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Hello, and welcome to our official About page. Thanks for making it over here. Hopefully, you'll be able to learn a little about what this website stands for, and who's running it.

Who's Top Dog Tips?

Great question! Here's a short and boring description that we normally use when one is required. It's how the internet experts tell us to write it:

TopDogTips.com is an online magazine that helps dog owners navigate the complex ecosystem of pet ownership. We focus on writing about dog supplies, pet technology and dog related businesses, and reviewing all types of dog products, particularly focusing on dog grooming supplies.

Now with that out of the way…

Top Dog Tips

Who are we, really?

Check out the people who are behind Top Dog Tips.

Most of our readers would call Top Dog Tips a resource on natural and holistic dog care, alternative canine medicine, raw feeding diets, proper dog health and dog products, such as grooming tools, doggy treats, pet cameras, and anything in between. We exist thanks to you, the people who do not have the time to do the research in order to find what to buy for their pet, which is fair. Who wants to do this unless it's for a living? So you keep us employed. We try to help you, and you may help us. It's a two way street.

In short, the point of this website is to provide you with the following:

  • Advice on dog grooming, holistic dog health, raw feeding, general dog care and other related topics
  • Extensive written and video reviews of products (check out our YouTube channel!)
  • Researched lists of best dog supplies
  • Articles on using dog products
  • Huge buyer's guides
  • Best deals on dog supplies
  • Some news on pet technology, pet business and doggy stuff

That's about all that we can offer you. If you wish to get more, definitely let us know.

All the dog supplies picks that we make on this website take us many hours to research. Sometimes, we'll go through all the customer reviews, manufacturer's information and other sources to find out what people thought was the best item. Other times, we'll interview canine experts on important dog nutrition topics, such as canine raw feeding diets. We also love filming our reviews to make sure that you know who's behind all these walls of text, so don't forget to check out our YouTube channel.

When you go through some of our lists, you'll notice that we rarely pick the most expensive item as our Best Choice. You would probably agree that the true Best Choice is the item that's not only of good quality, but also affordable to most of us pet parents (hey, we pay for them as well!)

To sum it up, any recommendations you see on this website are the gear and supplies that our team of editors would recommend to their friends and families. Now you're a part of that circle, too! Congratulations!

What's the mission here?

Originality falls short here. Our mission statement wouldn't differ from any other person. We just want to find the best quality products for the cheapest, most affordable price. Doesn't that sound fair?

What we'll do is start off with a list of products, and dig through them to find about 20 that seem to work well. We'll then have appropriate person assigned to do a thorough research on those products and, whenever that is possible, test every single one of them.

Some of our more extensive reviews will include the process of how the research was done, with photos and filmed material. You'll see suggestions for the absolute best item, followed by some alternatives that would apply to different types of dog owners and their dogs.

Why should you listen to us? You're right. As with everything on the Internet, there's always a tad of subjectivity involved. But as you have probably noticed, we give a lot of good arguments as to why our picks make sense, and we support those arguments with links to research, interviews, expert opinions and customer reviews.

I saw your links to Amazon…

No! Where?!

Okay, we might have included affiliate links to Amazon on our Best lists and certain articles about dog supplies. The larger the site grows, the more expensive it is to maintain it (hosting, domain, developer, qualified writers and more). And we're very aware how annoying a bombardment of ads all over every page can be (looking at you, Forbes). Therefore, in order to avoid placing a million of advertisement rectangulars on the website and allow for a more pleasant reading, we choose to use affiliate links as our main source of income to support the site.

Please note that we do not and never will be accepting any kickback from any dog product manufacturers, that way ensuring that we provide you with the most honest opinion when reviewing dog products. And we don't sell ads to manufacturers too, because, hey – conflict of interest!

To answer your question: yes, we get a small commission from Amazon when you purchase an item using our links. It's not much, and it doesn't cost you anything. So if you'd like to support the site, please use those links. We're open about it, and you can read more on how Top Dog Tips is supported right here on this page.

Doesn't it create bias anyway, you say? Yes, and no. We'll have to place affiliate links all over the review article to make sure that the site receives something in case you make the purchase based on the information we've provided. That's the only bias that we have: placing links. Other than that, you can read all the reasons why we picked those products, and how we tested and rated them. After that, it's up to you to make the decision whether to buy it, or not.

And let's be honest, if you really want to go around those affiliate links, simply copy the name of the product and paste it in Google. Done! It'd be sad if you did this, but we're sure you had a reason to.

In short, the more love we get from our readers, the more products we'll be able to cover. Either way, remember to read our full disclosure about commissions, potential biases and compensation so that it's all fair and square.

On this note, we're ending this short story. One day, we'll update this page with more, so make sure to check in once in a while. You can even say ‘hello' to us and ask your questions, or drop a comment on any of the articles – we read them all!