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Articles, studies and advice on best dog food brands, interviews with vets on dog nutrition, reviews of top dog food choices and videos of how to read dog food labels, how to feed a dog, and everything else a responsible dog parent needs to know about dog foods.
Illinois Pet Stores Featured Image

Illinois Pet Stores, Dog Parks, Grooming, And More

In this article, we'll discuss the best Illinois pet stores, dog parks, pet groomers, and more. If you're moving to a new state or traveling...
Idaho Pet Stores Featured Image

Idaho Pet Stores, Dog Parks, Grooming, And More

Moving to a new state can be hard extra hard for pet owners. If you're moving to Idaho, we've made the best guide with the...
Prescription Dog Foods

16 Things About Prescription Dog Foods You Didn’t Know

When your dog is diagnosed with a disease that requires diet change, a vet may recommend a prescription dog food brand. These foods are costly. Sometimes,...
Does Pet Insurance Cover Vet Visit Featured Image

Does Pet Insurance Cover Vet Visits?

Is your dog's regular vet visit coming up? Are you on a tight budget right now? You're maybe wondering, does pet insurance cover vet visits? The...
Simple Homemade Dog Food Recipevideo

Recipe: Simple 5 Ingredient Homemade Dog Food

Experts in canine nutrition will tell you that homemade dog food is the only way to provide your pet with the exact nutrition that he needs. When done properly, making homemade meals allows you to provide your pet with a diet that meets his needs through every life stage. This simple homemade food won't be appropriate for all dogs, but your veterinarian can help you add supplements or additional ingredients to cater the recipe to your pup's needs.
chicken and rice recipe for dogsvideo

Chicken and Rice Homemade Dog Food For Dogs with Sensitive Stomach Recipe

A chicken and rice recipe for dogs is one of the most commonly recommended remedy for dogs with an upset stomach.
Brands With Most Dog Food Recalls

Dog Food Recalls: Dog Food Brands With Most Recalls of All Time

With the unfortunate increase in recalled dog food products, dog owners need to monitor pet food companies closely.  From toxic mold to Salmonella to the...
Georgia Pet Stores Featured Image

Georgia Pet Stores, Dog Parks, Grooming, And More

This article will discuss the best places in Georgie to get necessities for pets. So if you're moving to the Peach State, we'll tell...

12 Human Foods for Dog’s Shiny Coat

Quality food helps your pooch stay in top shape not only on the inside but on the outside as well, and some help to...
Can I give my dog potatoes

Can Dogs Eat Potatoes? 4 Benefits and 3 Side Effects

It's no secret that potatoes are one of the most popular vegetables in western culture.  But can dogs eat potatoes, and are potatoes for dogs safe...
Halloween treats for dogs Featured Image

Halloween Treats For Dogs

Now that Halloween is right around the corner, let's discuss the best Halloween treats for dogs. Picking the right costume for your dog is not...
dog friendly cakevideo

Recipe: Dog Friendly Cake with Beef

I don't know about you, but I don't need a reason to spoil my dogs. It's especially fun to make their birthday or adoption day extra special! This dog friendly cake recipe is always a crowd pleaser with my pack, and I'm sure your canine companion will love it too.


dog daycare for anxious dogs

Dog Daycare for Anxious Dogs

When you picture a dog daycare, you likely imagine a group of dogs running, playing, or relaxing after a morning of fetch. It's close to...
Pet Food Manufacturing Regulations - USA vs Canada vs Europe vs China

Pet Food Manufacturing Regulations: USA vs Canada vs Europe vs China

There are no universal global standards for the manufacturing of pet food worldwide.  In fact, some countries have such lax "regulations," their pet foods and...
Does Pet Insurance Cover Medication

Does Pet Insurance Cover Medication?

Any household can benefit from having a pet. However, pet ownership comes with great responsibility that can cost a lot of money, which is...
Is Peanut Butter Healthy for Dogs

Is Peanut Butter Healthy for Dogs?

I’ve heard how crazy dogs are for peanut butter and decided to try it with my group. They’re generally not picky about what they eat...

Why Your Dog Stares at the Wall

If you search for and click this article, chances are you're wondering and getting worried about why your dog stares at the wall. Sometimes, dogs...

What to Look for in Top Dog Daycare and Boarding

Have you been avoiding going on that much-needed vacation because you’re not sure where your dog will stay while you’re gone? Are you skeptical of...

Should I Get A Second Dog: 16 Reasons Why You Should

Caring for a dog can be a rewarding experience, but adopting a second dog when you're already caring for one is something pet owners...
Hawaii Pet Stores, Dog Parks, Shelters and More

Hawaii Pet Stores, Dog Parks, Shelters and More

Surfers and people basking in the sun on vast beaches may come to mind when you think of Hawaii, but there is more to...

Does Pet Insurance Cover Surgery?

DOES PET INSURANCE COVER SURGERY? This may be one of the commonly asked questions of pet owners with beloved canines or felines who are about...
No Need For Shock Collars! Try These Tricks Instead

No More Pain: Best Alternatives to Dog Shock Collars

Doesn't that dog shock collar hurts your animal, is a common question that an exponential number of pet lovers nowadays begin to repeat more often.  "It's...