beside this crate from the company myself, several people seem to be very happy with products manufactured by Merry Products. I trusted the company and I can see why so many people were fond of their products: aesthetics, utility and durability of the product. And their unique dog crate is perfect for different types of dogs and dog owners.
  • Can be used during all seasons: I thought the wooden crate would get affected by the varying weather conditions. Fortunately, I've had the crate for almost a year now and it is almost the same as it has been. It serves its purpose regardless of where you set it. Metal will stay metal, and the wooden cover set doesn't seem to be affect by anything either; my Shih Tzu sleeps comfortably most of the time in her little “room”. In winter time, I would also use a blanket so that she could keep herself warm. The cage looks quite cozy after I set it up for her!
  • Reasonable price: I thought I would have had to pay a lot more for something that has hardwood finish. I was pleased to see that it was being sold at a very reasonable price. Although, if you don't need the wooden cover set, you can easily get a cheaper metal crate.
  • Utility: I never thought I’d be able to use the product to decorate my room or to keep my books on it. However, the fact that I could use it as a cage and as a little table just made the product that much better.
  • Easy to assemble: I am quite clumsy. Asking me to assemble a product is never a good idea as there's a high chance that I will fail. But the Merry Products cage can be assembled without the need for any hardware or tools.
  • Sturdy: This cage is quite sturdy. I have dropped it a few times (without the wooden cover) but it seems to have survived the impact of the fall without any consequences so far.
  • Design: It might not be something you want to decorate your living room with, but it can definitely fit somewhere in the corner and serve as a nice addition to stack things on. It compliments my room and my garden, too. 

Merry Products Dog Crate Review


I’ll admit that at first I wasn't very comfortable with using the crate to close my pet in there. If you have read my review on the Elite Little Dog Inground Fence, you would know that my Shih Tzu’s quite energetic. But after giving it a shot regardless, I think my dog loves me even more for buying it.

Any long-time dog owner knows that dogs are similar to humans in many ways. My dog can be quite moody, same as me. This is why I wanted a cage that would be comfortable and cozy for her. I also wanted it to look great inside the house.

I used various cushions and blankets to make the cage feel more like a room and less like a cage. My dog is quite fond of it now. I don’t have to ask her to get inside the cage anymore. Now she just gets into it without me having to tell her to do so as she considers it “her own place,” which is extremely cute.

Another reason I was hesitant about this crate was primarily because I wasn't comfortable with the idea of having to assemble it myself. I'm not good at DIY, and I was sure I would break it in one way or another. To my relief, the Merry Products metal cage and the cover set were both easily assembled within a few minutes. If someone as clumsy as I can do that, then anyone else can too.

This cage with the cover on top also serves as a great side table, especially if you can fit it within the interior of the room.

Amazon rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars

Eddie's review (read the full review): “The athestics of the kennel are outstanding. It looks so much better in our living room than the kennel did. The wood is pretty hgh qaulity and the black wires are clean and look good. It is pretty solid (not super solid) and houses the bulldog nicely. I took a series of black cable ties and…” 5 out of 5

Megan's review (read the full review): “Love this crate! Extremely fast shipping as well. We got it 6 days BEFORE estimated arrival date, 2 days after we ordered it. Assembly was really easy, I stand 5 foot nothing and did it myself in less than 10 minutes. Everything came in good shape, no scratches, nothing broken. It looks really nice and is much sturdier than anticipated. We ended up using it as a TV stand and it…” 5 out of 5

Jennifer's review (read the full review): “Long gone are the days when the ugly crate took up precious space in my townhouse! I have two small dogs (pekignese and dachshund) so we bough a medium size crate and used the included divider to make a hotel for dogs:) we now have ONE crate instead of two and the one we have has doubled as a useful piece of furniture! I couldn't…” 5 out of 5


Dog crate measurements

Wire dog crate dimensions (not including end table cover):
Small: 24″ Length x 18″ Width x 19″ Height
Medium: 30″ Length x 19″ Width x 21″ Height
Large: 42″ Length x 28″ Width x 30″ Height

End table crate cover dimensions:
Small: 27″ Length x 20 5/8″ Width x 22 1/2″ Height
Medium: 32 1/2″ Length x 21 5/8″ Width x 23 3/8″ Height
Large: 44 1/2″ Length x 30″ Width x 31 1/2″ Height

What you need to consider


Size. No, Merry Products crate isn't too small – it's very big (if you want it to be), and that could be an issue for some. The good thing is that you can order from Amazon the kind of size you need – small, medium or large. And trust me, the large one will definitely fit most bigger breeds.

Your dog's temperament. If you've got a hyperactive dog or one that is very aggressive, it is going to be difficult for you to contain him/her inside this thing, I believe. It does the job if you lock them in there (it is a metal crate after all), but for that kind of purpose, you're better off buying something that's cheaper than this one.

Wooden crate cover is held together by magnets. Since the wooden cover isn't really attached to the metal crate itself by anything but magnets, you might find it to be a little wobbly. Technically, the crate cover can easily fall off, but if you're not really moving the set too often, this won't be a problem at all.

Available in only one color. I was on the lookout for other available colors but discovered that mahogany-brown hardwood finish was the only color the product was available in. It looks good, but I would still appreciate more options (charcoal black, to be more specific).

Steel wiring. The wiring might look a little flimsy, but I'm not sure if it's the problem with the particular piece that I own or is this across the board. I didn't have any issues with this, but it just shows you yet again that the metal crate wasn't designed for very aggressive dogs.


 Conclusion of Merry Products dog crate review

If you need a metal crate with a stylish hardwood cover set so that you can use it inside of your house and keep it looking neat, then Merry Products dog crate with crate cover is definitely one of the best options you have available on Amazon at the time of this writing. I never thought of using the cage in the many ways I currently am, and that just makes me even happier with the purchase.

It is easy to maintain and clean. All you need to do is to remove the plastic tray. So far, I didn't have any reason to do more cleaning than that. The make itself is sturdy and seems very durable, so hopefully I won't need to get another one for a long time. What's funny is that I'm finding this dog crate more useful that I first imagined it would be, mostly as a little table. Just goes to show how much of a consumerist culture we are.


One issue you might have with it is that moving it around could prove to be a little problematic and inconvenient due to cage's weight and – if you bought a bigger one – size. But then again, I can't imagine somebody wanting to move it around all the time; your dog certainly wouldn't appreciate his/her house being moved to different spaces on a regular basis (how about that rhyme!)

I really do love my Merry Products dog crate! It definitely fits very nicely in my TV room, and it also matches my two end tables perfectly and is the same size. The crate was very easily to put together, and the two door option is a very smart and convenient perk. Despite some downsides, overall it's excellent and worth the price.

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