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Dog health is the first concern of every responsible pet parent. We interview vets and canine experts for the best advice on canine arthritis, common diseases, dog nutrition, diabetes in dogs, dog allergies, cancer in dogs, dog symptoms, dog health insurance and everything else that should concern us.
how to check a dog's vital signsvideo

How To Check A Dog’s Vital Signs – Video Guide

The hardest part about owning a dog is knowing when and how to care for his health. Our dogs can't tell us when their...
Science of Dog Shock Collars

The Science-based Guide to Dog Shock Collars: What You Must Know

In the dog loving community, dog shock collars are controversial. Some owners are completely against using them, others believe there's a time and place...
Can Overweight Dogs Be Put On a Diet

Ask a Vet: How to Put an Overweight Dog on a Diet?

In recent years, dogs - just like their human counterparts - have become more and more overweight (1). In fact, studies show that canine obesity...
How To Check A Dog's Heart Rate At Homevideo

How To Check A Dog’s Heart Rate At Home: Simple Video Guide

You are the first line of defense when it comes to keeping your dog healthy. The most important part of this job is to...
Blueberries for Dogs - Can Dogs Eat Blueberries

Can Dogs Eat Blueberries? Analysis of Proven Benefits

Blueberries are a favorite summer fruit full of multiple vitamins and minerals for people. But can dogs eat blueberries as well, and are blueberries...
Breastmilk for Dogs - Can Dogs Drink Breast Milk

Can Dogs Drink Human Breast Milk?

The advantages of breastfeeding for a woman and her newborn child are numerous. But can dogs drink breast milk of humans, and is breast...
Strawberries for Dogs - Can Dogs Eat Strawberries

Strawberries for Dogs 101: Explaining All the Benefits

One of the fruits associated with summer are strawberries. But can dogs eat strawberries just as humans can, and are strawberries for dogs safe...
Science-based Canine Athlete Nutrition - How to Feed Athletic Dogs

Science-based Canine Athlete Nutrition: How to Feed Athletic Dogs?

The aim of an appropriate nutritional plan for the canine athlete is to maximize performance while minimizing the occurrence of injuries. When assessing the dog...
Bologna Meat for Dogs 101 - Can Dogs Eat Bologna Meat

Can Dogs Eat Bologna Meat? Benefits and 7 Potential Side Effects

Many people make bologna meat a staple in their sandwiches every day, but can dogs eat bologna meat as well, and is bologna meat...
Science on Pros and Cons of Neutering or Spaying Your Dog

Science on Pros and Cons of Neutering or Spaying Your Dog

you're probably thinking about neutering or spaying your dog, but you're not so sure if this is a good idea. Know that you're not...
Oranges for Dogs - Can Dogs Eat Oranges

Can Dogs Eat Oranges? 7 Potential Benefits and Side Effects

A very popular fruit, oranges are great for people. But can dogs eat oranges as well, and are oranges for dogs safe to consume?...
Grapes for Dogs - Can Dogs Eat Grapes

Can Dogs Eat Grapes? Grape Toxicosis and Dangers Explained

Even with a high natural sugar content, grapes are a healthy snack for people. But can dogs eat grapes or raisins, and are grapes...