Top 5 Best Dog Travel Bag Choices

Top 5 Best Dog Travel Bag Choices

One of the perks of having a dog is the fact that you can take them along with you to many places that...
How to Keep Flies Off Dogs

How to Keep Flies Off Dogs

We all know how irritating flies may be, especially during late spring and summer period. They keep going around and buzzing around our...
My Pet Pailvideo

Review: My Pet Pail Dog Travel Feeder

You have to make sure to bring the right supplies along for any trip with your dog. My Pet Pail puts a unique twist on a traditional travel feeder.
9 Most Stylish Sunglasses for Dogs to Try Right Now

9 Most Stylish Sunglasses for Dogs to Try Right Now

You may or may not be aware that dog sunglasses are a very trendy product right now. They make your pooch look cool...
Science-based Ways to Relieve Anxiety in Dogs

10 Science-based Ways to Relieve Anxiety in Dogs

Some may believe that the feeling of anxiety is confined only to humans.  They would be wrong. The feeling of worry, nervousness and...
Revol Dog Cratevideo

Review: Revol Dog Crate by Diggs

If you're looking for the right crate for your pooch, the Revol Dog Crate by Diggs is one of the most unique options you'll find.
Aquapaw Dog Bathing Toolvideo

Review: Aquapaw Dog Bathing Tool

There are products available to help make the canine bathing process easier, and the Aquapaw is one of the most effective out there.
HurriK9 Ring Launchervideo

Review: HurriK9 Ring Launcher Dog Toy

The HurriK9 Ring Launcher dog toy can chuck a foam ring up to 100 feet to keep even the most active pups engaged and entertained.
K9 Sport Sack Rovervideo

Review: K9 Sport Sack Rover Dog Backpack Carrier

If you're looking for a pack for your medium sized pup to ride around in, check out the K9 Sport Sack Rover dog backpack carrier.
12 Benefits of Neem Oil for Dogs and What You Should Know

12 Benefits of Neem Oil for Dogs and What You Should Know

Neem oil, which is extracted from the neem tree, is highly regarded, often recommended, and widely used in homeopathic and natural medicine communities....
Perianal Tumors in Dogs - A Brief Guide

Perianal Tumors in Dogs: A Brief Guide

The most common type of tumor in dogs is the perianal tumor. A perianal tumor is found in the glands that surround the...
BARK Dog Toysvideo

Review: BARK Dog Toys, Chews and Treats

Have you heard about the Bark Box subscription box for dogs? Now, BARK dog toys, chews and treats are available to purchase without a subscription.
Best Dog Mattress Beds

Top 4 Best Dog Mattress Beds

A good dog bed is one of the essential supplies most owners will purchase after adopting a dog. Due to the popularity of...
Nuclear Sclerosis in Dogs

Nuclear Sclerosis in Dogs: What Owners Must Know

When you observe change in your dog’s eyes that causes their pupils to look cloudy, hazy, and/or change the color, you may first...
Nootie Dog Grooming Suppliesvideo

Review: Nootie Dog Grooming Supplies

Nootie Dog Grooming Supplies are fairly new to the market, but they're making a big name for themselves with natural ingredients and pleasant fragrances.
10 Coolest Dog Mom Shirt Brands Every Doggy Mom Must Have

10 Coolest Dog Mom Shirts Every Doggy Mom Must Have

Whether you are a “dog mom” yourself or you are looking for a perfect gift for a woman who is also a dog...
10 Most Famous Dog People in 2019

10 Most Famous Dog People in 2019

If you are a dog lover looking for other passionate dog lovers, scientists, activists, authors, and bloggers to follow and interact with online,...
KOHA Canned Dog Foodvideo

Review: KOHA Canned Dog Food & Dehydrated Food Mixes

KOHA Canned Dog Food is one of the best options in the canned pet food category, so I had to give it a try with our pack to see what they thought.
Rabbitgoo LED Light Up Dog Harnessvideo

Giveaway: Rabbitgoo Light-Up Dog Harness ($25+ Value)

If you ever have trouble spotting your dog when he's out in the yard at night, the Rabbitgoo LED Dog Harness will definitely solve your problem.
itchy dog home remedyvideo

My 5 Favorite Itchy Dog Home Remedy

Constant scratching, biting and itching are understandable concerns for pet owners. You can nip it in the bud with an itchy dog home remedy.


What Countries Eat Dogs and Why

What Countries Eat Dogs and Why?

It can be deeply saddening for any dog lover to think that there are countries around the world in which farming, stealing, and brutally...
Do Dogs Like Massages

Do Dogs Like Massages? Why and What You Should Know

If there is no denying that your dog enjoys it when you pet them, then they're very likely love a good doggy massage. So...
Hypoallergenic Dog Foods - The Vet's Buying Guide

The Vet's Guide on Shopping for Hypoallergenic Dog Foods

Most of us are already familiar with hypoallergenic products for humans – cosmetics, shampoos and the like, but what how much do you know...

12 Human Foods for Dog’s Shiny Coat

Quality food helps your pooch stay in top shape not only on in the inside but on the outside as well, and some help...

Can Dogs Eat Ice Cream?

It is natural to want to share this delicious treat with your canine companion. But because some dogs are lactose intolerant, and because of...
Best Treatments for Ear Mites in Dogs

Ear Mites in Dogs: Symptoms, Natural and Veterinary Treatments, Prevention

Ear mites are itchy little buggers. Highly contagious, and highly common; if you own a dog, you will almost definitely have to deal with...
Tetanus in Dogs - How to Deal With It and Prevent It

Tetanus in Dogs: What It Is, How to Deal With and...

The mere thought of your dog contracting tetanus can be a scary thing, especially if you are unfamiliar with the condition, but have heard...
How Research Influenced Our Approach to Training Dogs

Science-based Dog Training: How Research Influenced Our Approach to Training Dogs

Since the late Mesolithic period when humans first began to domesticate wolves, canines have been an integral part of our lives. We are linked...
Dog Breast Cancer - A Brief Guide

Dog Breast Cancer: A Brief Guide

Mammary tumors, or breast cancer, is most common in female dogs and is a rare occurrence in male dogs. As female dogs get older,...
Bone Broth for Dogs - A Pet Owner's Staple

Bone Broth for Dogs: A Pet Owner's Staple

Bone broth today has become one of the most popular foods to feed our dogs, especially in recent years since us owners have become...