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This is our dog breed resource where you can learn everything about each dog breed. Also, lists of best dog breeds for kids, best guard dogs, best dogs for families, most popular dogs, best small dogs for children, best dogs for apartments and advice on how to choose the best breed for you.
Types of Hunting Dogs

12 Types of Hunting Dogs and Which One You Need

When talking about hunting dogs, it’s really hard to avoid all the dog-related clichés like “a dog is a man’s best friend” or “dogs...
Goldador Dog Breed

Goldador Dog Breed Profile

The Goldador is the clearest proof that you can rarely go wrong when you mix something great with something awesome – the end result...
Best Dog Food for Maltese

Best Dog Food for Maltese: 10 Vet Recommended Brands

It seems fitting that a dog as beautiful as the Maltese would take the name of its equally beautiful homeland, the island of Malta....
Dogs With Short Life Spans

20 Dogs With Short Life Spans

Maybe you want to have a pet as long as possible, or maybe, for reasons known only to you, you want to make a...
Best Dog Food for Vizsla

Best Dog Food for Vizsla: 9 Vet Recommended Brands

Th Must Knowe Vizsla is a Hungarian hunting breed dating back to the 10th century and beyond. Also known as the Hungarian Pointer, the...
Maltese Dog Breed

Maltese Dog Breed Profile

Depending on how you groom your Maltese, she can look either like an arrogant aristocrat - like a tiny king or queen of the...
Best Dog Food for Chihuahua - Vet Recommended Brands

Best Dog Food for Chihuahua: 9 Vet Recommended Brands

One of the smallest breeds in the dog world, the Chihuahua has taken over! They have been one of the most popular breeds over...
Most ancient dog breeds

20 Most Ancient Dog Breeds

While almost everyone knows that all dogs have ancient roots, some breeds have remained mostly intact since ancient times. Most of us understand that...
Best Dog Food for Cocker Spaniels

Best Dog Food for Cocker Spaniels: 8 Vet Recommended Brands

Cocker Spaniels are some of the most well-known, adorable little dogs. Their sweet personalities, soft brown eyes and fluffy ears have kept their popularity...
Puggle Dog Breed Information

Puggle Dog Breed Profile

This designer breed dog is half purebred Pug, and half purebred Beagle. They are delightful creatures that were first documented in the 1980’s, although, many...
Pharaoh Hound Dog

Pharaoh Hound Dog Breed Profile

Known as the national hound of Malta, the Pharaoh Hound (in Maltese, Kelb tal-Fenek) is a rabbit hunting dog of renown. Athletic, powerful and...
Top 15 Worlds Deadliest Dogs

Top 15 World’s Deadliest Dog Breeds

I don’t want to perpetuate any stereotypes, but let’s face it; some dogs have been bred to be aggressive or are genetically predisposed to...