Like humans, dogs have their way of communicating with each other. However, unlike humans, big or small dog breeds don't do it through speech and language; instead, they do it by barking.

Dogs bark for various reasons. It could be because they are excited, frightened, surprised, or irritated.

Other times, it could be just because they feel lonely and forsaken. 

Although barking is a natural thing to dogs, it can pose a problem if done excessively. Not just to you and your family, but also to your whole neighborhood. 

Aside from the constant barking, coming home to discover your house full of dog fur is quite unpleasant. If you have a family member who has a pet allergy, they might find this a little troublesome as well.

Fortunately, we have some items to help us clean, such as the hair lint roller. In any case, most of us don't have the time to do all of this. 

We simply just want to come home, eat our dinner, feed our dogs, and call it a night. But we can't do that if neighbors complain about our barking dog or our family member sneezing due to their allergies. 

Nonetheless, we have to solve this problem quietly. And to do that, I wrote this article for you.

Top 15 Small Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed Or Bark infographics

This article has it all, from small dogs that don't shed or bark at all to those who shed or bark minimally. 

If this interests you in one way or another, then please read on to continue. 

Small Dog Breed #1: French Bulldog

Small Dog Breed #1: French Bulldog

There are several reasons why a lot of people love a Frenchie. Aside from their unique but exquisite appearance, this breed also has an appealing temperament. 

Compared to other dog breeds, Frenchies are easy and enjoyable to bond with. These dogs prefer to be calm and quiet in whatever circumstance they are in.

Aside from the regular snoring, snorting, and grunting sounds, a Frenchie rarely barks unless they are afraid of something, such as meeting new dogs or people.

In addition, these dogs have short and fine coats. As a result, they don't shed that much. 

Nonetheless, they still require occasional brushing to make their hair smooth and shiny. Experts recommend using a rubber grooming mitt or hound glove to remove their dead skin and hair gently. 

Small Dog Breed #2: Chinese Crested

Small Dog Breed #2: Chinese Crested

In contrast, if you prefer dogs that are smaller than Frenchies, then here's another one for you to consider. 

Chinese Crested dogs are lively but endearing lapdogs that have a similar stance to horses. Oddly enough, they are the “My Little Pony” of the dog world.

Most of these dogs are sweet and lovely, and they usually dote on people. Consequently, they make a reasonably quiet company, perfect for people who live in apartments or condominiums. 

In addition, Chinese Crested dogs have two varieties. Some are hairless, while others are puffballs.

Hairless Chinese Crested dogs have some fur on their paws, tail, and head. On the other hand, the puffball Chinese Crested dogs have a thick and silky covering of hair all over their body.

And yes, both varieties are considered low-shredders. Regardless of that, they still need some special attention when it comes to grooming. 

Small Dog Breed #3: Italian Greyhound

Small Dog Breed #3: Italian Greyhound

Back in the day, the Italian Greyhounds are the type of dogs that hunt small prey. However, in today's time, they now serve as perfect pets for a family.

Italian Greyhounds have exuding beauty, agility, obedience, and loyalty. But the most incredible thing about them is their gentleness.

These dogs prefer to be with owners that are quiet and soft-spoken. As a result, they also tend to be still and silent.

Italian Greyhounds will only bark if necessary, especially when they warn their owners about approaching danger.

On the other hand, Italian Greyhounds have a short but glossy coat that feels like a satin once touched. 

Similar to the other dogs written above, they also don't shed much. Thus, they are more than perfect for people who have pet allergies.

Small Dog Breed #4: Boston Terrier

Small Dog Breed #4: Boston Terrier

Terrier dogs, in general, are active and friendly, and the Boston Terrier is no different.

However, unlike other Terriers, this breed would rather lay around or sleep than waste time making noise. Although they would often snort, drool, and snore loudly, overall, Boston Terriers are quiet and gentle. 

Furthermore, these dogs have a single-layer coat made of thin and short hair. Hence, this breed does not shed excessively.

However, bear in mind that Boston Terriers still need to be groomed. They will require regular bathing, as frequently as once a week. 

