Process of Dog Toilet Training

To start with, dog toilet training may also be referred to as house training. Remember that training a puppy or a dog for this matter takes time and it's very important to have patience. Just like children, different puppies and dogs will learn how to go about it at a different pace.

In order to make this process of dogs' toilet training successful or efficient as possible, you are required to use a reward based positive reinforcement of the training.

Process of Dog Toilet Training

First and foremost, give your dog enough time to go outside. Then, you should always be prepared to reward your dog at any time the dog does his business in the place that you wanted him to.

In order to make this potty training process quick, remember that you are required to reward the dog immediately after they relieve themselves, and not when the dog comes back inside. This is because the dog will not make a connection between going to the toilet on the required place and the prize given unless it is done immediately. The prize may come in different forms such as offering tasty treat, giving the dog its favorite food or even simple praises.

This type of training is only applicable if you maintain regular supervision of your dog throughout the day and ensure that you don't skip rewarding your dog for his good behavior. The more you do it, the faster the dog learns.

Another way to go about it is to observe the dog in order to note when he is about to go to the toilet. You should take him outside and be ready to get the reward as soon as the task has been completed.

In addition to that, when dogs are about to go to the “toilet”, they tend to sniff the area, going around the it and then stopping at the perfect spot. However, every dog is different and so the owner should observe them to learn and understand the behavior their pets demonstrate before they relieve themselves.

Process of Dog Toilet Training Dogs

Also, never forget to take your puppy or dog to the toilet area in the morning. Almost every dog is going to want to “go” in the morning, so make sure you show them where the right place is. Make it a habit and take them to that particular toilet area as often as you can.

In case the dog goes to the toilet at the wrong place indoors, it is advisable that you do not show any reaction to it which is very important for positive reinforcement. Tip: clean the area with non-ammonia based product so as to eradicate the scent and also to reduce the chances of the dog using that place again. Such products can be found in the local veterinary clinics or even pet supply stores.

You should not punish the dog for going in the wrong place or even rubbing the dog's nose in it; this is an outdated response and will not change anything.

If you do such things, they may result as a barrier to the success of the dog toilet training process. In this case the dog may learn that relieving yourself near the owner in any place is inappropriate, and as a result you will have more difficulty trying to teach them the proper place.

Aside from traditional training methods, consider getting an electric shock collar for dogs — they will help with your dog's behavior problems, and are very safe.

You should always take into consideration that young puppies are not in total control of their urination and hence you should wait until they get a bit older. This indicates that urination is a developmental process and it forces the puppies to make toileting mistakes with no control over them.

For more toilet training tips, take a look at Puppy Potty Training.


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