Is Owning a Dog Right for Youvideo

TOP #84: Is Owning a Dog Right for You? There is a lot more to owning a pet than most people realize. Your responsibilities as a pet owner will change throughout the course...
5 Best Dog Tunnel Brands for (Agility) Exercise

5 Best Dog Tunnels for (Agility) Exercise

Keeping your dog in peak physical and mental condition can be a time-consuming thing, especially with more energetic breeds that require hours of...

Keto Diet for Dogs: Good or Bad?

In a recent survey, a large percentage of American dog owners reported that they tend to feed their pets a similar diet as...
High Fiber Dog Food Recipevideo

Recipe: High Fiber Dog Food Meal with Ground Turkey

This high fiber dog food recipe does not offer balanced nutrition for all dogs, so you may need to add supplements to make it balanced for your pup's needs.
5 Best Pet-Safe Moth Traps

5 Best Pet-Safe Moth Traps

Moths can become of great annoyance, whether it's clothes moths or pantry moths. The former are capable of destroying a whole wardrobe full...
7 Cool Facts About Dogs You Didn’t Know

7 Facts About Dogs You Didn’t Know

We all know some interesting facts about our furry pals - they have wet noses, are severely allergic to chocolate, and communicate mostly...
The Real Cost of Homemade Dog Food - How I Personally Budgetvideo

The Real Cost of Homemade Dog Food: How I Personally Budget

This guide to the real cost of homemade dog food is only how I budget, but it will be a great starting point for anyone new to making homemade dog food.
Ground Beef Dog Food Recipevideo

Recipe: Ground Beef Dog Food Meal with Limited Ingredients

This ground beef dog food recipe is formulated for adult dogs, but it's best to ask your veterinarian if it will provide balanced nutrition for your pet.


The Best Dog Toothpaste Review

What Is the Best Dog Toothpaste? Let’s be honest – no dog likes to have his teeth brushed, even when you use the best dog toothpaste...