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How To Clean Dog's Eyesvideo

How to Clean Dog’s Eyes: Quick Tips and Tricks

Whether your dog has tear stains or just boogers on the eyes, it's important for dog owners to learn how to clean dog's eyes. Here's my quick guide.
25 Most Common Dog Behavior Problems

25 Most Common Dog Behavior Problems

Domesticated dogs today are much better today than 10,000 years ago at behaving the way humans wish for them to behave. Even so, there...
All Types of Dog Harnesses Tested and Compared

3 Types of Dog Harnesses Compared

A well-trained dog means having better control on your walks. This can be achieved with training, but appropriate walking equipment can be just as...
how to make a dog with a slipped disc comfortablevideo

6 Tips on How to Make a Dog with a Slipped Disc Comfortable

Knowing how to make a dog with a slipped disc comfortable is imperative if your dog is diagnosed with this condition. Also, be sure to consult your vet.
how to make dog toysvideo

5 Tips on How to Make Dog Toys Cheaply

Once you figure out what your dog likes, you can learn how to make dog toys that will entice him and provide him with hours of enjoyment.
The Guide to Introducing Dogs to Newborns

14 Tips for Introducing Dogs to Newborns

Introducing dogs to kids and vice versa is an important step. As a dog owner bringing home a newborn from the hospital, there are...
How To Train A Dog To Behave Around Kids Guidevideo

How to Train a Dog to Behave Around Kids

It is important to teach your children how to respect dogs, but you also need to know how to train a dog to behave around kids.
how to stop a dog from pooping in a cratevideo

How to Crate Train a Dog

Some owners mistakenly think of crating as dog's jail, but experts disagree. Learning how to crate train a dog is a huge asset for most pet parents.

How to Train Dogs to Use Stairs and Ramps

There's a number of reasons for buying stairs or ramps for dogs. Usually, they're used with puppies or senior dogs with arthritis, dogs with...

7 Tips for Launching a Pets Podcast

If you feel like you have something valuable to offer to pet owners, podcasting is a great way to put your content out there....
9 Neurological Problems in Dogs - How to Prevent and Fix Them

9 Common Neurological Problems in Dogs

Dogs can suffer from many health problems, including neurological issues which are often worrying for pet owners to deal with. Knowing how to spot...
Resources To Help You Deal With the Loss of A Pet

7 Tips to Help You Cope with a Loss of a Dog

Adopting a dog changes your life forever. Over the course of your relationship together, the dog will leave paw prints all over your heart....


New Puppy Checklist - 15 Things You Must Do

New Puppy Checklist: 15 Things You Must Do

Before bringing home a new puppy, there are a few things to do to make their home-coming comfortable and safe. Preparing a new puppy...
15 Most Common Dog Myths Debunked

15 Most Common Dog Myths Debunked

There are many fascinating dog myths and facts out there - some true, some false. These myths have been passed down by generations of...
8 Most Dog Friendly Hotels and Hotel Chains in the U.S.

8 Most Dog Friendly Hotels in USA

No pet owner ever wants to leave their pets behind, but traveling with dogs can sometimes be complicated. This is especially true when attempting...
Best Watch Dogs

14 Best Watch Dog Breeds

Some breeds can be predictable "stand-by dogs" as they watch a crime take place, but others are considered the best watch dogs for protection...
9 Common Dog Health Issues with Pictures

9 Most Common Dog Health Issues

Veterinary medicine has made a lot of progress in predicting future health problems in dogs, and veterinarians (and owners) are now much more effective...
Best Types of Crates for Dogs

5 Best Types of Crates for Dogs

There's many different types of crates for dogs: soft crates, plastic and wooden, metal crates, big or small, fold-able and not, heavy duty or...

History of Dogs Through Science

Wolves are icons of pack behavior. Their collective strength is greater than their individual efforts. As Rudyard Kipling put it, “for the strength of...
How to feed dogs with renal disease

Renal Diet for Dogs: A Guide on Feeding

Chronic kidney disease in dogs is a progressive condition with the prevalence of 25% of dogs from veterinary clinics, with 9-16% mortality rate. Senior...
Stomach Ulcer in Dogs - Causes and Treatments

Stomach Ulcer in Dogs: Causes and Treatments

The acids, proteolytic enzymes, and pepsin from the dog’s gastric lumen maintain the pH acidity level, which value is usually about 2. Any disturbance...
25 Smart Dog Breeds That Are Easiest To Train

25 Smart Dog Breeds That are Easy to Train

Pet owners often have breed requirements before adopting a dog: how easy they are to care for, how much exercise they need, how difficult...