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Review: Duke-N-Boots Canned Food Organizer

If you buy canned food for your pets, you've probably struggled to find a way to keep it arranged in your cupboards. The Duke-N-Boots canned food organizer makes it easy to keep all of your pet's food together and your pantry organized. Organization is key in our house. We have 3 dogs and 7 cats. Some of our pets are seniors, while others are young. We have to buy many types of food to keep everyone happy and healthy. Not to mention, we have a lot of canned human food too.

Review: EHEYCIGA Extra-Large Dog Bed

An extra-large dog bed that is made with good quality materials can be hard to find. Many companies make dog beds, but it can be difficult to find one that will fit all three of my dogs for a reasonable price. EHEYCIGA has a line of dog beds that are made with quality materials and come in a wide variety of sizes. When you're shopping for a dog bed, size isn't the only thing that you need to consider.

Review: FunnyFuzzy Dog Car Bed

If your dog rides in your vehicle often, you'll need some special gear to keep him safe and comfortable. Like this one from FunnyFuzzy, a...

Review: Duke-N-Boots Dog Paw Scrubber

I hate it when my dogs track muddy pawprints through my house. This dog paw scrubber from Duke-N-Boots has saved me a lot of floor cleaning. Paw washers, like this one, make it easy to wash your pet's feet before he jumps into your vehicle or runs through your house.

Review: Duke-N-Boots Pet Food Scoop

Buying dog food in bulk saves money, but you need to be sure that it's stored properly. Pet food storage isn't just about the container you use, you'll need a scoop, like this pet food scoop from Duke-N-Boots. Did you know that dry dog food products lose nutrients over time if they aren't stored properly? Many commercial pet foods are already lacking in the nutrient department, so you want to make sure that you don't lose any more due to improper storage. If you feed dry kibble, you'll need to find a storage container that is easy for you to access, but difficult for your pup to get into. You'll also need to ensure that the container can hold the amount of dog food that you purchase at one time.

Review: Funny Fuzzy Donut Dog Bed

A dog's bed is one of his prized possessions. The Funny Fuzzy Donut Dog Bed is designed to be comfortable, supportive and durable. All dogs need a comfortable space to rest and relax. His bed should be a safe place that is all his own. A dog's bed should be located in a quiet spot in your home that doesn't get a lot of foot traffic. You'll also want to be sure that you buy a bed that is designed for your dog's size and needs.

Review: Duke-N-Boots Cat Litter Scoop

Scooping a litter box is one of the only downsides to owning a cat. The Duke-N-Boots cat litter scoop makes this daunting task a little bit easier. I don't think any pet owner enjoys scooping out a litter box, but it still has to be done. This cat litter scoop makes it easier for pet owners to clean up after their cats without risking touching the dirty litter.

Review: Pawsincar 3-in-1 Pet Carrier, Car Seat and Bed

There are hundreds of pet carriers on the market, but not many are as versatile as this 3-in-1 carrier from pawsincar. It is a purse style pet carrier that can also be used as a pet car seat or a travel bed. There are many factors to consider when choosing the best carrier for your pet. Size, of course, is one of the most important factors.

Review: Dog Is Human Multivitamin for Dogs

There are a lot of vitamins and supplements available to give your dog's health a boost. If you're looking for something to support your dog's overall health and well-being, a multivitamin for dogs, like this one from Dog Is Human, may be a better option.

Review: Greenbene Pet Grooming Vacuum

We have three dogs, and they all have different coat types. We have a Labrador who sheds excessively, a Beagle mix who is moderate shedder and a mixed breed who is a mild shedder. The Greenbene pet grooming vacuum has been a lifesaver when it comes to grooming our dogs. I usually have a big mess to clean up after a grooming session. I try to keep the hair in one area, but there is always plenty that flies around.

Review: Blazin Reflective & LED Dog Collars

Between other animals and the danger of your pet leaving the yard, letting your dog outside after dark can be nerve racking. LED dog collars, like this option from Blazin, will ensure that you can see your pup no matter where he wanders.

Review: SleekEZ Pet Grooming Tool

You may have seen the pictures of this pet brush and wondered what exactly it is. The SleekEZ pet grooming tool has a unique design to remove loose fur from pets with short coats.


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