Richell 3 in 1 Convertible Elite Pet Gate Review

If you're living in a bigger apartment or a house and own a dog — and especially if you have more than one — you know the cost of leaving the place to your pet after you leave for work. They're not shy to explore, and if they're frustrated because of the separation, your commodities will suffer. Been there, done that, and then I fell in love with this Richell 3 in 1 convertible elite pet gate.


I've decided to review it for as this multifaceted pet gate has been of great use to me and my Beagle over the few months that we've had it so far. Check out Amazon user reviews and a review video below!

To me personally, the most important task that this dog gate accomplishes is that now I don't have to keep my furry friend out of the house when guests are around anymore. She had finally learned to respect her boundaries.

There were also some parts of my garden that I didn't want my Beagle to access. I was able to successfully implement the gate and train her so that she knew what parts of the garden she needed to stay away from, too. Sophie loves being out, and since I found a way to isolate certain areas, I'm confident that I won't have to get angry like I used to whenever I saw what she did to my flowers.

Made in the USA and out of eco-friendly sustainable wood! 

And here's a quick little tip: use the gate when you have a big party going and don't want people wondering about your house too freely. Even if you don't have a dog, this works great — just block off certain parts of the house or apartment as if the purpose is to prevent the dog from running around. No trespassing for guests, and it works!

Below is more detailed information on this dog gate I was able to dig up for you guys.

 Richell 3 in 1 Convertible Elite Pet Gate Specifications

  • Gate door: Yes, there's a door and you can lock it. This makes it very convenient for not having to move the gate whenever you don't need to use it. If you want your dog to stay in one room, lock the gate door and if not, open it so your dog can pass through.
  • Variable size configurations: I've used the 3-panel variation and the 6-panel option in my place, it all works the same way. As you would expect, the 3-panel variation is great for small spaces while the 6-panel is actually pretty large. But you can also go with the 2-panel or the 4-panel variations if needed.
  • Cap locks panels at 90 and 180 degrees angles: The cap locks hold the panels in place by stabilizing it. These allow you to adjust the gate whenever you decide to fold the gate and store it away.
  • 6-panel gate: I also love the fact that due to its size, I can use Richell's pet gate as a wide barrier or even an excellent and comfortable pet pen!
  • Hardwood pet gate: The gate has a beautiful hardwood finish. Who knew that a pet gate can be used as a decorative piece!
  • Rubber feet: You can use this thing on marble floors, hardwood floors, carpets and on pretty much any other surface — it stays in place.
  • Measurements: The pet gate is 31.5 inches high, 197.5 inches wide and 13 to 16 inches in length. You could use the gate to seal the room so that babies, toddlers, dogs and puppies cannot go into a room.
  • Using with children: You can definitely use this gate for sealing purposes to protect babies and toddlers. Tried and tested!

Richell 3 in 1 Convertible Elite Pet Gate Review


Basically, if you really do need a pet gate for your dogs or little kids, there's no reason you cannot like Richell 3 in 1 convertible elite pet gate, because it does what it advertises.

The whole set was very easy to put together and it looks great in my house no matter where I keep it due to expensive looking wood. It goes pretty well with my furniture too and almost looks like a nice piece of furniture itself.

Mostly, I use the gate as a room divider because my Beagle is crazy and would always show up when she hears voices. Yes, she's extremely curious, and that's why I needed something like this a gate for dogs. Dog owners in an online forum suggested to try Richell's products, and so far, I am not disappointed. And let me tell you, I'm very particular about my furniture.

My initial thought before buying it was that the gate would be too small for my dog most purposes, but that was before I saw the size of it after I put all the pieces together — Sophie never crosses her boundaries anymore.

I can't say that this product didn't do it's job, and it still works great. There are scratches here and there, obviously, but most of them can be creatively hidden and it still looks like a premium piece of furniture next to my wood walls. Having the pet gate come in variety of different sizes and being able to shape it was actually crucial, so be vary of that, and make sure it will fit your needs.


Now let's get down to Amazon reviews and more product details.

Amazon rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars

This gate is currently the most popular dog gate on the market and one of the most positively reviewed dog products on Amazon!

Dizzy's review: “I can't tell you how much I love this!!! Took me about 15 minutes to unpack it and put it together! NO TOOLS just drop in the pins and put the lock caps on! Excellent Quality! The only down fall that…” (Read the full review)

TerrierLover's review: “This system is absolutely perfect. We have a 12-week old puppy who can scale walls and an open living space that doesn't lend itself to expansion gates. I purchased the 6 panel system and have to say this is the best thing since sliced bread. + Totally flexible. We currently have it configured as…” (Read the full review)

Smones' review: “We use this to block our puppy (who is 6 lbs now and will be ~25lbs) in the kitchen. The design looks very nice in the house instead of a big plastic gate. This is also one of the few we could find that was wide enough to fit our large opening between rooms. We use it mostly…” (Read the full review)


How does Richell 3 in 1 convertible elite pet gate work

Obviously there's not much to tell on how can one use a gate. It's all very straight forward and I don't think you can even run into any problems here. Note that you can use the gate in three different ways, so however you personally choose to use this product is up to you.


You don't need any tools to assemble it. It's very likely that 3-4 panels will be more than sufficient for your needs, but if you have really wide spaces, you can extend it to its full 16 inches in length and this would act as the perfect divider or barrier.

To convert your Richell elite pet gate to contain your dog, just stick all six panels together. It's that simple. My dog doesn't appreciate me locking her in there, even though she usually sleeps anyway, but it does the job very well and is pretty big for a small/medium sized dog as well.

To use this as a freestanding gate, all you need to do is exactly what you would expect — extend the gate to block your dog off from a certain part of your house, room or garden, and you're done. I would offer my dog some dog treats to reward her when she shows obvious signs of obedience next to the gate. This helps me train her really well and very fast.

Sometimes my dog likes to sleep in the lounge. I still use the barrier in my room but I leave the actual lockable gate open so she can come inside when she wants to.


Possible disadvantages you need to consider

Height. Richell 6-panel pet gate can only be used to contain or train puppies, small or medium-sized dogs. I doubt it would work on really big dogs, as they will be able to knocking over or push it to the side, if they really wanted to. You can try elevating the gate to its maximum height, but it can only go so far. But then again, if you train your future big dog as a puppy, they might know that an area behind the gate is out of bounds for them if that's how they've been trained.

Price. The gate might definitely be too costly for some, as I'm sure its price has been raised due to quality wood being used. Even though I found the product was worth the price because it looked great and I could use the gate in different ways, there are cheaper options out there.

 Conclusion of Richell's Dog Gate Review

Anyone (and I really mean anyone!) can assemble the this dog gate without any trouble whatsoever; it's easier than Legos. You won't need the instruction manual or any tools either. I've done it in about 10 minutes.

The mentioned cap locks are great at stabilizing the pet gate — they make the gate sturdy and more durable. After months of usage, it's still in the same condition. It hasn't cracked anywhere and I can move it from one room to another with ease.

Admittedly, I felt the price was too high at first but went ahead with it anyway as I didn't mind paying a little extra for having the option of using all those 6 panels in any way I wanted to (you get what you pay for, you know).


The hardwood finish is the frosting on the cake. It makes the gate look decent and it feels as if it's part of the whole furniture set I've got going here in the house. So yes, it feels that the manufacturer kept everything on my checklist in my mind: aesthetics, utility and durability.

So to actually sum it up, I would definitely say that Richell 3 in 1 convertible elite pet gate is one of the best dog gate products that I've seen online or in pet stores if you don't mind the high price. It does exactly what it supposed to do, feels and looks sturdy, and fits in with most of the furniture.

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