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Hello, dog lovers! My name’s Samantha Randall, and I’m a professional writer and animal lover based in Bradford, ME. I’m an Editor-in-Chief here at Top Dog Tips with a mission to bring you the best possible advice on how to care for dogs and their health, publish tips and guides on canine nutrition and dog supplies from many different canine experts through our interviews, editorials and collaborations.

I have two of my own dogs, a boxer named Chloe and a chocolate Labrador named Saddie. Me and my girls love spending time in the beautiful Maine outdoors hiking, swimming and exploring, and my main goal is to always keep them healthy and happy. With this goal in mind, I do the most extensive research for my articles and share all that with all of you as well, hoping that if it’s useful to me, then it would also be helpful to you.

I’m not the only one writing for Top Dog Tips, and we have many great contributors: from avid animal lovers and dog enthusiasts to veterinarians and professional dog trainers. If you wish to get to know our contributors, then scroll down below. And here’s a little bit about me personally…

Samantha Bracelet
My two girls on the bracelet.

As a child, I was raised with dogs and now carry on the tradition of raising my own family with pets as well. Along with my two pooches, my family also has three cats and two rabbits.

I’ve rescued my first boxer at the age of 18, and quickly fell in love with the breed and have since rescued two more. I’ve learned a lot about boxers over the years, particularly important things such as breed-specific health issues. Having boxers with cancer, skin allergies and heart conditions has given me a drive to learn about the best ways to care for a pet and the many things that pet owners can do to keep their canine companions as healthy as possible, for as long as possible.

Over the years I’ve read and learned a lot about proper dog care, and honed my research skills to find the best, no-nonsense tips and advice on these topics, including which dog products are best to use. I understand the need for pet parents to be diligent in their research about the supplies and dog foods that they use on their pets, especially in the wake of so many recalls. I’m focused on finding the healthiest and safest options for my own pets, and take pride in passing this helpful information on to other dog owners.

I’ve been a professional writer for nearly 10 years and have spent the last five years writing almost exclusively about dogs. I enjoy sharing my research and reviews on the multitude of products that companies send me to take a look at, and also networking with other professionals in the pet industry. I’ve done many interviews with pet professionals to learn tips and tricks on dog training, nutrition, grooming, and running a dog-based business.

Most of all, I’m grateful to have an opportunity to connect with other dog owners here on the site. If you ever feel like sharing your opinion, or discussing a particular topic with me, please leave a comment under the article, or connect with me through our social media channels or simply send us an email.

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Meet the People Behind Top Dog Tips

At TopDogTips.com we have occasional contributors and regular writers who always try to bring you deep insights from the heart of the pet industry and particularly the dog community. We regularly invite dog experts and veterinarians for Q&As, interviews and other valuable contributions to the site. Below are some of our regular contributors.

Catherine Collier, Associate editor

catherineCatherine is a writer and editor living in Memphis, TN. After working for a state supreme court justice, she retired to write and work with her dogs, six papillons and a rescue. She has been a foster parent for abused children, using her love of dogs to teach them the benefits and responsibilities of loving something dependent on them. She enjoys contributing an occasional editorial piece, and as a Top Dog Tips’ associate editor, she’s making sure that all articles on the site are clear, accurate and to our pet parents’ liking.

Deborah Shores, DVM

deborahsDeborah is an American Veterinarian and a graduate of Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine. She wanted to become a vet at the age of 13, when her horse had to undergo an eye surgery at the University of Georgia. The veterinary surgeons allowed her to watch the procedure in the operating theatre and she was hooked! Dr. Shores has worked as a clinical veterinarian for dogs, cats, small mammals and non-human primates. Her passion is educating animal lovers about pet care and animal diseases.

Beth JefferyProfessional dog trainer

BethBeth is a professional dog trainer and animal behaviorist based in San Diego, CA. After completing several years of dog training programs, Beth went to Australia to head up the training program for Assistance Dogs Australia, training dogs for the disabled. Over the past 15 years, Beth has worked with all breeds, all ages, and dealt with all problems. Beth wholeheartedly believes in strengthening the human animal bond by creating a better relationship with people and their dogs through training. Teaching dog owners on how to properly care and train dogs, and do it safely is what she’s passionate about the most.

Angela Sawyer, Community manager

AngelaAngela is a long-time writer on the subject of pets, and dogs in particular. After growing up in a household full of canines, Angela’s love for the animal has only grown stronger, and now she’s directing all her passion at stirring the ship of Top Dog Tips towards benefiting dog owners and their pets. Her sole purpose is to grow Top Dog Tips community and share the amazing experiences that come from owning a dog. Angela is also a big animal rights activist and regularly volunteers at local animal shelters. All the dog care advice that she receives and learns from other professionals in the field Angela relays back to Top Dog Tips readers.