Small Dog Breed #5: Basenji

Small Dog Breed #5: Basenji

On the other hand, the Basenji is a breed referred to as the “barkless dog of Africa.” These dogs are barkless not because they don't like barking, it is more of their flat larynxes that makes them not bark.

Instead of barking, they make noises like yodeling, screaming, growling, whimpering, and whining. However, this would only happen if the owner didn't train them appropriately.

In addition, the Basenji sheds like all dogs. However, their shedding rate is low due to their short but thick coat.

Grooming a Basenji is pretty simple. All you need is a soft-bristle brush and a rubber grooming mitt. 

Brushing them at least once a week keeps their coat clean and healthy. 

Small Dog Breed #6: Bolognese

Small Dog Breed #6: Bolognese

Although sensitive, the Bolognese breed is a loving and endearing dog. Not only that, but these dogs are also polite to people and animals around them, making them excellent companion dogs. 

Besides, these dogs are not known to be big barkers. They will only bark if they're either frightened or threatened. 

Furthermore, Bolognese dogs are non-shedding dogs. However, unlike their non-shedding counterparts, their coat is not short and thick. 

Instead, these dogs have a soft and fluffy all-white coat that makes them warm and cuddly.

Small Dog Breed #7: Havanese

Small Dog Breed #7: Havanese

Bolognese and Havanese dogs are from the same type of dog family, the Bichon dogs. Bichons are a distinct type of companion toy dog.

And like other Bichons, Havanese dogs are small and quiet. Besides, this breed is gentle and adorable; that's why they are adored by many. 

Furthermore, these dogs are extremely quiet. They hardly make any sounds except when they greet their owners whenever they come home or warn them when there's a stranger on their front door. 

Aside from that, even with a double-layered coat, the Havanese sheds relatively little. However, like many other moderate shedders, this breed only shed its outer jacket during spring and fall.

Nonetheless, you still have to groom Havanese dogs by bathing them for at least one to two weeks and brushing their hair wet thrice weekly.

Small Dog Breed #8: Coton de Tulear

Small Dog Breed #8: Coton de Tulear

If incessant barking is something that annoys you to the core, the breed Cotton de Tulear is the one for you.

According to the American Coton Club, Coton de Tulear is a breed composed of quiet dogs. However, this doesn't stop them from barking occasionally. 

But instead of being a nuisance yapper, they are more like a warning barker. 

Furthermore, like what their name indicates, Coton de Tulear has cotton-like coats. They are low-shedding dogs, but their hair can quickly matt if not brushed often. 

Thus, you have to groom them more than not. Otherwise, you'll have a Coton de Tulear whose coat is full of dead skin and breeding ticks and fleas. 

Small Dog Breed #9: Glen of Imaal Terrier

Small Dog Breed #9: Glen of Imaal Terrier

Long ago, Glen of Imaal Terrier is a hunter breed. Thus, as hunters, they were taught to stay silent when hunting to avoid scaring their prey. 

As years passed by, this breed's characteristic remained until the present. They remain silent unless it senses danger around them.

Furthermore, Glen of Imaal Terriers shed relatively little. As a result, grooming requirements are minimal; you only need to comb their coat at least once a week.

Small Dog Breed #10: English Bulldog

Small Dog Breed #10: English Bulldog

Bulldogs are known to be noisy, but it turns out that the bulldog family includes another type that barks less.

Because of its sour appearance, the English Bulldog sometimes comes off as an aggressive and dangerous dog. In reality, this breed is one of the most docile dogs you'll ever meet.

They might bark once or twice, but they will be too busy snorting, snuffling, wheezing, grunting, and snoring for the most part.

In addition, the English Bulldog's hair is short, straight, and refined.  Thus, this breed's sheds are rather average. 

Furthermore, it's hard to notice stray hairs of an English Bulldog floating around, especially if you keep up with their grooming routine.

#11: Japanese Chin

Small Dog Breed #11: Japanese Chin

Although sometimes they are both mischievous and clever, the Japanese Chin is also relatively calm. It will take a lot for them to bark, so they are just quiet and collected most of the time.

However, to some extent, Japanese Chins are adaptable dogs. Thus, if they live in a household that prefers a lively atmosphere, these dogs will also be frank and outspoken. 

On the other hand, Japanese Chins are single-coated dogs. Thus, they don't shed as much as other dogs. 

