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Top 5 Best Dog Hair Bows, Dyes & Accessories

Every pet owner thinks their little Fido or Fefe is the cutest dog in the park. We love to dress them up and accessorize their outfits. But have you ever thought about including a new hair style with your pooch's adorable look? The best dog hair bows are an easy way to accessorize your pup's look without having to stuff him into doggy clothing.

Top Best Dog Hair Bows, Dyes & AccessoriesHair dye for dogs is also an option if you're trying to change your pet's look. Some owners worry about the safety of these products, but if you buy dye that is specifically made for dog fur you won't have anything to worry about. However, you still need to be sure to follow the instructions carefully so you don't risk harming your dog.

The best dog hair bows and accessories are easier to use than hair dye, and they can make just as big of a statement. We're going to take a look at some of the most popular dog accessories, including hair bows and dyes, and review these few:

Dog Hair Bows, Dyes & Accessories Price Quality Rating
Yagopet Cute New Dog Hair Bows $ A+ 4.6/5
Top Performance Dog Hair Dye Gel $ B+ 3.5/5
Yagopet New Dog Hair Clips Small Bowknot $ B 3.4/5
Owpawz Dog Hair Dye Gel $ C 4.5/5
Yaka Cute Dog Hair Bows with Rubber Bands $ C 4.7/5

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Whether you're looking for dog hair dye or one of the best dog hair bows, or other accessories, make sure you pick an item that will be safe and comfortable for your dog. We've searched through product reviews and culled the websites of many manufacturers. The dog accessories we've listed here are safe, effective and affordable on any budget.

Best Dog Hair Bows, Dyes & Accessories
top 5 ways to add pizzazz to your dog's wardrobe

1Yagopet Cute New Dog Hair Bows

Yagopet Cute New Dog Hair BowsHair accessories look good, especially on cuddly toy breeds and cute dogs with lots of hair. Small bows are the perfect accessory especially if you’re just starting to train your dogs to wear something on their head.

These handmade bows from Yagopet come in assorted styles and colors. They are made of colorful ribbons, nylon, and gemstones. They measure 3.5-4.0 cm. and attach to the hair using sturdy rubber bands.

Some pet owners received 25 pairs of bows; others said they received some paired designs while the rest of the 50 bows came in unique styles without pairs. Either way, they all agreed that each Yagopet Cute New Dog Hair Bows was artfully made and came in perfect condition. They were easy to use for topknots, pigtails, knots behind the ears, and for keeping bangs off the dog’s eyes.

best dog hair bowsApart from the stunning design and obvious talent that went in the creation of each bow, the resulting hair accessory is durably made without being heavy on the dog’s head. The wearer actually were never bothered by the bows. The band that attached the bow to the dog’s hair is of good quality – does not break easily, easy to use, and does not pull on the hair.


  • 50 piece set in a variety of colors
  • Measure 3.5-4.0 cm.
  • Attach to the fur with rubber bands

  • Not all bows arrived in sets, some were just random designs
  • Some reviewers wished the bands were a bit smaller

best dog hair bowsMost helpful review (read the full Amazon review + PHOTO): “These are so cute, they stayed on even after my shih tzu puppy tried to shake it off, no complaints here I will defiantly buy more in the future!…”


2Top Performance Dog Hair Dye Gel

Top Performance Dog Hair Dye GelSome occasions call for dyeing your pet’s hair instead of using one of the best dog hair bows. Dye does add fun to a celebration or festivity. The first thing that shoppers often look for are the availability of the desired colors and the ease of application. When it comes to pets, however, the first question should be, “How safe is this product for my dog?”

Top Performance Dog Hair Dye Gel is completely non-toxic and bears the approval of the Cosmetic, Toiletry, and Fragrance Association (CTFA). It is safe to use for pets at least 3 months old.

Pet owners and groomers prefer Top Performance Dog Hair Dye Gel over others because of the wide variety of fanciful colors offered. The 4-oz jar is usually enough to fully cover a 4-lb pup. A little goes a long way especially for spot coloring, or when dyeing is done only to highlight some features of the dog. Pet owners say that when this is the case, best results are attained by applying on dry fur.

best dog hair bowsThe dye has a gel consistency and is not runny like the liquid styles. This makes it really easy to apply. Dogs don’t make a fuss about it, too. In fact, they seem to love the massage that goes with each application. The color stays on after 4 to 6 washes, but it seems to stay much longer for some hair types. Get trendy hair colors for your dog, but always choose a trusted brand to make sure it’s safe for you and your pooch.


  • Non-toxic
  • Approved by the Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association (CTFA)
  • Safe for use on pets over 3 months old
  • Gel consistency, so it's not runny like liquid dyes

  • Color stays on for at least 4-6 washes, even longer for some coat types
  • Colors come out lighter than advertised for most buyers

best dog hair bowsMost helpful review (read the full Amazon review + PHOTOS): “I have 5 dogs and I have been coloring my only white dog of the 5 for the past 2 years. I taught myself how to do her and we both enjoy it! She stops traffic wherever she goes and people…”


3Yagopet New Dog Hair Clips Small Bowknot

Yagopet New Dog Hair Clips Small BowknotThese best dog hair bows are a mix of 40 pieces or 20 pairs of different patterns of hair bows for your cute dogs. Each bow is hand made to perfection in pretty colors with alloy alligator clip backing.

