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35 Friendliest Mixed Breed Dogs For New Dog Owners!

35 Friendliest Mixed Breed Dogs For New Dog Owners!

When choosing a new pet, many pet owners look for the friendliest mixed breeds.

It is not enough for a pet to be adorable, especially in a household with kids.

Not all dogs within the same mixed breed, though, are friendly.

We will be touching on friendly mixed breeds and how to help your furry friend get used to their new environment.

Are all Dogs Friendly?

Sadly, we do not live in a perfect world.

Not all dogs are friendly, but this does not mean that certain dog breeds are born more aggressive or ‘evil’ than others.

Dogs learn a lot from their pet owners and how they are treated.

For example, the misconception that Pitbulls are naturally angry or mean dogs is not true.

Instead, Pitbulls may react poorly to other dogs, especially when not socialized.

But there is no evidence showing that Pitbulls feel aggression and anger towards humans.

They are usually affectionate and seek out their owners.

Most dogs develop aggression toward humans and dogs because of poor training, a lack of socialization, or abuse.

Sadly, not all pet owners are good.

Pitbulls, technically a mixed breed dog, have a rich but sad history.

Since the 1800s, they have been used as fighting dogs in the U.K.

These dogs were part of a gruesome sport called “bull baiting.”

Top 25 of the Friendliest Mixed Breeds

Although all dogs are friendly, some mixed breeds have the best genetics to live with families and children.

Extremely social, affectionate, and trainable dogs are great for growing families.

Ready to learn about the top 10 friendliest mixed breeds? Keep on reading.

1. Labsky (Labrador Retriever + Siberian Husky)

Labradors and Huskies are two favorite dog breeds.

They are happy and excited dog breeds and, when mixed, create one of the friendliest mixed breeds.

These puppies are loyal and affectionate.

It will be hard to keep away from their large and adoring eyes.


2. Cheagle (Chihuahua + Beagle)

Don’t let a Chihuahuas bark scare you; they make great friendly pets, especially when crossbred with a Beagle.

Cheagles are small dogs and rarely weigh over 30 pounds.

They are adorable and great for families, especially if you adopt Cheagles when they are young.

These puppies are loyal, affectionate, and loving!

bullmatian puppy standing by lake

3. Bullmatian (Bulldog + Dalmatian)

Bullmatians are funny dogs because they have the muscular body type of Bulldogs with the spots and coat of a Dalmatian.

Bullmatians are companions and will stick to your side through thick and thin.

They are loyal, traits they receive from both parents. While they do well around children, they also need a lot of exercise since they are high-energy dogs.

Corman Shepherd friendliest mixed breed
image from globaldogbreeds.com

4. Gorgi/Corman Shepherd (Corgi + German Shepherd)

Corgis are friendly and compassionate dogs, while German Shepherds are extremely loyal and protective.

Imagine owning a combination of these two great dog breeds.

Thankfully, the Gorgi, also known as the Corman Shepherd, is a friendly and active dog that interacts well with small children but may be nervous around strangers.

shepsky mixed dog breed

5. Shepsky (German Shepherd + Siberian Husky)

It takes no time for Shepskys, a German Shepherd and Siberian Husky mixed breed, to form bonds with their loved ones.

While this is true, they do require early socialization.

Since they grow attached to their owners and family, they may act scared around strangers. This is easy to resolve with training, treats, love, and patience.

6. German-Pei (German Shepherd + Shar-Pei)

German-Pei puppies are rare but adorable when you can find them.

They usually inherit all the positive traits from both parents, including their Shar-Pei parents' fluffy and cloud-like fur.

They are courageous and confident and require an experienced dog owner.

While beginners with help can train these sweet and kind dogs, it is more challenging since they are a larger breed with grooming and activity needs.

goldendoodle laying in grass

7. Goldendoodle (Golden Retriever + Standard Poodle)

Golden Retrievers are high-energy dogs with love for families and small children.

The same goes for the Standard Poodle.

It is also an excellent dog for families with little ones with dog allergies since they have a low-shedding coat, thanks to the Standard Poodle’s genetics.

Goldendoodles won’t make the best guard dogs, but they are lovely friends and cuddlers.

8. Labradane (Labrador Retriever + Great Dane)

Most people assume Labradanes are not friendly because they are mixed with Great Danes.

But just because Great Danes are large and cautious does not mean they aren’t family-friendly.

This crossbreed is perfect for families with children of all ages because Great Danes are protective and friendly, especially once they bond.

As long as you teach your child to respect a dog’s boundaries, they will get along well!

maltipoo with harness on

9. Maltipoo (Maltese + Standard Poodle)

Are you looking for a mixed breed that resembles a fluffy teddy bear?

The Maltipoo is a fluffy and curious dog with a gentle personality. They are small and do well with small children since they act like lap dogs.

These small dogs require activities and games to stay fit since gaining weight can cause health problems.

puggle running in field friendliest mixed dog breeds

10. Puggle (Pug + Beagle)

Puggles are intelligent mixed breed dogs where typically, one parent is a Pug, and the other is a Beagle.

These sweet dogs are great for families since they are affectionate.

Both Pugs and Beagles are lap dogs and prefer staying with their owners.

However, they ‌get nervous with strangers, especially if they are not socialized at a young age.

11. Pitbull Mix

Did you know that Pitbulls are actually mixed breeds?

Many people assume that a Pitbull is a purebred dog, but this is not true.

The AKC does not recognize Pitbulls as a true breed but as a mix of different types of Bulldogs.

This is likely why they all look so different in terms of body type, coat color, and face size.

