Nylabone Dental Chew Review Durable Dinosaur

Have you been dealing with your dog's destructive chewing? Join the club! Now you're probably wondering which dog toy will help you save the house? Read our honest Nylabone dental chew review of this durable dinosaur toy below to learn more.


Actually, let me spoil this review for you – be very careful when buying Nylabone dental chew toy. While this is not a bad product per se, it's very tricky to get the one that actually fits your dog. And when you buy the one that doesn't fit, there are big disadvantages and even dangers to your pet's health. Read on to learn more.

Normally, dental chews are an especially good choice for dogs that chew not only dog food, but through everything in your house – furniture, shoes, clothes, your personal belongings and so forth. Obviously chew toys is the absolute best idea for that type of dogs. And from what it seems, Nylabone's durable dinosaur dental chew is just the item to buy if you can get precisely the one you need with a 100% precision.

But let me stay objective since the company maintains a very positive reputation among their customers, and I'll try to evaluate all the pros and cons with no bias so you can decide for yourself.

Manufacturer: Nylabone


Nylabone has been a leader in pet care products for over 50 years. They have created a chew toy for just about every type of dog. One thing they specialize in is dental chews, which promote good canine dental hygiene by reducing bad breath, the build-up of plaque and tartar, and periodontal disease.

Big dog, little dog, puppy dog… your dog. There's a Nylabone Chew for every dog!

Most of the products manufactured by this company are of great quality, veterinarian recommended pet supplies that work as they should. If you take a look at their brand list, they have expanded massively and successfully since the 1950s, and have a big following of customers and dog owners that live by their products, and rightfully so.

Key Specs of Nylabone Dental Chew Durable Dinosaur

  • #1 Best Seller on Amazon with over 1,100 customer reviews.
  • Manufactured and designed for powerful chewers.
  • Helps with dogs' teeth cleaning and to fight bad breath.
  • Controls plaque and tartar build-up.
  • Three different types of dinosaurs available.

Full Nylabone Dental Chew Durable Dinosaur Review


Made in the USA, Nylabone dental chew durable dinosaur toy is designed for dogs that are strong chewers. It is supposed to be suitable for dogs up to 50 pounds.

Gently rounded dental nubs and bristles that are raised during chewing will help cleaning your dog's teeth as well as deal with tartar and plaque. The chew itself measures at 6 x 2.8 x 2.8 inches and weighs about 2.6 ounces.

It is very imperative that you get to know your pet's chewing style in order to select the appropriate size and type of a dog chew toy for them. When you have a larger dog, the pressure that is exerted by their jaw muscles while chewing is considerably stronger.

During the chewing process, when the toy is directed straight down, it can put an enormous amount of pressure on your dog's teeth. It is typically recommended that your pet's non-edible chews be large enough to encourage them to chew from the side rather than the top and bottom.

So, in case you have doubts, it is always best to go with the larger size, and if you have multiple sizes of dogs in your home you should select chews for the biggest and strongest chewer only. Do not expect to always know what your dogs chew or that your canine will make the smarter choice.

Obviously, you should know that chew toys like Nylabone dental chew dinosaur are not intended for consumption for a reason – they're harmful. Be aware that those tiny pieces of the dinosaur that rise when the toy is chewed may break off and get swallowed. And even though they always pass through, you don't want any foreign bodies in your dog.

With that being said, your dog technically should not be able to break off larger pieces of any Nylabone chew toy, but this does happen on occasion. More often than not, it's the owners who make a bad choice when evaluating how strong of a chewer their pets are.

What dog owners need to be aware of

In case the bad case scenario does happen or you think your furry pal might have ingested a larger piece, you should:

1. Inspect your dog's toy to see what kind of piece was swallowed
2. Immediately call your vet just in case the piece does not pass

Always remember that if any kind of dog chew toy gets worn down or becomes too small – you should replace it. Do not try to save a couple of bucks by letting your pet to chew on the toy for longer; trust me, that will backfire.

Also, Nylabone dental chews should never be boiled, put in the dishwasher or a washing machine. If you need to wash them, do so by hand with soap and water, and make sure they're dry before giving it to the dog.



All of the advantages of using a Nylabone dental chew dinosaur are the same as with most durable dog chew toys. One of the best things about these chews is that they keep your little pal entertained for hours and keep their teeth off everything else in your house.

