Pet Gear Soft Crate Generation II Deluxe Review

If you often like to travel with your pet or need to store your crate frequently, Pet Gear soft crate and other similar soft-sided kennels are a much better alternative to metal ones.


However, these types of soft dog crates are not made for every canine or every situation. In short, soft-sided crates are easily destroyed if you have a dog that likes to scratch or chew. Imagine them being similar to a tent, with a pole frame that is covered by fabric.

On the bright side, unlike metal dog crates, soft pet crates are extremely lightweight and great for transporting your dog, which makes them a perfect solution for regularly travelling dog owners. With soft-sided crates, you don’t have to worry about scratches, damage to surroundings and dragging around those large and heavy metal doghouses.

But will Pet Gear's Generation II Deluxe soft crate provide you with all those benefits that a soft-sided dog crate should come with?

Key Specifications of Pet Gear Soft Crate

  • Deluxe: comes with a lot of accessories!
  • Very compact and takes up little space when folded
  • Mat is waterproof and easy to clean
  • Removable fleece pad
  • Very strong steel frame
  • 3 doors with the biggest one on the side
  • Storage pouches and other accessories

Full Pet Gear Soft Crate Review


This review is of the extra large dog crate size, but Pet Gear makes soft crates in all sizes to fit dogs from 10-100 pounds. In fact, Pet Gear have one of the widest ranges of soft dog crates' sizes and colors. 

The kennel is made of a steel frame with 600-denier green nylon covering. It is good for pets up to 100 pounds, give or take 10 pounds. One thing that really stood out for me in this particular crate was a storage pouch on touch and an attached treat bag.

Generation II has been given a subtitle of “Deluxe” for a reason, I guess: it comes with many accessories including a removable waterproof fleece pad, a removable inner food and water tray, a toy and treat bag, an adjustable leash, and a storage bag. There is also a clear name tag holder on the front to display your dog’s information.

There are 3 openings/doors to give you easier access to your dog when they are inside the crate. The “build” itself feels sturdy and well, and looks like a durable construction.

The crate easily folds flat for storage when not in use and can be slipped under a bed or into a closet very easily. Same goes for travelling; it's pretty compact and easy to take with you anywhere you go.


Surprisingly, Pet Gear soft crate is very light and folds down quickly and without any hassle. There are clips to hold it down after you fold it up and carrying handles to make it easier to tote around.

For more claustrophobic pets, there are also screens in windows to provide your dog with more light and air and the ability to see out, but they also have flaps that you can use to zip up for your dog's privacy if need be, or when they just want to be left alone and rest.

I believe that is it for general description — now for the good stuff!



The biggest advantage of this soft dog crate is how lightweight it is compared to some other ones. And of course it's so much less bulky than other hard-sided kennels. Likewise, Pet Gear soft crate takes up a lot less room than a hard-sided one.

Window panels on the side allow your dog to get more air and they allow them to be able to see you and the outside world better, which should with keeping your dog more relaxed once s/he is inside.

According to the manufacturer, Pet Gear Generation II deluxe portable soft crate can be less dangerous for your pet than a hard-sided crate, but it just depends the way you look at it. 

There are no hard pieces of plastic or wires that your dog can supposedly “hurt themselves on”, but then again – metal dog crates that are done well have no metal pieces sticking out as well. This is more of a gimmick as far as I'm concerned.


There aren't too many disadvantages as far as I can see, but those few that exist can either make or break your Pet Gear soft crate any day (pun intended).

For me, the biggest turn off of Pet Gear soft crate is that it is so easily destroyed, as a few of Amazon customers will confirm.

If you have a dog that chews or uses its paws a lot, then this is absolutely not the product for you. Zippers can be ruined and holes can be torn through the nylon in no time.

Also, because it is made of nylon and only has a steel frame, there is some sagging on the top and on the sides. This isn't a huge problem, but it does make it easier for your dog to grab that nylon fabric with their teeth and put a hole in it. In fact, they can even do this on accident with their nails.

