Raw Paws Pet Food Compressed Rawhide Chewsvideo

Review: Raw Paws Pet Food Compressed Rawhide Chews for Dogs

Compressed rawhide is made from multiple layers of beef hide that are tightly pressed together under extreme pressure. They are safer than traditional rawhide chews, and ideal for aggressive chewers. Are they a good value for the money? Are they healthy for your Fido? You'll get all the information you need to decide if these chews are right for your dog in this review.
Vet Recommended Yak Chews Reviewvideo

Review: Vet Recommended Yak Chews

These chews are made with just a few natural ingredients. Vet Recommended Yak Chews are extremely durable and can hold up to even the strongest chewers. While promoting dental health, they're also extremely healthy. Find out the full list of ingredients and more details about these chews in our latest review.
Bleu Paw Pooper Scoopervideo

Review: Bleu Paw Pooper Scooper

The Bleu Paw Pooper Scooper is compact and easy to take along while traveling or visiting the dog park. It's got a couple of beneficial features that aren't found on other pooper scoopers, but is it as effective as similar products?
Isle of Dogs Nourish Grain-Free Dog Foodvideo

Review: Isle of Dogs Nourish Grain Free Dog Food

Made with 90% real meat, Isle of Dogs Grain Free Dog Food is air-dried to maintain the nutritional content. The company uses top-quality ingredients that benefit a dog's overall health and well-being. How healthy is it, and is it affordable for pet owners on a budget? I'll explain all of that in this review.
How To Give A Dog Eye Dropsvideo

How to Apply Dog Eye Drops

Need to apply dog eye drops to your pooch? This video guide will walk you through the process. Learning how to give a dog eye drops is an essential skill all pet parents should have. It's highly likely that your pet will need them at some point.
PrideBites Custom Frisbee Toy Reviewvideo

Review: PrideBites Custom Frisbee Toy

You can customize the PrideBites Custom Frisbee Toy with a picture of your dog's face. These toys squeak and float, but will they hold up to your dog's strong jaws? You'll find out in this review.
Best Calm Small Dogs That Are Mild Tempered

11 Popular Mild-Tempered and Calm Small Dogs

You have made the decision to add another member to your family. This one will be four-legged and hairy. Trying to choose a...
DJANGO Reversible Puffer Dog Coatvideo

Review: DJANGO Reversible Puffer Dog Coat

The DJANGO Reversible Puffer Dog Coat has a water-resistant, wind-proof outer layer and a 100% cotton lining. It will keep your pup warm and dry, but how much does it cost? Is it worth the price you'll pay?
Petcube Reviewvideo

Petcube Review: Petcube Bites Pet Camera

This Petcube review focuses on the company's newest model - the Petcube Bites camera. Not only does it allow you to see and talk to your dog while you're away from home, you can also give Fido a treat with the touch of a button. But, how much does this new pet tech device cost and is it worth the money?
Tractive GPS Tracker Reviewvideo

Review: New Tractive 3G Dog GPS Tracker

In this Tractive GPS tracker review you’ll see how the Tractive 3G makes it easy to know exactly where your dog is at all times. It uses real time GPS monitoring to allow you to set up a ‘safety zone.’ You’ll be notified as soon as your dog crosses the boundary. Are they worth the expense?
My dog won’t open his eyes

Dog Won’t Open His Eyes? Here’s What This Means (and what to do)

The last few days you’ve noticed your dog looking at you a little funny, it was almost like a cute winking in one...
Homemade Weight Loss Dog Foodvideo

Recipe: Homemade Weight Loss Dog Food

Obesity is becoming an epidemic for dogs and cats, especially in the United States. Like humans, being obese makes our pets more susceptible to many different health conditions. Also, it can end up taking years off Fido's life. This homemade weight loss dog food may be just what your pet needs to slim down.
Things You Can Learn From a Dog

10 Things You Can Learn From Your Dog

Our dogs are so much more than pets. They are precious members of our family and we love them dearly. They offer us support,...
Homemade Gluten Free Dog Foodvideo

Recipe: Homemade Gluten Free Dog Food

Some dogs have to eat gluten free food because of certain allergies or digestive sensitivities that they have. Some owners just prefer to feed their dog this type of diet to mimic the diet that they themselves eat. Either way, this homemade gluten free dog food recipe may be just what you're looking for.
Dog Walker Salary

Ask a Dog Walker: How Much Do Dog Walkers Get Paid?

It's a question that I hear all the time: “How much does a dog walker make?” I never quite know how to respond,...
Importance of No-Pull Dog Harnesses and No-Pull Dog Collars

Why No-Pull Dog Harnesses and Collars Are the Safest Choice

It's very common for dogs to pull on their leashes when you walk them. Dog leash pulling is one of the most common...
Dog Eye Infection Treatments and Preventatives

12 Dog Eye Infection Treatments and Preventatives

Hang on! Did your dog just wink at you? Unusual winking, blinking, rubbing, or pawing at the eyes is your dog’s way of...
How to Train Dogs to Use Pet Stairs and Ramps

How to Train Dogs to Use Pet Stairs and Ramps [Infographic]

There's a number of reasons why pet owners may find pet stairs and ramps useful. They're particularly helpful for senior dogs with arthritis,...
Tips for Picking the Best Dog Food on a Tight Budget

25 Clever Tips on Shopping for Dog Food on a Tight Budget

As a pet parent you want to provide the best quality food for your dog, but when the purse strings are tight it...
Best Flooring for Dogs

7 Types of Flooring for Your Dog’s Safety and Health

Whether you’re considering purchasing a new home or remodeling an existing house/apartment, the choice of which floor to use is one of the...


What and How to Feed Pregnant and Nursing Dogs

Pregnant dogs require a lot of care and attention. One of the most crucial aspects to focus on is your pregnant dog's diet. But...

Doga 101: Benefits and Precautions of Doing Yoga With Dogs

Have you ever heard of Doga? It's yoga... with dogs! If you haven't heard of this before (where have you been?!) I guarantee this article will...

13 Helpful Tips for Rescuing a Dog from a Shelter

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Veterinarian’s Guide on Flea Collars for Dogs

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Anise and Catnip for Dogs: What You Need to Know

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An Evidence-based Guide to Dog Shock Collars

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Dog Pregnancy Stages and What to Expect When Expecting

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20 Labrador Retriever Facts You Didn’t Know

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20 Valentine’s Day Safety Tips for Pet Owners [Infographic]

Valentine’s Day is a lot of fun, but it can be anything but fun for your pets. Animal poison control and emergency vets see...

How to Feed Dogs with Food Allergies

It's not uncommon for dogs to have food allergies, and dealing with this issue can be difficult. It takes dedication and time to figure...