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This is our dog breed resource where you can learn everything about each dog breed. Also, lists of best dog breeds for kids, best guard dogs, best dogs for families, most popular dogs, best small dogs for children, best dogs for apartments and advice on how to choose the best breed for you.
best dog food for Shih Tzus

Best Dog Food for Shih Tzus: 10 Vet Recommended Brands

For thousands of years, the regal Shih Tzu has charmed its way into the hearts of millions of pet owners. They are one of...
best dog food for cavalier king charles spaniels

Best Dog Food for Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: 8 Vet Recommended Brands

A very regal dog indeed, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (CKCS) was developed in the United Kingdom. These dogs were a favorite of King...
Dog Breeds at Risk for Hip Dysplasia

20 Dog Breeds Most at Risk for Hip Dysplasia

Disease of the dog’s hip joints is called hip dysplasia. It occurs when one or both of dog's hips have a ball that does...
Best Dog Food for Australian Shepherds

Best Dog Food for Australian Shepherds: 7 Vet Recommended Brands

If you are looking for a dog that might be smarter than you, look no further than the Australian Shepherd. These intelligent, energetic dogs...
best dog food for Great Danes

Best Dog Food for Great Danes: 6 Vet Recommended Brands

Great Danes are truly the gentle giants of the dog world.  Noble and loyal, these even-tempered dogs have had a strong following for hundreds of...
Most Beautiful Dog Breeds

35 Most Beautiful Dog Breeds in the World

As they say, the beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. We have all heard this saying at least once. It is true,...
Dog Breeds With The Strongest Bite Force

20 Dog Breeds With the Strongest Bite Force

One of the factors of dog's strength is the bite force. So do we know what dog breeds have the strongest bite force? Yes,...
best dog food for boxers

Best Dog Food for Boxers: 7 Vet Recommended Brands

Boxers have graced the homes of many American families for over a century. They are a fun-loving and energetic breed that enjoys being around...
25 Dog Breeds Most at Risk for Arthritis and Joint Problems

25 Dog Breeds Most at Risk for Arthritis

No one wants to see their pet in pain. For many people, pets are really just furry family members. This is why it is...
Best Dog Food for German Shorthair Pointers

Best Dog Food for German Shorthair Pointers: 7 Vet Recommended Brands

German Shorthair Pointers are a favorite among sportsmen and families alike. This active, fun breed is unique among the sporting breeds and can have...
Best Dog Food for English Bulldogs

Best Dog Food for English Bulldogs: 6 Vet Recommended Brands

English bulldogs are one of the most recognizable breeds out there. They are mascots of many Universities, companies and even branches of the military,...
Best Dog Food for Rottweilers

Best Dog Food for Rottweilers: 5 Vet Recommended Brands

Rottweilers are amazing, beautiful dogs with personalities to match. These dogs are smart and easy to train, which is what makes them an excellent...