Midwest iCrate Dog Crate Review Single-Door

It's a known fact that dogs have a tendency to seek out shelters – it's their innate instinctProviding a kennel for your dog and then crate training them is essential, and Midwest iCrate dog crate turns out to be one of the best value for the price options designed and manufactured specifically for this purpose.


If your pooch spends most of his/her time indoors, they will occasionally require a place to hide from the outside world. In addition to providing your puppy with their own home, crate training your dog is an excellent form of behavior training. Not everyone agrees with it, but it is proven to house-train dogs a lot quicker than other methods.

As every dog trainer will tell you, there are a lot of benefits to crate training your pooch not least of which include safety of your pet as well as protecting your home and possessions from your little puppy's teeth and nails. And if you have gone through our top list of metal crates, you'll know that Midwest iCrate dog crate is one of best doghouses for this particular purpose.

But does this kennel actually deliver what the company advertises? That's what this review is set out to explore.

Manufacturer: Midwest

Midwest was established back in 1921 and have since built a reputation as one of the best manufacturers of metal dog crates in America.

MidWest designs each dog and puppy product with precision and quality in mind, thinking of pets and also pet parents.

The company spends considerable resources in market analysis and researching customers' demands, and even though they recently expanded into providing a wider variety of dog supplies, metal pet containment products are still their number one specialty.

Key Specifications of Midwest iCrate Dog Crate

  • Over 2,600 positive reviews on Amazon and growing!
  • Rare fold-and-carry configuration.
  • Very easy to setup and break down within seconds.
  • Slide bolt latch for safety and security of your pet.
  • Divider panel and easy-to-clean composite plastic pan.
  • Round corners for your dog's protection.
  • Two ABS detachable carrying plastic handles for easy transporting.
  • Attractive and durable satin-black Electro-coat finish.

Single-door Midwest iCrate dog crate home training system comes with 1-year warranty. You can find all the warranty details right here (PDF; opens in a new window).

Full Midwest iCrate Dog Crate, Single-Door Review


Midwest iCrate dog crate single-door 1500 series comes in six different sizes that range from extra small (18”x12”x14”) to extra large (48”x30”x33”) 0 see below for additional details. Kennel's metal wires are coated with a satin black Electro-Coat finish and have an easy-to-clean plastic pan on the bottom, which will be very convenient for messier dogs.

This crate also has a divider panel that you can use to make the crate smaller for puppies and then expand it as they grow. Its rounded corners make the crate safer for your pet and the secure side bolt latches makes it harder for them to get out of.

Midwest iCrate dog crate has been designed with security, safety and comfort of your pet in mind. When you get the kennel, there are no tools required to assemble it, which is something that anybody can do within seconds, even on the first try. It probably sounds unusual, but it's seriously that easy (assembly instructions manual and video are below).

Don't forget – Midwest have been producing metal dog crates since 1920s, so they have perfected this art to a “t.”

Additionally, when you're not using it, iCrate is just as easy to break down and fold in case you want to move it away from everybody's eyes. Detachable handles will also make it very easy to carry this thing.

By including the divider, Midwest iCrate dog crate allows you to select just one doghouse for the rest of your dog's life instead of buying a new one every few years. As you understand, the way this works is when your pooch is large enough, all you have to do is move the divider and your dog suddenly has a bigger house.

I didn't need to use it yet, but the actual divider seems to work perfectly fine and the theory behind this makes perfect sense. I'm hoping that this should prevent me from buying a new dog crate anytime soon.

Of course, you can use it for the opposite purpose too: the divider allows you to make the space small enough so that your puppy is not messing on one side of the kennel and then sleeping on the other. Kennels like Midwest iCrate dog crate have been proven to cut potty training time in half for most dogs.


One of the greatest things about Midwest iCrate dog crate is how easy it is to clean. The bars are coated with the Electro-Coat finish which is very easy to wipe down, and the bottom tray is made of a black-composite plastic material that you can simply slide out and wash whenever it's necessary.


In addition, the crate also has double sliding latches to decrease chances of your pet being able to escape the doghouse when you really want them to stay inside.

Compared to other high quality kennels, Midwest iCrate dog crate can be purchased for a very affordable price and based on my research, it seems to be one of the best value for the price metal doghouses among most dog supplies stores.

Just as every other item from this company, this doghouse is noticeably sturdy. All of their crates are extremely durable and can withstand the rage of most dog breeds. It seems like majority of other customers online are also pretty happy with the purchase, which I would consider as another pro for this product (reviews can be found down below).


This isn't really a disadvantage of the Midwest iCrate dog crate itself, but rather depends on your viewpoint on the subject.

Some people are against crate training their dogs because of the confinement factor, which I don't really understand.

Naturally, some dogs will “whine” a lot when they are first introduced to the crate system, which can be a real pain if you are crating them at night. But that is why we have crate training!

Given some time, your canine will get used to the crate and eventually see it as his/her own home.

Furthermore, certain dogs can take a liking in the crate instantly, without any of dog owner's persuasion. To test that, once you order and receive your Midwest iCrate dog crate – open it up and leave it with easy access for your dog. There's a chance that their instincts will most likely lead them to explore inside of it right away.

