Submissive urination in dogsvideo

Submissive Urination in Dogs: What Is It and Can You Stop It?

Submissive urination is a common problem seen in dogs, and it isn't usually something that you need to worry about. This behavior is when a dog urinates in response to fear, stress or anxiety. Submissive urination in dogs is most commonly seen in puppies who haven't gained their confidence yet, but occasionally it is also seen in adult dogs.
homemade dog food for fussy eatersvideo

Recipe: Homemade Dog Food for Fussy Eaters

If your dog is a picky eater, you've probably been feeding him a variety of pet foods and human foods just to get him to eat regular meals. Did you know that this could actually be making your dog's picky habits worse? Finding some recipes for homemade dog food for fussy eaters is a better option than feeding Fido meals prepared for humans.
Life Line Pet Nutrition Supplementsvideo

Review: Life Line Pet Nutrition Supplements

Life Line Pet Nutrition Supplements are formulated to meet a variety of nutritional needs, while still being affordable for pet parents.

Excessive Barking in Dogs: How To Handle It?

Excessive barking in dogs is a pretty common thing most, if not some, dog owners have experienced at some point in caring for...
Deaf Dog Myths Featured

6 Top Deaf Dog Myths (Debunked)

Have you heard about deaf dog myths? Rumors that deaf dogs aren’t able to do this or that like a normal dog? Being unable...
How to Prepare Your Apartment Before Bringing Home Your First Dog

How to Have A Dog In An Apartment: How To Prepare

Dogs are wonderful pets, and bring many families a lot of joy.  If you live in an apartment and want to add a furry friend...
crockpot duck chuckvideo

Recipe: Crockpot Duck Chuck for Dogs with Allergies

This crockpot dog food recipe uses duck as the protein source, which is less likely to cause an allergic reaction than common protein sources like chicken.
The Complete Guide to Owning a Deaf Dog

The Complete Guide to Owning a Deaf Dog

If you have never owned a deaf dog, you may find the concept daunting. But the truth is that with a few tweaks in...
Homemade Dog Foodvideo

Switching to Homemade Dog Food Diet: 3 Things to Know

It's no secret that homemade food can be the healthiest diet to feed your pets. If it's not done properly, your dog could suffer life threatening illness.
how to clean dog vomit in car

How to Clean Dog Vomit in Car in 6 Easy Steps!

As a car owner, the last thing you want in your car is the sight and smell of dog vomit. Dogs are great travel...
blind dog training

Blind Dog Training – Is It Possible?

Blind dogs and cats are just as loving and affectionate as their sharp-sighted counterparts. While training one may seem difficult at first, it will...
blood in dog poop

Blood in Dog Poop (And What You Can Do About It)

Noticing blood in dog poop can be concerning, especially when your mind suddenly goes to the worst. Thankfully, blood in your dog's feces can...

25 Best Mixed Breed Dogs to Adopt

Mixed-breed dogs are available at virtually every rescue and shelter, as these dogs come in a magnitude of different breeds, sizes, colors, and...
Chasing After Moving Things in Dogs

Chasing After Moving Things in Dogs

Wondering why your dog chase after cars, bikes, and all the like? There's no denying that dogs love to run. As a matter of fact,...

Top 17 Dog Food Delivery Services in 2022

THINKING OF GETTING DOG FOOD DELIVERY FOR YOUR POOCH? Hey, no judgments, we get it. In this busy season, what's convenient is always...
japanese chin dog breed profile

Japanese Chin Dog Breed Profile

The Japanese Chin dog breed is a charming companion dog with aristocratic bearing. Learn more about living with this toy breed! This breed, also...
Why Do My Dog’s Ears Stink

Why Do My Dog’s Ears Stink?

Stinky dog ears? Now, that’s not good. Sure, it’s true that most dogs have a distinct "doggy odor", but it also shouldn't be so...

Dog Dementia Support Groups

DOG DEMENTIA SUPPORT GROUPS are getting more and more popular these days. Which is a good thing, considering Canine Cognitive Dysfunction or Dementia in Dogs...
Illinois Pet Stores Featured Image

Illinois Pet Stores, Dog Parks, Grooming, And More

In this article, we'll discuss the best Illinois pet stores, dog parks, pet groomers, and more. If you're moving to a new state or...
Tumors Of The Vagina In Dogs Featured

Tumors Of The Vagina In Dogs

In this article, we'll discuss everything that you'll need to know about tumors of the vagina in dogs. Have you noticed that your dog...
dog food for diabetesvideo

Recipe: Beef and Cottage Cheese Dog Food for Diabetes

Cottage cheese may seem like a bland food, but your dog will love it. This dog food for diabetes uses cottage cheese and beef as the main protein sources.


Top 12 Unique Ways to Tire Out a Hyperactive Dog

How to Tire Out a High Energy Dog or Puppy: 12...

Sometimes pet owners are unable to bring their dogs out for longer walks due to bad weather or other conflicts. When this happens, dogs may...
10 Most Addictive Free Dog Games Online (Desktop, Android, iPhone)

10 Most Addictive Online Free Dog Games

When you can't get enough dogs in real life, what's better than to play with them in online games? There are a number of online...
Aggression in Dogs with Dementia Featured

Aggression In Dogs With Dementia

Have you noticed sudden behavior changes in your senior dog? Have they become suddenly aggressive? Well, aggression in dogs with dementia is common. Aggression can...
How to Choose the Right Dog Toys by Age

Choosing the Right Dog Toys by Age: Toys For Puppies, Adult...

All dogs, regardless of their age, need toys. They are great interactive tools that help your pets grow and learn throughout their formative puppy years. Dog...
interesting facts about dogsvideo

Interesting Facts About Dogs That Will Surprise Any Owner

No matter how much experience you have with canines, these interesting facts about dogs may end up surprising you. Did you know there is a city in the US that has a dog for a Mayor? Have you ever wondered if any dogs survived the sinking of the Titanic? Learn about these cool facts, and many more in this roundup of the most interesting facts about dogs!
8 Potential Dog Labor Complications

8 Potential Dog Labor Complications and Signs

Helping a dog to give birth is a very serious process that sometimes comes inherent with potential problems and unexpected issues. Below is a...

Coton de Tulear Dog Breed Profile

THERE'S PROBABLY NO OTHER DOG BREED that's going to be as charming, as bright, and as happy-go-lucky as the Coton de Tulear. This literal furball...
How Many Dog Owners Have Their Dog Sleeping in Bed With Them?

A Dog Sleeping in Bed With Their Owner: Statistics and Should...

How many dog owners have their dog sleeping in bed with them? A few months ago, a survey of 23,000 pet owners was conducted....

Black Dog Poop: What Does It Mean?

WHEN IT COMES TO OUR PUP'S HEALTH, experts say the proof is in the poop. Seeing black dog poop in your backyard suddenly sure can...
Top 7 Best TV Shows About Dogs Available for Streaming Right Now

7 Best TV Shows About Dogs Available for Streaming

Dog lovers usually enjoy watching television shows that feature their favorite four-legged friends. We can relate to these shows and connect with the characters. With...