A Pack of Hunting Dogs Killed a Family Pet Dog

A family in Tantalus has reported their dog mauled and killed by a pack of hunting dogs, which they called a reckless and senseless behavior. Killer dogs have trespassed onto the family's territory and attacked family pet dog Foxy, who, after suffering multiple serious injuries, did not make it.

“We could hear a bunch of dogs barking and everything. I heard what sounded like one our dogs screaming, an odd sound, so I went outside, saw these pit bulls grabbing her inside our yard,” aid Donald Nielson as reported via Khon2.

Not only did the family lost their dog, but they were forced to observe how a pack of seven hunting dogs who were in the territory looking for pigs were tearing their pet into pieces. As the family reports, a pack of dogs were all Pit Bulls (unconfirmed), who dragged their family Labrador outside of the territory to finish her off.

“It just seems reckless and foolish that so many dogs and hunters are allowed on a public trail and in a residential area,” says Kehaulani Nielson.

Family didn't seem to blame the breed but rather the people responsible for allowing a significant number of trained hunting dogs roam freely in the territory with people.

“All of this is recklessness. This is not right. Who monitors these pig hunters?” added Sandy Nielson.

Nielsons suspect that these hunts are being arranged illegally and hunting dogs should not be on these grounds, let alone unsupervised. In the meantime, family is trying to cope with the loss of their beloved Foxy.

“We buried Foxy yesterday. We had her for 10 years, rescued her from the (Hawaiian) Humane Society. We like to think we gave her 10 years she otherwise would not have,” says Kehaulani Nielson.


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