Social Media Helped to Find a Lost Dog

Here are more reasons to come on down and hang out with other dog lovers on social media. Recently, dog owner David Baker was a victim of a burglary in his San Francisco apartment. What disappointed him the most wasn't the computer or all the electronics that were stolen; it was his beloved dog, Mochi.

“It essentially feels like a kidnapping to me. She was my child. She was taken away from my house,” said David.

Mochi is a female Pit Bull who was a loyal companion to David. Luckily, the thief wasn't aware of the neighborhood's surveillance camera which captured a photo of the person. It was a woman carrying a huge backpack and simply walking away David's dog Mochi with her, alongside two bicycles, reports CareALotForPets.

David quickly reported the incident to the police. But most importantly, what he also did is post his dog's picture on his Instagram account along with a description of Mochi.

“I don't care about my belongings at all. If there's a way to get my dog back, no questions asked, that's fine,” said David.

How Social Media Helped to Find a Lost Dog (2)
Mochi, David's lost female Pit Bull / Credit: David Baker

Kind dog owners shared the terrifying feeling of a lost dog and instantly took up to sharing David's post all over the social media, quickly garnering over 1,000 shares.

Two days later, the police and David have received multiple tips from people who thought they might have spotted a woman from the surveillance video, hanging around regularly in a certain area of town. That same day, someone else saw the woman again, but this time with a dog matching David's description of Mochi. 911 was called on the spot, and the woman was arrested immediately.

Mochi is now at home, safe with David. After getting the dog back, David posted an update on his Instagram account:

“MOCHI IS HOME!!!! […] We did it! Thank you thank you thank you I'm so grateful for all of you.”


Featured photo courtesy of David Baker.