Now, considering the above, another disadvantage of Pet Gear soft crate would be its price. Even given Pet Gear's reputation as a manufacturer, it's a bit steep compared to some other ones that are almost perfect. Although, it is cheaper than many hard-sided metal or plastic kennels available on the market.

Amazon customer's rating: 3.9 out of 5 stars

A lot of the questions you might have about the product could have already been answered by other customers who bought Pet Gear soft crate, read all of them here.

“Trained dogs” (read the full review): “This is a great crate for travel and for dogs that will NOT chew things. This is not a wire crate. I have had puppies and dogs that chew. I would not recommend putting a dog that chews in a crate like this and expect it to hold up…” 5 out of 5

“These crates fit my needs!” (read the full review): “I needed new travel crates for my two Boxers … we go to obedience classes, fun matches, and trials. I wanted something lightweight and easy to set up/tear down. I researched a bunch of them. The Pet Gear Generation II Deluxe Portable Soft Crate is just what I wanted and I'm very pleased. I got this…” 4 out of 5

“Light duty material” (read the full review): “Used this for one trip. My dogs tore the upper zipper to shreds. I did read other reviews about this being an issue but you never know how your dogs will react to being in a kennel. I have never had a soft kennel, still want one but will have to look for something more durable. I used this for…” 2 out of 5


Pet Gear soft crate sizes and dimensions

Extra-Small size (model PG5521OB)
Dimensions: 21″ L x 14.5 W x 14.5″ H
Color: Light blue
Weight capacity: dogs up to 15 lbs
Recommended breeds: Maltese, Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Shih Tzu, Mid-Size Cat


Small size (model PG5526RP)
Color: Red poppy
Dimensions: 27.5″ L x 18″ W x 21″ H
Weight capacity: dogs up to 30 lbs
Recommended breeds: Daschund, West Highland Terrier, Pembroke Corgi, Schipperke, Pug

Intermediate size (model PG5530LV)
Color: Lavender/lilac
Dimensions: 29.5″ L x 22″ W x 24″ H
Weight capacity: dogs up to 50 lbs
Recommended breeds: Beagle, Boston Terrier, Brittany Spaniel, Chinese Shar-Pei, Chow Chow

Medium size (model PG5536BS)
Color: Blue
Dimensions: 35.75″ L x 23.5″ W x 27″ H
Weight capacity: dogs up to 70 lbs
Recommended breeds: Beagle, Boston Terrier, Brittany Spaniel, Chinese Shar-Pei, Chow Chow

Large size (model PG5542)
Color: Green
Dimensions: 41″ L x 29″ W x 28″ H
Weight capacity: dogs up to 90 lbs
Recommended breeds: Siberian Husky, Dalmatian, Golden Retriever, Boxer, Collie

Crates themselves weight from about 6 pounds to 10 pounds (largest size).

So is it worth it?

I would say – it depends.

Pet Gear's soft crate is a great product for dog owners with calmer pets who don’t chew or claw all day long. In fact, if you have a passive dog, this could be quite possibly the best soft sided crate for dogs because it does its job well, is very lightweight, compact and comes with a lot of accessories that most other soft crates manufacturers do not offer.

But for anyone with a more hyper dog, one with separation anxiety, or with other destructive issues, this would not be a suitable soft-sided carrier, absolutely not. It is easily ripped and ruined, especially by larger dogs.


If Pet Gear soft crate would be half the price that it currently costs, then sure – that would be a bargain! But for the money that you'll have to pay for it, you would be better off to purchase something better, like NozToNoz crate (which is also slightly cheaper).

Alternatively, consider the reasons why you're getting a soft dog crate.

Happy dog!

If you're not travelling a lot and don't need to hide it at home, then maybe a metal wire kennel would be a more suitable option for you. Those are heavier and more bulky, but your dog will not be able to destroy them.

In the end, feel free to consider Pet Gera soft crate if you own a mellower tempered dog — it will be an excellent choice that you won't regret. Pet Gear Generation II Deluxe soft crate's frame is sturdy, dependable and great for people who take their dogs on-the-go on a regular basis.

The main selling point should be the many accessories it comes with as well as some great features to make things easier and more comfortable for you and your dog.

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