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3 Easy Homemade Halloween Costumes for Cats

Halloween is just a few weeks away, leaving many pet owners wondering what their furry friends should wear for a costume. Buying a costume that your cat is only going to wear once is a waste of money. These easy homemade Halloween costumes for cats will save you money and catch everyone's eye on Halloween night.

Costumes can be one of the biggest feline Halloween hazards, so you need to be very careful with the choices that you make. Costumes that are too tight can restrict your cat's movement or cause chaffing and scratch his skin. Costumes that are too loose may be dangerous if your cat trips on them. Loose costumes also provide the risk of becoming tangled around your cat's neck or one of his legs, causing serious injury.

If you're planning to buy a costume for your cat, make sure to measure your pet accurately. It would also be wise to bring your cat with you while shopping so you can try the costume on and ensure a proper fit before purchasing.

Commercial kitty costumes can cost upwards of $40, so if you've been looking for a cheaper option these homemade Halloween costumes for cats may be just what you need. Most cost less than $5, and you can reuse some of the materials after your Halloween festivities are over.

3 Easy Homemade Halloween Costumes for Cats

homemade halloween costumes for catsPossibly the easiest way to dress your cat up for Halloween is to dress him as a stuffed animal. As you'll see in my video guide above it's easy to make a quick tag using some construction paper and a piece of yarn. Everyone will recognize the logo, and your kitty is certain to get lots of compliments on this easy Halloween costume for cats!

Turn your pet into a business kitty by using a clip on children's hair bow. You can secure the clip to your cat's collar and he'll instantly look like a business professional. You can purchase commercial collars that have a tie and collar attached, but they'll cost you 3 times as much as a hair clip.

A piece of scrap cloth can quickly be made into a cape for your super cat. In my video guide above, I used a cape that was made for one of my daughter's dolls. Using doll accessories is a great way to dress up your cat without spending extra cash.

If you don't have children's toys laying around, a piece of scrap cloth will do the same job. You can cut a piece out of an old t-shirt or towel. Any piece of cloth will work. Secure it to your cat's collar, and you'll have a superhero kitty just in time to celebrate Halloween.

When you're creating a do-it-yourself Halloween cat costume, try to think outside the box. A little imagination goes a long way when you're making a costume for your pet. It's easy to come up with simple ideas, and when it doubt, the internet is full of them. Try to choose a costume that matches your cat's personality, and make sure that it is something that he'll be comfortable wearing.

Remember to be safe on Halloween, as it is one of the most dangerous nights of the year for pets. Whether you'll be wandering the neighborhood or staying in to hand out treats, keep an eye on your cat at all times and make sure that he is never outside alone. Secure him in an area of your home where he won't be bothered by trick-or-treaters and make sure he's away from the door so there is no chance of escape.

If you've made your own homemade Halloween costumes for cats, we'd love to see pictures in the comments below. Post them on our Facebook page or share them on our Twitter feed too! Even if you didn't make the costume yourself, we'd still love to see pictures of your kitty companion(s) all dressed up in the Halloween spirit!

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