However, their coat will still require combing or brushing, specifically under their ears and legs.

#12: Shar-Pei

Small Dog Breed #12: Shar-Pei

Chinese Shar-Pei dogs are also fascinating creatures. This breed is from Southern China, and it's famous for its highly wrinkled skin. 

These dogs are incredibly loyal and independent; however, they're pretty aloof to people and animals they don't know. They can be hard to train as well; if you want to own one, make sure you've experienced keeping dogs.

As a result, they only bark when they sense there's an imminent threat.

In terms of shedding, Shar-Peis shed just once or twice a year. Furthermore, they only shed when they develop a newer but thicker coat in preparation for winter.

However, Shar-Peis still need to be groomed. Thus, a thorough brushing at least once a week is sufficient for this breed to have a beautiful and healthy coat. 

#13: Shiba Inu

Small Dog Breed #13: Shiba Inu

Shiba Inus are well-known for their calm and clean demeanor. Hence, they are more than perfect for people who live in highly developed spaces, such as condominiums and apartments. 

These dogs tend to bark when they are frightened or annoyed. Precisely when they feel threatened with a stranger's smell inside their house. 

Although this breed is mainly composed, they tend to have a variety of vocal stylings when they bark. One of these stylings is the odd Shiba Scream.

This scream is exceptionally sharp and clear. Once heard, it will not only hurt your ears but your neighbors' too. 

As a result, some owners call their Shiba Inus Drama Queen or King. However, once you and your family get used to it, it becomes something worth laughing about.

Furthermore, due to their thick double coat, Shiba Inus are considered moderate shedders. They shed throughout the year, but they heavily shed during spring and fall. 

Some people may think it's pretty bad, but the shedding tendency of Shiba Inus is not as bad as other dogs. They only need to be brushed once or twice a week to manage their fur on the floor. 

#14: Bichon Frise

Small Dog Breed #14: Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise, on the other hand, is another breed that makes excellent companions.

Aside from their outstanding trait and personality, this breed is silent most of the time. Thus, Bichon Frises is perfect for those people who prefer to own calm and quiet dogs. 

However, this teddy bear-like breed may be a bit loud occasionally. But with proper training, they will learn to bark at appropriate times. 

Apart from that, many people adore Bichon Frises because they only shed minimally. They are just as perfect for people who prefer non-shedding dogs that are smaller in size.

However, Bichon Frises have a thick double coat. Thus, grooming them will not be easy as they can be high-maintenance. 

#15: Affenpinscher

Small Dog Breed #15: Affenpinscher

Affenpinscher, also known as the “monkey-like terrier,” is a charming breed known since the 17th century. Although small in size, this breed is brave and bold, but sometimes, they can be feisty. 

Furthermore, these dogs are generally quiet. They are the type of breed who knows when and where to communicate with their owners at relevant times.

In addition, Affenpinschers are extremely observant dogs. They like to keep an eye on things that they are not familiar with, especially unexpected visitors. 

Thus, if a burglar comes in, Affenpinschers will quickly bark to warn their owner of the impending danger.

On the other hand, these dogs are a non-shedding breed. Hence, they are perfect to come and live with people who have pet allergies. 

Moreover, unlike other dogs, Affenpinschers has no canine odor even when not washed for weeks. Yet this doesn't mean that you don't need to groom them.

Combing them twice a week with a slicker brush will do the deed to keep their coat tidy instead of being shaggy. 


Living in a pristine environment with dogs is quite hard to do, especially if you're a first-time dog owner. If you haven't done any research before adopting your dog, sooner or later, you'll discover that they bark or shed a lot.

However, while there are no barkless dogs, certain breeds are noticeably quieter than others. Furthermore, although there are several shedding dogs, dogs that also shed less exists too.

Dogs that bark the least and shed the less are present in different breeds and sizes. However, most people prefer smaller over larger dogs for many contributing factors, including their lifestyle.

If you're planning to adopt a dog, spend time researching breeds that best fit you and your personality. 

Always get a dog from a reputable breeder. Ask them what breed of dog you think will suit your taste.

You can also choose any of the top small dog breeds from our list above and become a dog owner today.

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