They are a great mixed breed to bring into your home since they used to be ‘nanny dogs’ and would protect children during the 20th century.

bassador mixed dog breed

12. Bassador (Basset Hound + Labrador Retriever)

You won’t have to worry about aggressive behaviors with a Bassador since they are outgoing and friendly dogs.

Instead of warning you of an intruder, they likely will befriend them!

These adorable dogs are friendly yet also calm and laid back.

goberian friendliest mixed dog breed

13. Goberian (Golden Retriever + Husky)

Goberian puppies have kind and smiling faces.

They are active dogs, which they get from both parents, and they are loyal and bighearted.

These sweet dogs are sociable and form strong bonds.

They are great for large homes with big families with time to play, walk, and socialize.

English Speagle sitting in park

14. English Speagle (Beagle + English Toy Spaniel)

Although uncommon, English Speagles are still loved by many.

They are great pets for apartments and small home living since they only grow up to 30 pounds.

English Speagles are playful and gentle, a trait they get from both parents.

Their delicate nature makes them perfect for homes with small children since they are patient.

Shepweiler mixed dog breed sitting in road (1)

15. Shepweiler (Rottweiler + German Shepherd)

You get the best of both worlds with the Shepweiler.

The Shepweiler mixed breed crosses a Rottweiler and a German Shepherd.

They are loving, loyal, and compassionate pets that can be your friend for life and act as guard dogs.

Labradinger sitting in grass

16. Labradinger (Labrador Retriever + English Springer Spaniel)

This cheerful mix of breeds is a great and kind pet.

They are highly energetic and do well in homes with an active lifestyle.

They are a medium to large dog breed with thick coats and adorable faces.

The Labradinger mix does well with small children when socialized but does not like being left alone for hours.

17. Chilier (Chihuahua + Cavalier King Charles Spaniel)

Also known as the Cavachi, the Chilier is a beautiful dog breed with unique traits.

Most do not grow past 12 pounds.

Many Chilier mixed breeds have long fluffy fur by their ears and tail that is easy to groom.

Thankfully, these small dogs are affectionate and social, ready to make friends anywhere.

18. Dorgi (Dachshund + Corgi)

Corgi and Dachshunds are sweet lapdogs alone.

When these two breeds are mixed together, they create Dorgi puppies.

Dorgi puppies are intelligent and loyal.

They are usually friendly with anyone and enjoy going to dog parks and playing with other pets. You can even socialize Dorgis with cats and birds.

19. Swissneese (Great Pyrenees + Greater Swiss Mountain Dog)

With how different Great Pyrenees and Greater Swiss Mountain dogs look, it is no surprise that their puppies have unique looks.

Some are born with fluffy and thick coats, while others have short and wavy coats.

They are a large dog breed and can live in snowy areas. They play well with children and are natural protectors.

chug staring at the camera

20. Chug (Chihuahua + Pug)

Chihuahuas and Pugs look incredibly different and, when put together, are comical.

They are natural sweethearts and people pleasers, always looking for ways to be with their owners and loved ones.

Although small and friendly, they are excellent watchdogs as they bark loudly and are alert whenever a stranger is near.


21. Cockapoo (Cocker Spaniel + Poodle)

Cockapoo is a fun mixed breed, to say.

They are fluffy and curly-haired pets with sweet and loving personalities.

While energetic, they can also be lazy and stay indoors napping with their loved ones.

They are also outgoing, which makes them great companions for families with outdoor space and time to take them to dog parks and play dates.

A pomsky walking on a leash

22. Pomsky (Pomeranian + Husky)

Pomskies are incredibly popular mixed breeds with vibrant and sassy personalities.

They love being around people but take time to make connections and bonds.

They are good with families with an ample space to be active and are gentle with kids.

Pomskies can also be lively and need lots of exercise.

beabull laying on floor mat

23. Beabull (Beagle + Bulldog)

With spunky personalities and wrinkly faces, Beabulls are one of my favorite mixed breeds because they are so friendly!

They are not the easiest to train, but it is worth the patience and time!

These dogs are not aggressive but can be defiant and stubborn, one of their cutest traits.

24. The Italian Daniff (Cane Corso + Great Dane)

Some of us prefer large mixed breeds, which is why I couldn’t help but put the Italian Daniff on this list.

An Italian Daniff is a crossbreed between a Cane Corso and a Great Dane.

They are considered designer dogs, and while they are protective, they are also known for being sweet and adoring to small children.

golden dox friendliest mixed breeds
image from Pinterest, Buzzfeed.com

25. Golden Dox (Golden Retriever +  Dachshund)

Because of their massive size difference, there are not a lot of Golden Dox puppies, but they still make great pets!

Golden Retrievers are active, playful, and friendly, which many Golden Dox dogs inherit.

However, they also inherit their Dachshund parents' family-friendly traits.

They act like lap dogs and stick to their owners.

How to Socialize Mixed Breeds to Be Friendly

As stated previously, no dog is born evil.

Instead, our actions as pet owners influence their personalities and how ‘friendly’ they become to animals or other humans.

There are plenty of examples where cats, dogs, and birds live harmoniously.

It is a lot easier to socialize a dog if they are puppies.

They are most sensitive to training and socialization before they turn 4-5 months.

Even if you have an adult mixed breed dog, you can still slowly socialize with them.

Take your puppy on walks to different locations.

It is good for them to experience different places, including textures on the ground.

It is not enough just to have one other dog friend, but exposure to multiple strangers.


Overall, almost all mixed breeds are friendly.

When raised with care and respect, dogs are often affectionate and happy.

There aren’t mean or evil dogs, but mean or bad people push their dogs to react aggressively.