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There's a multitude of different types of dog supplies, from dog toys to dog treats to dog beds and anything in between. It's often difficult to know which dog products to buy. Top Dog Tips provides honest and objective dog supplies reviews, and we try to cover a little bit of everything with our extensive write-ups and video reviews.
Top 10 Best Deshedding Tools for Dogs

10 Best De-shedding Tools for Dogs

All dogs shed to some extent, but some breeds are worse at this than others. If your dog is a big shedder, there's no...
Top 10 Best Dog Grooming Clippers For All Breeds and Coat Types

Top 10 Best Dog Grooming Clippers

Grooming your dog yourself can save you money on professional grooming expenses. You may not be 100% comfortable with cutting your pet's hair, but...
Best Dog Baths for Easier Grooming of Your Pet

The Best Dog Baths for Easier Grooming

Dog bathing is one of the trickiest aspects of grooming. Grooming anxiety is a real issue, and some dogs are better at taking a...
Best Dog Sofas and Chairs

Top 7 Best Dog Sofas and Chairs

Some dog beds are incongruous and catch the eye in an unpleasant way. Couches and sofas are often better looking than a regular bed for...
Big Barker Dog Beds Review

Big Barker Dog Beds Review: Are They As Good As They Say?

We know that our furry pals need a good quality orthopedic dog bed for the very same reason you do. Many dog bed reviews and...
Best Soft Sided Dog Crates - Top 10 Rankings

Top 10 Best Soft Sided Dog Crates

Shopping for a dog crate can be a complicated chore. Pet owners often struggle to find a good product that they won't regret purchasing...
Best Healthy Dog Treats

Top 9 Best Healthy Dog Treats

There are several purposes that healthy dog treats serve. Not the least of which is for dog training, behavioral work or simply to reward...
The Best Dog Treadmill Choices for Exercise and Recovery

Top 11 Best Dog Treadmills

A good dog treadmill will benefit overweight dogs and those in recovery from an injury as a physical therapy option. It's also a great...

Top 6 Best White Noise Machines for Dogs and Their Anxiety

There are multiple things that can contribute to a dog’s anxiety, but one of the biggest factors that can make even the usually calm...
Top 15 Best Dog Stairs for Beds and Cars in 2020

Top 15 Best Dog Stairs of 2021

Dog stairs is a great way to help senior arthritic dogs or small dogs get onto beds or into cars. With so many brands...
Top 25 Best Dog Training Books for Beginners and Advanced Trainers

25 Best Dog Training Books

Whether you are undertaking basic obedience training, advanced dog training or specialized training all by yourself, some of the best dog training books are...
Pawstruck Dog Chewsvideo

Review: Pawstruck Dog Chews

All dogs need to chew. While some have a stronger desire than others, it's a natural instinct that all dogs must satisfy. Finding natural, healthy products for your pup to gnaw on is an important responsibility. Pawstruck dog chews are natural and safe for all dogs, so I tested them out with my pack to see how enticing they are.


Top Dog Food Brands

15 Top Dog Food Brands (2021)

Picking top dog food brands is not simple, and here's why: it depends on what kind of dog foods you're looking for. As someone who's...
PetSafe Ricochet Dog Toyvideo

Review: PetSafe Ricochet Dog Toy

The PetSafe Ricochet Dog Toy will keep your dog active and engaged while providing hours of enriching mental stimulation.
Top 10 Best Dog Cameras 2020

Top 10 Best Dog Cameras

Dog cameras are not like your regular security or CCTV cameras; instead, most pet cameras are interactive and designed specifically with the purpose of...
The Best Dog Car Seat Review

The Best Dog Car Seat Review

With more people owning dogs, we're also seeing more dogs injured in motor vehicle accidents. Some pet owners do not realize the importance of...
The Best Dog Bed of 2018

The Best Dog Bed Review

Dog beds aren't just a comfortable place for your pet to sleep at night. They actually serve many purposes. A good dog bed, both...
Top 10 Best Dog Water Fountain Brands

Top 10 Best Dog Water Fountains

A dog water fountain keeps fresh drinking water circulating so you don't have to keep changing it manually. But did you know that pet...
Ranking the Best Dog Stroller Brands

Top 10 Best Dog Stroller Choices

Some of the time, people will give me funny looks when I walk around with my dog in a pet stroller. They cannot believe...
Best Dog Products 2019video

Best Dog Products of 2019: My Top 10 Favorite Items

I reviewed hundreds of dog products this year. Today I'm rounding up my picks for the Top 10 Best Dog Products of the Year for 2019.