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Learn how to train a dog quick and easy. We have tons of articles, videos, how-to guides, interviews and advice from dog trainers and experts on training dogs, on how to train a puppy, how to housebreak a dog, puppy toilet training, most common dog training tricks and a lot more.
Puppy Potty Training Hacks

20 Puppy Potty Training Hacks

One of the most trying experiences in any dog parent’s life is potty training. No matter how many dogs you have potty trained in...
K9 Bridle Reviewvideo

Review: K9 Bridle No-Pull Training Device for Dogs

The K9 Bridle is the first bridle for dogs. Yes, that's right - a bridle for your dog! Before you start laughing, this is actually a helpful training aid.
Dog Prong Collar - A Harmful Device or a Great Dog Training Tool

Dog Prong Collar: A Harmful Device or a Great Dog Training Tool?

In this article, we are going to touch on one of the more controversial topics among dog owners, trainers and other experts in the...
Science Based Dog Training

Science Based Dog Training: How Research Influenced Our Approach to Training Dogs

Since the late Mesolithic period when humans first began to domesticate wolves, canines have been an integral part of our lives. We are linked...
How To Housebreak A Puppy

15 Hacks on How to Housebreak a Puppy Using Puppy Pee Pads

Everyone loves a puppy, but no one loves the mess that comes with bringing a new puppy into your home. They’re just too cute not...
Difference Between Dog Training vs Canine Behavior Workvideo

TOP #27: Difference Between Dog Training vs Canine Behavior Work

Our podcast guest Debby Dobson, a professional animal behaviorist, explains the difference between dog training and canine behavior work, and how to use it.
Most Effective Dog Training Methods

Most Effective Dog Training Methods According to Science

Sometimes we are forced to reconsider how best to do something, even if it is something that we do on a day-­to-­day basis. There's...

Dog Dominance: How You Can Use It to Train Multiple Dogs

Understanding dogs is a skill that comes only with practice and experience. A few behaviors that typical to dogs are easy to figure out....
How To Train A Dog To Stayvideo

How to Train A Dog to Stay: A Quick Video Guide So, you've decided to adopt a dog. Whether you've chosen a new puppy or adopted an older dog from a shelter, it's important to...
How To Stop A Dog From Pooping In A Cratevideo

How to Stop a Dog From Pooping in a Crate Crate training is an excellent way to provide your dog with a safe place to rest when you're not able to keep an eye...
Best Dog Training Books for Beginners and Advanced Trainers

25 Best Dog Training Books for Beginners and Advanced Trainers

Whether you are undertaking basic obedience training, advanced training or specialized training with your dog, the best dog training books are a must-have resource....
commands you must teach your dog

16 Commands You Must Teach Your Dog After Adopting

You’ve made an excellent decision to adopt a homeless dog from your local animal shelter. However, when adopting a dog with an unknown history,...