Quick tip: For the first few days, always keep the door open and try to keep the crate somewhere in the corner to represent a “shelter” rather than a cage in the middle of the room.

One actual disadvantage of Midwest iCrate dog crate would be the safety concern. Smaller crates only come with one latch and some dogs are able to figure out how to wiggle the door enough to open it. This could lead to many different kinds of injuries and could also cause the crate to collapse if your dog is too rough on it.

I haven't personally experienced anything similar with my Midwest iCrate dog crate – and it seems very few customers do – but if you buy the crate and you're worried about such a thing, some customers advise the following.

In order to avoid your dog “wiggling their way out of the crate”, you can use zip ties to secure the kennel on the off chance that your dog may try and escape, so there is no worry of it collapsing on him/her.

Although, like I said, I haven't read a single review where the crate actually collapsed and injured a pet. That would be quite a blow for Midwest who are the current leaders in metal pet containment products.

Amazon customers' rating: 4.6 out of 5

Midwest iCrate dog crate is one of the very popular and most reviewed pet products on Amazon. This product's page on Amazon at the time of this writing has 140 (!) questions answered by customers who have bought the kennel! Definitely make sure to check them out before making the purchase as not every dog owner's needs are the same.

“What I wanted and needed in a crate, plus some tips and suggestions” (read the full review): “The 30x19x21″ crate is perfect for my dog. He is an average-sized male cocker spaniel and full-grown. He weighs about 28lbs and is about 15″ tall at his shoulder. He is 18″ tall when he sits up straight (to the top of his head). This size crate allows him ample room to turn around. It would have been nice to have a couple more inches of height so he could sit if he wanted, but he usually goes in, gets comfy, and lays down. We use the crate for… 5 out of 5

“Awesome crate, great price!” (read the full review): “It sure is a good thing I checked for dog creates before spending almost twice as much at a major pet store! This crate is perfect in every way. It's very well made and the price can't be beat. The bottom plastic tray can be easily removed for cleaning and the crate collapses very easily. It's pretty easy to…” 5 out of 5

“Huge crate!” (read the full review): “I recently purchased the 42x28x30 crate for my 4 month old German Shepherd. He was quickly growing out of his smaller crate as he is already over forty pounds. I was unsure before ordering whether this would be a sufficiently sized crate for my dog when he is mature. I will tell you we joking call this his condo because…” 5 out of 5


Midwest iCrate dog crate dimensions and sizes


Extra small size
Dimensions: 18 x 12 x 14 inches
Crate weight: 9 pounds
For dogs up to: 6-10 pounds

Small size
Dimensions: 24 x 18 x 19 inches
Crate weight: 13 pounds
For dogs up to: 10-25 pounds

Medium size
Dimensions: 30 x 19 x 21 inches
Crate weight: 18 pounds
For dogs up to: 40 pounds

Intermediate size
Dimensions: 36 x 23 x 25 inches
Crate weight: 22 pounds
For dogs up to: 70 pounds


Large size
Dimensions: 42 x 30 x 28 inches
Crate weight: 30 pounds
For dogs up to: 90 pounds

Extra large size
Dimensions: 48 x 30 x 33 inches
Crate weight: 40 pounds
For dogs up to: 110 pounds

Bar spacing for every crate is 1.5 inches

Additional Midwest iCrate dog crate specifications


How to assemble Midwest iCrate dog crate?

Midwest home training system kennel can be assembled in a few quick and easy steps – find the instructions below. For a visual information guide, scroll down below to find a video with a step by step guide on how to accomplish this task.

Download instructions on how to assemble your Midwest iCrate dog crate, single door, right here (PDF; opens in a new window).


VIDEO: How to assemble Midwest iCrate dog crate

So is it worth it?

If you have nothing against dog kennel training, then Midwest iCrate dog crate might be just the solution for you and your furry pal. I would certainly recommend it as a great value-for-the-price pet product. It's also one of the best metal dog crates out there, hands down!

Not only is it ideal for puppies, but it is also a great option for adult dogs. The choice in sizes is wide, and my favorite part of this crate is that it gives you the divider option so you don’t have to purchase a new kennel as your puppy grows.

Durability and strength of Midwest iCrate dog crate is amazing considering its cheap price on Amazon. Although they're significantly more expensive in regular pet stores and most other online shops.


Remember that just as with any other product you buy for your pet, you need to make sure that the crate is 100% safe for your pooch to live in. Don't just set it up and let them in there! Check for sharp edges or places where the welding or hinges don’t look safe.

iCrate does come with a warranty (see the link at the top of this review), which is also great in case you find something wrong with it. Manufacturer tries to maintain a great reputation among pet owners, so they are always open to help you out.

Of course there are other options available, and you should definitely look through them first before purchasing this kennel. However, after quite a bit of research, I personally found Midwest iCrate dog crate single-door to be the perfect, most optimal and best value for the price kennel home training system available online.

Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links, meaning that Top Dog Tips earns a commission if you purchase an item using any of these links. Please note that the above content is NOT a review of products but rather a compilation of items that have been rated and evaluated by customers who used them. We do NOT endorse any of the products and have not tested the items listed above, and we strongly urge you to do your own research before buying any pet supplies mentioned on this website.

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