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There's a multitude of different types of dog supplies, from dog toys to dog treats to dog beds and anything in between. It's often difficult to know which dog products to buy. Top Dog Tips provides honest and objective dog supplies reviews, and we try to cover a little bit of everything with our extensive write-ups and video reviews.
best heated water bowl for dogs

The Best Heated Water Bowls for Dogs

In very cold climates and months, regular dog water bowls may not be useful because the water will freeze, or will be too cold...
Testing the Best Silent Dog Clippers

The Best Silent Dog Clippers

With some dogs, grooming can be a huge chore. Things could get even more difficult when the pet has anxiety about having their hair...
Best Dog Gates for Stairs

10 Best Dog Gates for Stairs

For your dog's containment and safety, and keeping them away from climbing the stairs, using a pet gate is your only option. Not all...
how to keep dogs warm in winter

Top 13 Best Dog Boots for Winter

A dog needs to wear boots only in very special cases. Even in winter, their paws can handle most weather conditions, including low temperatures....
Best Dog House Heaters and Furnaces

7 Best Dog House Heaters and Furnaces

Winters can be very harsh and some dogs shouldn’t spend entire day outside in cold temperatures. But if your dog enjoys sleeping outside, it...
Best Ear Cleaner for Dogs

The Best Ear Cleaners for Dogs

Because of the way a dog's ear canal is structured, debris or other materials (ear wax) caught in the horizontal canal cannot be ejected...
Best Wooden Dog Crates Furniture

9 Best Wooden Dog Crates to Fit Your Home

There are several advantages to using wooden dog crates over plastic or metal crates. Wooden crates for dogs are stylish, look like furniture and...
Best Dog Car Hammocks for Your Pet

6 Best Dog Car Hammocks

A backseat dog car hammock keeps hair, mud and dirt off of your car seats, a very common issue for pet owners. Moreover, pets...
Best Dog Christmas Sweater

15 Festive Christmas Sweaters for Dogs

Christmas sweaters for dogs will not only keep them warm, but make your pet look their best during the big family holiday party. But...
Best Dog Coats for Winter and Rain

6 Best Dog Coats for Winter

Some pet owners assume that using winter dog coats is a fashion thing because dogs have their own fur coats for warmth. However, that's...
Best Dog Stairs for High Bed

Top 10 Best Dog Stairs for High Bed

Some dog breeds can get onto a bed without trouble. But small dogs (Basset Hounds, Dachshunds, Corgis and other short-legged breeds) won't be able...
Top Safe Christmas Dog Toys

Top 22 Safe Christmas Dog Toys

When Christmas comes, you're going to be busy wrapping gifts, entertaining guests and cooking holiday treats. Why not buy some safer Christmas dog toys...


Best Dog Products 2019video

Best Dog Products of 2019: My Top 10 Favorite Items

I reviewed hundreds of dog products this year. Today I'm rounding up my picks for the Top 10 Best Dog Products of the Year for 2019.
32 Top Rated Dog Harnesses for Dogs That Pull in 2018

32 Best No-Pull Dog Harnesses

A dog pulling on a harness or leash is a bigger issue than many pet owners realize. If you have an issue with your...
The 9 Best Cooling Dog Bed Brands for Hot Weather

The 9 Best Cooling Dog Beds for Hot Weather

There are a million and one cooling dog bed brands out there, but which are worth the investment and which are cheap knockoffs with...
Top Dog Food Brands

15 Top Dog Food Brands (2019)

Picking top dog food brands is not simple, and here's why: it depends on what kind of dog foods you're looking for. As someone who's been...
The Best Pet Monitor Camera

Top 8 Best Dog Cameras

Having a pet monitor camera at home provides an abundance of benefits for owners, especially busy ones, and particularly if it's a pet camera...
Top Five Best Chew Resistant Dog Beds

Top 6 Best Indestructible Dog Bed Brands

Dog owners are often curious whether there really is such a thing as best chew proof dog bed or chew resistant dog bed for dogs...
Top 25 Best Dog GPS Collar and Pet Trackers

Top 25 Best Dog GPS Collar Trackers

As more dog owners choose to bring their dogs wherever they go - hiking, camping, hunting, other outdoor activities or simply long walks - the...
The Best Dog Door for Walls and Doors

Top 40 Best Dog Doors for Walls and Doors

It's becoming more popular to install pet doors for dogs when you own a home, and there's a good reason for that. A doggy...
Top 50 Most Tough Dog Beds

The 50 Most Tough Dog Beds

There are a million and one dog beds to choose from, but if your dog is a chewer, your choices are a little more...