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Articles, studies and advice on best dog food brands, interviews with vets on dog nutrition, reviews of top dog food choices and videos of how to read dog food labels, how to feed a dog, and everything else a responsible dog parent needs to know about dog foods.
How to Choose the Best Dog Food for Your Dog

17 Tips on How to Choose the Best Dog Food for Your Dog

Veterinarians and owners often look at a dog’s nutritional needs in relation to a specific medical concern, but it goes without saying that it’s...
Best Dog Food For Pit Bulls to Gain Muscle

Top 5 Best Dog Foods for Pit Bulls to Gain Muscle

Pit Bulls are muscular by nature. It’s one of their many appeals.  Their strength and physique also make them superb working dogs, athletic canines...
Best Tips from Vets on Dog Food and How to Feed Dogs

16 Best Tips from Four Famous Vets on Dog Nutrition and Feeding

Food and nutrition is a confusing subject. It’s hard to know what kind of foods are healthy for ourselves, never mind our dogs. Veterinarians are...
Best Dog Food for Dobermans

Best Dog Food for Dobermans: How & What To Feed Doberman Pinschers

When it comes to feeding a dog, there's quite a few variables to consider. Breed is one of them. The best dog food for...
How To Make Homemade Dog Treatsvideo

How To Make Homemade Dog Treats: A Video Guide

Learning how to make homemade dog treats is a great way to reward your pooch without having to worry about his health or safety....
Carob Crunchies Homemade Dog Treats Recipevideo

Recipe: Carob Crunchies Dog Treats (Wheat and Gluten Free)

These five ingredient dog treats are made with carob powder, a healthy substitute for cocoa powder in dog treats. Although it has a slightly...
Can Dogs Go Vegan

Can Dogs Go Vegan? Ins and Outs of Vegetarian Diet for Dogs

When you decide to add a dog to your family unit, there are a lot of additional decisions that need to be made. Where...
best dog food for corgis

Best Dog Food for Corgis: How and What To Feed Corgis?

When it comes to feeding your pup, you need to make sure you have their breed-specific needs in mind. This is definitely true for...
Best Dog Food for Schnauzers

Best Dog Food for Schnauzers & How to Feed Them

Schnauzers have unique nutritional requirements that have to be met. Like all other breeds, they need to eat a diet that will contribute to...
Dog Food Ratings

Dog Food Ratings: What You Need to Know About Dog Food Reviews Websites

When we're deciding which dog food we want to feed our pets for a long period of time, one thing is always clear in our minds: we love our dogs and want to...
Expensive Dog Food Brands

Expensive Dog Food Brands: Are They Worth the High Cost?

With all the dog food commercials out there, it can be pretty confusing deciding what is the best food for your pup. Our options...
How Healthy Natural Dog Food Really Is

How Healthy Natural Dog Food Really Is? A Critical Look

Many people choose to feed their dogs natural food, which makes sense really. I mean, we can all picture in our minds our dogs...