Can Dogs Get Colds

Can Dogs Get Colds?

The infamous cold and flu season is here. Can dogs get colds just as humans can? Yes, and no. Your dog could pick up...
Ways to Prevent and Treat Anal Glands in Dogs

12 Ways to Prevent and Treat Anal Glands in Dogs

Experts don’t know what use the anal glands have to canines, although many ideas have been tossed around. Anal gland disease occurs due...
Loyal Dog Treks 20 Miles Back Home to Former Owners - Twice

Loyal Dog Treks 20 Miles Back Home to Former Owners – Twice

A Great Pyrenees in Oklahoma was given up by her owners, but journeyed back to them twice after being adopted by someone else....
PupJoy Dog Subscription Box Reviewvideo

Review: PupJoy Dog Subscription Box

Dog subscription boxes offer a lot of advantages, but a lot of pet owners worry that they won't receive products that are suited for their dog. The PupJoy dog subscription box offers more customization options than any other similar box.
PupBox Puppy Subscription Boxvideo

Review: PupBox Puppy Subscription Box

Puppies, while a lot of fun, can be very overwhelming. From training to purchasing all of the necessary products a pup will need, it's hard to know what to do with your new family member. The PupBox dog subscription box is here to help!
The Dog Poop Color Chart Guide

Dog Poop Color Chart: What It All Means

Cleaning up yard waste is not anyone’s favorite chore. Since you walk your dog through the neighborhood, you politely clean up his waste...
19 Dogs Removed From Breeding Facility With Deplorable Conditions

19 Dogs Removed from Breeding Facility with Deplorable Conditions

A Pennsylvania dog breeding facility was raided by humane officers in the beginning of the month after discovering inhumane conditions. The Luzerne County...
How To Make Your Dog Happy

40 Tips On How to Make Your Dog Happy

One of the first thoughts that pop (or should pop) in the heads of most new dog owners is “How do I make...


The Best Dog Toothbrush Review

What Is the Best Dog Toothbrush? If you’ve never brushed dog’s teeth before, you may think it’s fairly simple. Not so. Even if you're using the...