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Dog health is the first concern of every responsible pet parent. We interview vets and canine experts for the best advice on canine arthritis, common diseases, dog nutrition, diabetes in dogs, dog allergies, cancer in dogs, dog symptoms, dog health insurance and everything else that should concern us.
cancer causing foods for dogs

10 Cancer Causing Foods for Dogs

Did you know that many popular dog food brands feature harmful, cancer causing ingredients? These ingredients are cost effective for manufacturers, but detrimental for...
Eye Problems In Dogs

7 Eye Problems in Dogs and How to Deal With Them

They say that your eyes are the window to your soul, well, they are also the window to your state of health! There are...
Are Christmas Trees Poisonous to Dogs

Are Christmas Trees Poisonous to Dogs?

Every dog owner knows that dogs will put almost anything in their mouths, and since they are often completely phased by Christmas trees, it...
blood in dog urine

Blood in Dog’s Urine (Hematuria): What It Means and What You Should Do

You have been walking your dog regularly, and while out on your regular trip your dog urinated on the sidewalk where you terrifyingly noticed...
Things to Know When Keeping Dogs Outside in Winter

17 Things to Remember When Keeping Dogs Outside in Winter

Winter is just around the corner and sadly, that means a lot of dogs being left out in the cold. There are many things...
Dog Coughing

Dog Coughing: 7 Reasons Dogs Cough and What to Do

Dogs can develop a cough for a variety of reasons, as disconcerting as it can be for the owner to hear. Keep in mind...
Prana Pets Natural Remedies for Dogsvideo

Review: Prana Pets Natural Remedies for Dogs

From asthma and respiratory issues to Cushing's Disease and renal failure, Prana Pets Natural Remedies for Dogs has a supplement to help your pet.
What Not to Feed Your Dogs on Thanksgiving

What Not to Feed Your Dogs on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a holiday most famous for the abundance of food and a lot of tasty dishes made for the traditional Thanksgiving dinner. So,...
Chicken & Rice Cakes Recipevideo

Recipe: Chicken & Rice Cakes for Dogs with Upset Stomach

Do you feel like eating when your stomach is upset? No! Your dog feels the same way, and enticing him to eat with this recipe may jump start his appetite.
Winter Allergies In Dogs

Winter Allergies in Dogs: Diagnosis, Symptoms and Treatments

We've all heard about seasonal allergies, but most of us associate them with the spring and fall seasons. Did you know winter allergies in...
Most Essential Dog Meds

25 Most Essential Dog Meds: Why and When Dogs Need Them

As pet parents, it’s our responsibility to give our dogs the best medical care possible. To do this, it’s important to be familiar with...
Isle of Dogs Nourish Treats, Chews and Supplementsvideo

Review: Isle of Dogs Nourish Treats, Chews and Supplements

No matter how often you give your dogs a treat, it's vital to provide only safe and healthy sources of nutrients. Do Isle of Dogs Nourish products meet these criteria?