Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Test Reviewvideo

Review: Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Test

Did you know that many pet owners are also using DNA technology to find out more about their canine companions? The Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Test is one of the most popular options of canine DNA test on the market.
Hot Paws Personal Dog Paw Glass Art Kitvideo

Review: Hot Paws Personal Dog Paw Glass Art Kit

This do-it-yourself kit allows you to make a one-of-a-kind glass ornament with an impression of your dog's paw print. It's fairly easy to use, though it may take you more than one try to get the perfect impression. It's a pricey craft kit, but in my opinion the results are worth every penny.
Your Dog Knows You Can't Resist Those Puppy Eyes, Study Says

Your Dog Knows You Can’t Resist Those Puppy Eyes, Study Says

Dogs give you the puppy face not just because they want food. They’re actually trying to initiate a communication with you, according to...
How to Crate Train a Dog Guidevideo

How to Crate Train a Dog

Some owners mistakenly think of crating as dog's jail, but experts disagree. Learning how to crate train a dog is a huge asset for most pet parents.
Dog Training Supplies Giveawayvideo

Giveaway: Dog Training Supplies ($77 Value)

Whether you’re training an adult dog or a pup, this FREE giveaway is going to make your task a lot easier. This training prize package will make any type of dog training easier - from expert agility training to basic command training.
Top 7 Best Dog Food for Itchy Skin

Top 7 Best Dog Foods for Itchy Skin

There are a number of reasons that your dog may be suffering from itchy skin. Anything from environmental allergens to the wrong dog food can cause Fido to scratch incessantly. This problem might easily be cured by the best dog food for itchy skin, but it could also require a trip to the veterinarian.
Police Officer Responds to a 'Vicious Dog' Call, Ends Up with a New Best Friend

Police Officer Responds to a ‘Vicious Dog’ Call, Ends Up with a New Best...

As Officer Frost from Texas carefully approached the dog that wandered off someone’s porch, he realized it’s not a threat when it started...
BAYDOG Harnesses, Leashes and Accessories for Dogsvideo

Review: BAYDOG Harnesses, Leashes and Accessories for Dogs (2018)

It's difficult to find high-quality dog supplies at an affordable price. Most cheap dog products aren't comfortable for dogs, are difficult to use, or break quickly. The Chesapeake Bay Dog Company's line of BAYDOG dog harnesses, leashes and accessories is made with quality materials. But are they affordable? See here.
Dog Prefers Strangers Over You - Don't Worry, Experts Say

Dog Prefers Strangers Over You? Don’t Worry, Experts Say

Some dogs with loving owners still crave attention from strangers and experts break it down to explain the most important factor to this...
PetPlate Dog Foodvideo

Review: PetPlate Dog Food Delivery Service (2018)

The Pet Plate Dog Food delivery service brings freshly cooked, ready to eat meals right to your dog. There meals are made with human-quality ingredients and specifically formulated for your dog's needs.
West Paw Strolls Dog Leash Reviewvideo

Review: West Paw Strolls Hemp Dog Leash and Collar (2018)

Hemp is lightweight and very strong. The West Paw Strolls Dog Leash is made of this naturally odor resistant, hypo-allergenic material. The company also makes dog collars in this eco-friendly product line. 
Top 28 Rules to Follow for Picking a Good Dog Food Brands

28 Rules to Follow for Picking Good Dog Food Brands

There are a million and one articles out there packed with information on how to pick a good dog food brand. Unfortunately, the...
Top 5 Cheap Homemade Dog Food Recipes

5 Cheap Homemade Dog Food Recipes

Cooking homemade dog food can be a healthier way to feed your pooch than store-bought dog foods. There's a number of well-balanced, healthy, delicious...
Products That Improve Your Dog’s Life

Things to Improve Your Dog’s Life

There are loads of products that claim to improve your dog’s life. There are things you can get to add to their nutrition, toys you can buy to entertain them, and even products available to make your dog's everyday life more comfortable. There are thousands of products available that improve your dog's life.
Old Dog's Apology for Howling Wins The Internet's Heart

Old Dog’s Apology for Howling Wins the Internet’s Heart

Neighbors at a quiet apartment in Pennsylvania now know why they hear a horrific sound coming from the fifth floor, and they’re quite...
Top Embrace Pet Insurance Reviews

Embrace Pet Insurance Review: Benefits, Coverage, Costs and Overall Value

Having a sick pet can be a heartbreaking experience, and the mounting vet bills only add to a pet owner’s anxiety. Considering that...
Top 7 Tips on How to Be a Successful Dog Walker

7 Tips on How to Be a Successful Dog Walker

Maybe you are a student and need a part-time job. Maybe you just need a little extra income in addition to your main...
Homeless Dogs Get Comfortable After Request for Old Armchair Donations Go Viral

Homeless Dogs Get Comfortable After Request for Old Armchair Donations Go Viral

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure and, in this case, it’s the dogs who have benefited from the community’s garbage. Homeless dogs at...
Dogs vs Wolves - The 10 Facts You Should Know about Dog's Closest Ancestor

10 Key Differences Between Wolves and Dogs

Wolves are majestic and awe-inspiring creatures just like many domestic dogs can be. While some people believe that dogs are still very similar...
Best Dog Breeds for Women

40 Best Dog Breeds for Women

We women have needs. We like things a certain way, and we're not afraid to do what it takes to get what we...


Top 10 Best Wireless Dog Fences

Electronic containment systems for dogs is a highly debated topic. Some pet owners preach about how well they work to protect our pets from...

6 Most Common Homemade Dog Food Ingredients

Cooking for dogs from scratch is becoming the go-to approach for many pet owners. While some recipes might end up costly, others will turn...

17 Alternatives to Shock Collars [Infographic]

Despite still being widely used, shock collars for dogs are considered by many owners and some trainers as an inhumane and impractical method of...

7 Pool Safety Tips for Pet Owners

Summer is already here, presenting a ton of adventures you can have with your dog. But with summer comes high temperatures, which can be...

Dogs and Kids: 17 Rules to Keep Them Safe

Dogs can be unpredictable. Their social language can be completely different when compared to the way humans communicate, and this is particularly important to...

Top 50 Best Canned Dog Foods

Choosing a top quality canned dog food can be difficult. You want to consider your dog’s preferences, but you also need to factor in...

Veterinarian’s Guide on Buying and Using Dog Food for Sensitive Stomachs

Many dogs suffer from tummy troubles from time to time. If your pet is among these, he may benefit from a “sensitive stomach” formulation....

35 Unique Summer Adventures to Have with Your Dog

Summer is the perfect time to take time off work and head out for an adventure! While many dog owners don’t think to take...

30 Smallest Dog Breeds in the World

Many potential pet parents look for small breeds because they are easier to travel with and are usually great for smaller yards and/or apartment life. The smallest dog breeds in the world won't be the right fit for every family, but they be a good choice for you if you're looking for a little companion.

8 Dangers of DIY Homemade Dog Food

Feeding your dog a DIY homemade dog food is something that more and more dog owners are doing these days. It’s understandable as many...