Naval Base Using Dogs to Prevent Suicides

Naval Base Using Dogs to Prevent Suicides

A naval clinic has started using dogs to sniff out extreme stress in order to help sailors and marines combat suicidal depression. According...
Can Dogs Get Colds

Can Dogs Get Colds?

The infamous cold and flu season is here. Can dogs get colds just as humans can? Yes, and no. Your dog could pick up...
Loyal Dog Treks 20 Miles Back Home to Former Owners - Twice

Loyal Dog Treks 20 Miles Back Home to Former Owners – Twice

A Great Pyrenees in Oklahoma was given up by her owners, but journeyed back to them twice after being adopted by someone else....
PupJoy Dog Subscription Box Reviewvideo

Review: PupJoy Dog Subscription Box

Dog subscription boxes offer a lot of advantages, but a lot of pet owners worry that they won't receive products that are suited for their dog. The PupJoy dog subscription box offers more customization options than any other similar box.
PupBox Puppy Subscription Boxvideo

Review: PupBox Puppy Subscription Box

Puppies, while a lot of fun, can be very overwhelming. From training to purchasing all of the necessary products a pup will need, it's hard to know what to do with your new family member. The PupBox dog subscription box is here to help!
19 Dogs Removed From Breeding Facility With Deplorable Conditions

19 Dogs Removed from Breeding Facility with Deplorable Conditions

A Pennsylvania dog breeding facility was raided by humane officers in the beginning of the month after discovering inhumane conditions. The Luzerne County...
Pet Treater dog subscription box reviewvideo

Review: Pet Treater Dog Subscription Box

Subscription boxes have become very popular with owners interested in the convenience of receiving dog supplies delivered right their doorstep. How does the Pet Treater dog subscription box compare to other similar boxes? Find out in our latest review!
Balanced Homemade Dog Food Recipevideo

Recipe: Balanced Homemade Dog Food

Finding the right food is something that depends on your dog's unique individual needs. This balanced homemade dog food recipe may be right for the "average" dog, but it's not going to provide the proper nutrients for every canine.
Blockhead Box dog subscription box reviewvideo

Review: Blockhead Box Dog Subscription Box

What is in a Blockhead Box dog subscription box every month? Is it worth the money? Will your dog enjoy the products? Will they last? Find out in this extensive review.
Dog Gets Taken by Raptor Eagle

Small Dog Gets Taken by Raptor – and Survives

A small Bichon Frise was taken into the air by a hungry eagle – and miraculously survived. Zoey is an 8-pound Bichon residing...
Ways Dogs Communicate Their Sense of Humor According to Science and Studies

10 Ways Dogs Communicate Their Sense of Humor According to Science

The personal experiences of at least 50 million dog devotees combined with the high science of a handful of rat-, ape- and dog-tickling...
Surprise Pawty dog subscription box reviewvideo

Review: Surprise Pawty Dog Subscription Box

The Surprise Pawty dog subscription box delivers a wide variety of pet products to your doorstep every month. This review will tell you what sets this box apart from its competitors and will help you decide if it's worth the investment.
Dog GPS Trackers Costs Compare

We’ve Compared the Costs of 13 GPS Trackers for Dogs

There are many dog GPS tracker devices on the market today, and choosing the right option for your pet means analyzing a variety...
Active Dogs

26 Most Active Dogs for Energetic Owners

Some owners cannot handle very active dog breeds. It takes plenty of energy to care for a hyperactive dog than a lazy one....
Homemade Raw Dog Food Recipevideo

Recipe: Simple Homemade Raw Dog Food

The raw diet isn't suitable for every dog, and it's important to discuss this diet with your veterinarian before switching your pooch to uncooked food. This homemade raw dog food recipe is very basic. While it may be a good fit for your Fido, it's likely that your vet will recommend adding supplements.
Bark Box Dog Subscription Box Reviewvideo

Review: BarkBox Dog Subscription Box

Probably one of the most well-known subscription boxes for dogs, the Bark Box delivers toys, treats and dog chews to your home every month. This review of the Bark Box dog subscription box will tell you what you can expect to receive and the customization options that you have with this product.

6 Safety Tips for Cutting Dog’s Nails at Home

Is your dog making annoying clicking noises everywhere he walks? Does it seem like he is having pain when walking? It may be...
Pooch Perks Dog Subscription Box Reviewvideo

Review: Pooch Perks Dog Subscription Box

There are so many dog subscription boxes to choose from. How do you know which is the right choice for your pet? This Pooch Perks dog subscription box review tells you everything you need to know about this option.
Can Dogs Get Poison Ivy

Can Dogs Get Poison Ivy?

Poison Ivy is a plant that grows in sunny or partially shaded areas, most notably around trees or rock formations. It possesses oil,...
How to pick best dog clothes and footwear for dogs

19 Health Tips for Picking Dog Boots, Clothes and Other Dogwear This Winter

Many dog owners mistakenly believe that clothing and footwear are simply accessories for a dog. And while they do give our pets a...


Guidelines and Diet for Dogs with Struvite Crystals

Dogs can develop stones just like humans. A large part of therapy for struvite crystals in dogs is the diet. If your dog is suffering...

Water Intoxication in Dogs: What You Must Know [Infographic]

Water intoxication in dogs is what happens when a canine consumes excess water; this can be from playing in the pool or biting at...

8 Signs Your Dog Is Experiencing Joint Pain

Recognition and limiting pain and distress are two key goals of animal care that every pet owner strives to meet. Unfortunately, signs symptoms of...

5 Ways to Help Dogs With Itchy Skin

Consistent itching and scratching in dogs – a valid and common concern for most pet owners. It's normal for dogs to experience some kind of...

The Detailed Puppy Shot Schedule

Puppies can be a lot of responsibility and you will be in charge of caring for your new dog for the next 10 to...

7 Proven Ways to Calm Down A Dog (Backed by Science)

Have you ever wished there was a button on your dog that would calm him down? Sometimes, our pets get so stressed out and...

3 Canine Diseases Linked to Dog Food and Nutrition

As humans concerned with our health, we know that there is a connection between the food we eat and how we feel. The same...

16 Healthy Human Foods for Dogs (That You Haven’t Thought Of)

Rarely if ever are we encouraged to feed our dogs “human foods”, but some whole foods can actually have great health benefits. But some...

25 Fastest Dog Breeds On the Planet

While most people think of the Greyhound when thinking of fast dogs, there are other breeds that are also pretty quick. So whether you...

How to Do CPR On a Dog

Doing CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) is something we’ve all seen performed thousands of times in movies and TV, but yet we all know that it...

How Do Dogs Get Worms?

All dog owners will have to deal with worms at some point in their lifetime. Statistically, most dogs get some type of worms during...