Additionally, not only do they keep the plaque and tartar from building up on your dog’s teeth, they also help polish the teeth and keep them white. Likewise, it massages the gums and keeps the swelling down while helping to prevent gingivitis and periodontal disease. Ultimately, it also leads to a better breath.

Aside from the health benefits, in a practical sense this Nylabone dental chew provides enjoyment for your dog (you'll notice that immediately), satisfies their innate need to chew on things and obviously prevents from getting bored. The dog expends some of that energy they have while in house or apartment. Needless to say, it's great for puppies' itchy gums during teething.



Although Nylabone dental chew dinosaur is actually a great toy, there are many things that dog owners need to be wary before purchasing it, so I hope you're paying attention!

Disclaimer: Please note that negative outcomes listed below from dogs chewing on this toy – 9 times out of 10 – are due to owner's fault because they choose the wrong chew toy for their pet! If you're unsure what's the best toy for your canine, either call up the company or just choose a different brand altogether.

Pieces breaking off. A lot of recent customers have reported toy pieces breaking off, which means you cannot let your dog chew on this thing without supervision.

Becomes sharp. After the dog chews on it for a while, the edges can get hard and sharp. So if you have a dog that likes to pull and play tug-of-war with their toys, you might be better off choosing a different dental chew toy.

Too hard on teeth. For certain dogs, Nylabone dental chew dinosaur is simply too hard, regardless of what the company says. Many customers report their dogs' teeth being negatively affected – sometimes even breaking them (!) – after chewing on this thing for a long while.

Important tipIf you decide to go ahead and give Nylabone dental chew toys a shot, I recommend to drop 10-15 lbs from the scale. That means that if the toy is recommended for dogs up to 50 pounds, only buy it if your dog is 40 or even 35 pounds at most. It seems the company has overstretched themselves with their intention to make more sales.

How to choose the right Nylabone dental chew size?

It's essential that you learn all about your dog's chewing style before making this purchase. Learn all you can and then select only the most appropriate dog chew toy and pick only the right size. Here's a small chart to help you out:


For more, watch the video below.

Amazon customers' rating: 4 out of 5 stars

This product is currently one of the most popular dog product items and is a #1 Best Seller on Amazon. If you have more specific questions in regard to Nylabone dental chew dinosaur toy, you can check out the Q&A page for more answers.

“Dog love these!” (read the full review): “We purchase these dinosaurs constantly. For some reason our dogs just LOVE them. Unlike the Nylabone bones, these dinos last alot longer as well. They are funky shapes so our dogs can manipulate them better to hold and chew. If you have big chewers like my dogs (three lab mixes), I HIGHLY recommend these chews!” 5 out of 5

“Broke my dog's tooth!” (read the full review): “I wanted a Christmas gift my Pit Bull Terrier would love, so I got this dinosaur, something different from the regular bones. Long story short, we opened it on Saturday for Christmas, she chewed on it for a half an hour and started whining and excessively drooling. I looked in her mouth and saw she had fractured a canine tooth. Edit 1/14/13 – I contacted…” 1 out of 5

“Can't choose the dino… sad!” (read the full review): “He LOVES his Novabone and Nylabone- but tears thru the larger sizes in a single afternoon- so when I saw this I was very happy, because it is an unusual shape and durable! Amazon's iphone app let you scan in an item and find it cheaper on Amazon- so instead of the higher pet shop price, I scored a savings deal on Amazon! Nice!” 3 out of 5


VIDEO: How to choose the right Nylabone dental chew

So is it worth it?

Yes and no. It all depends if you can make a very accurate choice and if you're willing to supervise your dog while s/he chews on the thing. To put it simply, it's far from ideal but it does get the job done well.

If you have the time to supervise your dog while they are chewing, then yes, I would highly recommend this product. It will do wonders for your dog’s dental hygiene and also give them something to do instead of pestering you.


One aspect I really loved about Nylabone dental chew dog toy is that it's made in the USA. There are way too many pet products that are manufactured in China and those often come with even more issues. Plastic that comes from China has a potential to be full of toxins and that is not a risk I would be willing to take with my dog.

So to sum it up, if you’re not into brushing your dog’s teeth, which most people are not, and you are available to keep an eye on your dog while they are chewing the toy and you pick the absolute right size for your dog (which is difficult), then I believe you would be very satisfied with this product. Otherwise, consider other options.

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