Dog Tied On Train Tracks Escapes Death After Man Saves Him

Dog Tied On Train Tracks Escapes Death After Man Saves Him

Samson the puppy owes his life to an animal lover named Jared after he found the dog tied to a rope on the...
How to Improve Your Dog’s Sleep

How to Improve Your Dog’s Sleep

Getting a good night’s rest can be an impossible task if your dog keeps you up at all hours. Dogs generally sleep more...
Renting with Dogs - Top 8 Tips for Leasing ApartmentHouse as a Pet Owner

8 Tips for Leasing Apartment/House as a Pet Owner

Finding a good apartment or house as a pet owner can be difficult since a landlord is likely to prefer a tenant without...

Do Rescue Dogs Have Memories Of Their Past?

It’s a question that many experts, animal behaviorists, and psychologists have been debating on for decades. Do you own a rescue dog? Have you...
The Guide to Financial Independence and Dog Ownership

Financial Independence and Dog Ownership

The concept of financial independence and retiring early (FIRE) is becoming increasingly popular, and Americans today are saving more than we previously thought....
Does Hypoallergenic Dog Food Really Work

Ask a Vet: Does Hypoallergenic Dog Food Really Work and Why?

If your dog suffers from itchy skin, your veterinarian may have suggested a "diet trial" or "elimination diet" using hypoallergenic dog food as the...
12 Money-Saving Hacks Every Dog Owner Must Know

12 Money-Saving Hacks Every Dog Owner Must Know

Use these DIY hacks and tricks to make your life with a dog a lot less troublesome while saving a few bucks on...
Can Overweight Dogs Be Put On a Diet

Ask a Vet: How to Put an Overweight Dog on a Diet?

In recent years, dogs - just like their human counterparts - have become more and more overweight (1). In fact, studies show that canine...
Tips for Pet Store Owners How to Advise Customers on Diet for Dogs

Vet’s Tips for Pet Store Owners: How to Advise Customers on Their Dog’s Diet

Pet store owners are often the first people that dog owners turn to for advice on the proper diet for their canines. So,...
tips and tricks for hiking with your dog

14 Preparation Tips for Hiking With Your Dog

Chances are you love the great outdoors as much as we do and you want to take your companion along for the adventure. There...

Research Shows Dogs Have Their Favorite Scent – It’s the Owner’s Smell

Scientists found that dogs experience the feelings of pleasure that in the dog's brain is associated with the owner's scent. A dog's love for...
The 5 Psychological and Behavioral Signs of Dog Abuse

5 Proven Signs a Dog Was Abused

Despite the fact that animal abuse is a major problem worldwide, little is known about how to determine whether a dog has been...
Dogs in Scientific Research - How Dogs Help to Battle Cancer (in pets and humans)

How Dogs Help to Battle Cancer (in pets and humans)

Dogs are an integral part in many of our lives. Using dogs to help us in the battle of cancer is an exciting...
7 Tips on How to Prepare for Your Dog's Pregnancy

7 Tips on How to Prepare for Your Dog’s Pregnancy

While it is not as difficult as preparing for your own pregnancy, there are steps that you should take to prepare for your...
How To Calm Down A Dogvideo

How to Calm Down a Dog

Few things are more frustrating than an over excited dog. Learning how to calm down a dog will save you a lot of headaches.
How To Make A Dog Throw Upvideo

How to Make a Dog Throw Up

There may be times in an emergency that you need to know how to make a dog throw up. Keep this guide and video for when a dog eats something dangerous.
Most Talented Dog Breeds in the World

30 World’s Most Talented Dogs

Dog lovers worldwide will tell you that every dog breed is talented in their own way. The truth is, however, that some dog...
How To Make Dog Ice Creamvideo

How to Make Dog Ice Cream

Learning how to make dog ice cream is a great way to help your pet beat the heat. Here's an easy way to make ice cream for dogs with a few cool recipes.
pawTree pawPairings Superfood Seasoningsvideo

Review: pawTree pawPairings Superfood Seasonings for Dogs

These pawTree pawPairings superfood seasonings for dogs make it easy to give your dog a boost of nutrition without the hassle of preparing food yourself. But are they worth it?
How To Stop A Dog From Diggingvideo

How to Stop a Dog from Digging

Digging is a natural behavior, and learning how to stop a dog from digging takes patience and determination. Use these effective techniques to change the habit quicker.


Resources for Hunters with Gun Dogs

35 Resources for Hunters with Gun Dogs

Owning a gun dog means devoting yourself to the ongoing training and immaculate care of a working dog. While this may seem like an...
Tips on How to Use Dog Crates Safely

11 Dog Crate Safety Tips [Infographic]

Crates are useful training and safety tools for dog owners and a resting place for the dog. Crating is highly recommended by professional trainers...

10 Psychological Dog Training Tricks

Dog training is one of the most demanding and difficult aspects of welcoming any new canine to the family. Sometimes, it seems that sit and stay are...
Tips on How to Keep Dogs Cool Outside this Summer

10 Tips on How to Keep Dogs Cool Outside

Summer is upon us and that means continuously rising temperatures. And while some of us may be inclined to retreat into the cool indoors...
Puppy Starter Pack Guide - Everything the New Dog Owner Will Need!

Puppy Starter Pack: 22 Things New Dog Owners Will Need

As a slightly obsessed dog-mom who has been preparing her younger brother for his first experience in dog ownership, I have spent the past...
Comparing Dog Ownership Today vs 30 Years Ago

Dog Ownership Today vs. 30 Years Ago: What’s Different Now?

If you're here reading this article, then you’re likely from a “dog family” and probably have heard at least one of your parents or...
Mobility Equipment for Dogs: The Ultimate Guide

Mobility Equipment for Dogs: Comparing All the Options

Having a dog with limited mobility can be challenging. As a dog mom who parented a mobility-limited dog for fifteen years, however, I can...
Myths That Many Dog Owners Still Believe

30 Myths That Many Dog Owners Still Believe

Myths abound in the dog world and today, we’re looking at some of the most popular ones that many of us pet owners still...
The Guide to Introducing Dogs to Newborns

The Guide to Introducing Dogs to Newborns

As a dog owner bringing home a newborn from the hospital, there are a million “what ifs” circling around your head related to dogs...
12 Vegan-friendly Dog Products

12 Vegan-friendly Dog Products

Vegan pet owners must overcome their personal feelings towards animal products to provide their dogs with a well-balanced and healthy diet. That said, there...