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Welcome to Top Dog Tips, a site that helps new and veteran dog owners make informed decisions about their pets' health, care and products based on advice from the experts.

Top Dog Tips is owned and operated by the pet-loving father and son duo Dave and Connor Knight. Their love for dogs inspired them to decide to invest in a pet publishing blog, AKA Top Dog Tips!

If you've ever tried to find information about training your newly adopted puppy, how to deal with a health problem of an aging dog or which type of pet product is worth investing in, then you know that a lot of the advice out there is conflicting or difficult to decipher.

Top Dog Tips' mission statement is to provide dog parents with accurate and in-depth information on any canine-related subject that is based on evidence, testing and years of experience.

Our team try to provide all content straight from the horse's mouth, written by professionals – veterinarians, certified dog trainers, working pet groomers, animal scientists and industry insiders – in an easy to understand language.

When it comes to pet supplies, our editors buy, test, review and rank them to ensure that whatever you choose to buy for your pooch is worth the cost.

We're obsessed with everything “Dog,” so if you're after an extensive library of expert dog care, health, nutrition and product tips, then you've come to the right place!

Top Dog Tips

Everything you'll ever need...

How To Videos

Get all the basics on general dog care and unique dog grooming tricks from our editor-in-chief Samantha in her weekly “How-To” videos and guides, and easy to follow tips for new and experienced owners.

Dog Food Recipes

Looking to start cooking for your dog? Our library of 100+ recipes with videos will have you covered. Find anything from simple but tasty meals to homemade dog foods for specific health issues.

Science-based Tips

The most accurate, evidence-based information about dog nutrition and health. Written by experts, scientists and veterinarians in plain English, and based on scientific research with links to studies.

Extensive Guides

Save your money on books and check out our free extensive articles (which could've been published as books) on how to groom a dog, canine nutrition and pet products buyer's guides.

Podcast & Interviews

Relax and have a listen to our podcasts, hosted by our editor-in-chief Samantha, where she interviews industry insiders and canine professionals, discussing a variety of subjects and sharing actionable advice for dog owners.

Reviews & Rankings

Don't rush to buy any products before reading our reviews. We buy, test and rank hundreds of dog supplies, and publish our analysis with specialized tips on what to buy to save money, what to avoid and how to use it.

Top Dog Tips

Your Ally in Dog Ownership

All dog owners know that their pets are an inseparable part of the family. At Top Dog Tips we understand and believe that as well, and over the years we've committed to becoming your trusted ally in your pursuit of giving your canines what they deserve – love, care, health and well-being.

We strive to ensure that you, our reader, can depend on us and our expert content to provide the most helpful tips and accurate advice. Both of which will guide you and inspire you towards becoming the greatest dog parent to your furry family member, and deepening the canine-human bond.

Everyone creating content on this site have been involved with dogs for many years, whether sharing a home with a pooch or working with canines in a professional setting. All of us here – writers, editors, veterinarians, trainers, etc. – are dog owners, just like you. We know about the joy and the occasional hardships that come with being a pet parent, and we'll be here whenever you need us.