The bows measure 1.4-inches wide and were designed for small to middle-sized dogs. The contents of a pack are guaranteed 100% new, of top quality, and with lots of colors.

Pet owners found these to be the perfect bowknot to prettify their Yorkie, Maltese, toy poodle, or other small breeds. Yagopet New Dog Hair Clips Small Bowknot are small and light enough not to bother the dogs, yet tough enough to handle hair and keep them in place. The alligator clips don’t pull on hair or snap like some rubber bands do. They also have tiny teeth that can hold on to even just a few strands of hair. They’re often preferred over rubber band for dogs with fine hair.

best dog hair bowsEach pack is unique, so pet owners who bought more than one pack can’t say enough of how much they appreciate the great selection and the array of colors. They find their purchase a real steal of a deal in terms of quality and craftsmanship.



  • Alligator clips don't hold as tightly as described
  • Color of bows sent is not as diverse and bright as shown in advertisements

best dog hair bowsMost helpful review (read the full Amazon review + PHOTO): “These bows are really cute and made really well and extra small for my tiny yorkies. I have lots of colors to choose from. They stay realy well because they have alligator clips instead of…”


4Owpawz Dog Hair Dye Gel

Owpawz Dog Hair Dye GelPet owners who like to color their dog’s fur now have a dye that’s not only completely safe and non-toxic, it’s also semi-permanent. There’s no need to frequently repeat the process because with Owpawz hair dye, the color stays longer than with regular dyes. Colors are available in black, blue, green, orange, pink, purple, red, and yellow. It is sold in an easy-squeeze 4-oz tube and comes in gel form. It’s easy to use, too, because of its gel consistency.

It's not one of the best dog hair bows, but this dye will stay in your dog's fur for weeks. Pet owners who’ve used Owpawz Dog Hair Dye Gel on their dogs had mixed reactions. They all agreed that the color stayed on their dog after countless washes, with some even lasting for over 10 months. Many liked that because it meant they wouldn’t need to repeat the process very often or at all. Those who intended to keep the color for a few days or just for an occasion, however, were naturally disappointed that the results were almost semi-permanent.

Colors were spot-on as described on the package and once applied on the dog’s coat. Many users were amazed how the orange on the package was exactly the same orange they got on their dog. A few were not as happy because they got shades of blue from the black gel that they bought. It does happen, though, especially with certain types and natural color of hair and the dog’s breed. Overall, this is a dye that’s safe for your dog, stays really long, and does not rub off on furniture or surfaces.


  • Non-toxic
  • Semi-permanent
  • Available in 8 colors
  • Gel form is not runny like liquid dyes

  • Lasts for up to 10 washes, which is not a good option for dog owners looking to color their pup's fur for a single event
  • Dye didn't always turn out as pictured, especially with the black and blue colors

best dog hair bowsMost helpful review (read the full Amazon review + PHOTOS): “Wow! My dogs tail looks so pretty!! I dyed it myself so it wasn't easy, lol. It didn't stay on there more than 3 minutes, so the color isn't lasting as long as it could. I think next time I will…”


5Yaka Cute Dog Hair Bows with Rubber Band

Yaka Cute Dog Hair Bows with Rubber BandA pack of these flower bows from Yaka is like a garden bursting with vibrant colors. Each bow is handcrafted from high-quality material with a shiny white pearl design and securely attached rubber bands. Each pack contains 20 pairs of lightweight and colorful hair accessories.

Each bow measures 10 mm by 35 mm. The rubber band can be stretched up to 3 inches, which is very convenient while securing your pet’s hair.

This size sits beautifully on the head without being unwieldy or bothersome. The rubber band attachment will be more suitable for short-haired dogs because its small circumference already grips enough hair and stays in place even without looping. For longer-haired pooches, Yaka Cute Dog Hair Bows with Rubber Bands might pull on the hair and hurt the dog.

Yaka Cute Dog Hair Bows DimensionWhile the colors of the bows in each pack are impressively varied, there’s only one shape for all bows. Some buyers like this uniformity because it repeats the great features of the bow, namely the high-quality ribbons and ornaments used and the perfect size and height of each bow. However, a few buyers would have wanted more variation in the styles of individual bows. Nevertheless, this is a great buy for the price, and pet owners and groomers find these to be some of the best dog hair bows.


  • Each bow is handcrafted
  • Measure 10 mm by 35 mm
  • Rubber bands can be stretched up to 3 inches long for convenience

  • The rubber bands are quite small and may not be suitable for large breeds or dogs with thick fur
  • Only one bow shape is available in multiple colors

best dog hair bowsMost helpful review (read the full Amazon review + PHOTO): “I like these. They came in a small clear jar, which is nice. I had to take some out because they were crammed in when I received the package, and I had to reshape some because they…”

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