Mixed Breed Dogs

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Mixed-breed dogs are becoming more and more popular.

It could be because mixed breeds are said to be more genetically healthy than full breeds, or it could be because some cross-breeds are just too darn cute to pass up.

Whatever the reason, even the AKC has gotten on board with a program that registers mixed-breed dogs so they can compete in AKC competitions.

Many of the temperament extremes seen in purebred dogs are less common in mixed-breed dogs.

Likewise, some of the more extreme behaviors – such as severe separation anxiety – are not seen as often in mixed-breed dogs.

In general, the temperament of a mutt is more middle-of-the-road than that of purebred dogs.

Mixed Breed DogsOne of the main reasons that some people choose to adopt mixed breeds is because they have heard that they are healthier than purebreds.

Research has actually been done on this topic, and it has proven this theory to be true.

One such study found these results:

Genetic disorders differed in expression. No differences in expression of 13 genetic disorders were detected between purebred dogs and mixed-breed dogs (ie, hip dysplasia, hypo- and hyperadrenocorticism, cancers, lens luxation, and patellar luxation). Purebred dogs were more likely to have 10 genetic disorders, including dilated cardiomyopathy, elbow dysplasia, cataracts, and hypothyroidism. Mixed-breed dogs had a greater probability of ruptured cranial cruciate ligament.” – [Source]

If you're thinking about adopting a mixed-breed dog, there are many incredible options available.

Some mixed-breed dogs can be nationally registered, while others are just marvelous mutts.

Meet the Most Incredible Mixed Breed Dogs!

Mixed Breed Dogs

Large Breeds Recognized by the National Hybrid Registry

This organization registers hybrid dogs. Hybrids are still mixed-breed dogs.

They are breeds with only two full breeds in their lineage. The parents must be different, registered breeds.

You must also be able to prove that the parents are full-bred canines.

These are just a few hybrid breeds that they recognized.

For the full list, check out the National Hybrid Registry website.

1. Mastadane – Mastiff & Great Dane

This could make for one truly giant fur baby.

With the long legs of the Dane and the muscle of the Mastiff, you better make sure you start training early before this dog can do some serious damage.

2. American MolossusAmerican Bulldog & Neapolitan Mastiff

If you want a canine that doesn’t drool, you can pass on this mixed breed – both breeds in this combo are known to drool.

One thing you will get is an intimidating-looking animal that is said to be good with kids.

3. GoldendoodleGolden Retriever & Poodle

Goldendoodle More than a cute name, the Goldendoodle is one of the most popular mixed-breed dogs.

Picture a Golden Retriever with long curls. Both of these breeds are known to be gentle, playful, and loving.

This designer dog breed comes in multiple sizes.

Depending on whether the Poodle parent is a small, medium, or large size, Goldendoodles can come in a variety of sizes.

They are extremely intelligent dogs and make great family pets.

4. BandogAmerican Bulldog & Bull Mastiff

I have written about this breed many times. To its owners, it is considered a full breed.

Make sure you have the knowledge and the time to properly train and socialize this traditionally aggressive breed.

5. Cock-A-PooCocker Spaniel & Poodle

Cocker Spaniels are known to be a little grouchy, but when you mix it with a Poodle, it tames those unfriendly habits.

The pup that comes from this mix is cute enough to fit in with the stuffed animals on the end of your bed.

This is our editor Samantha's Bocker, Molly.

6. BockerBeagle & Cocker Spaniel

I wouldn’t say these dogs are large, but they are definitely bigger than small.

These fur babies usually have short hair and look more like Beagles, in my opinion.

They are usually quite shy but very loyal.

Our Editor, Samantha Randall, has a Bocker that is featured in many of her videos on Top Dog Tips.

7. DoberdorLabrador Retriever & Doberman

Like other “designer breeds”, the looks and personality of these mixed breed dogs can vary.

Usually, it has the girth of a Lab but the markings of a Doberman.

This isn’t a rule, and part of the fun is in the surprise.

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Mixed Breed Dogs

Small Breeds Recognized by the National Hybrid Registry

8. Jack-A-BeeBeagle & Jack Russell Terrie

Pictured above, the Jack-A-Bee is an interesting-looking dog.

Both independent breeds, this mixture is sure to have lots of energy and needs a prepared owner.

Make sure you have the time and temperament to deal with these little bouncers.

9. American Rat PinscherAmerican Rat Terrier & Miniature Pinscher

The Min-Pin doesn’t always have the markings of a Doberman.

The Rat Terrier also sports various markings and shades.

That means these pups can look very different from each other – a nice variety.

Malti-Poo10. Malti-PooMaltese & Poodle

Intelligent and frisky, Malti-Poos (pictured on the right) are cute and snuggly.

I could not find any definite rule, but I am thinking that miniature or toy Poodles are used.

I came to this determination by schematics alone.

11. DameranianDachshund & Pomeranian

If you want a smiling face and pointy ears greeting you every day, then this is the mutt for you.

Dachshunds come in many colors and lengths of hair.

Look to the parents for an idea of how their offspring will look.

12. MalzerMiniature Schnauzer & Maltese

While they don’t like children, they are great companions for single people or couples.

Some may have the long, luxurious hair of the Maltese, while others have the short, wiry hair of the Schnauzer, so grooming needs vary.

13. FrenchtonFrench Bulldog & Boston Terrier

Frenchton According to some sources, true Frenchtons (pictured on the right) have 75% Bulldog and 25% Boston Terrier.

This combo will be energetic and playful.

When both breeds are that way, you know that even mixed, they will be that way.

14. CorkieCairn Terrier & Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkies are a popular dog to have in cross breeds. The mix that goes with this name is a little fuzzy.

Some sites list it as a Yorkshire Terrier and Cocker or a Corgi.

If you want it registered, that site shows the mix in italics as the correct one.

15. MeagleBeagle & Miniature Pinscher

From what I have found in my research, these mixed breed dogs generally have the markings of the Min-Pin and the head shape and floppy ears of the Beagle.

Whatever it has, it is absolutely adorable.

16. PuginesePekingese & Pug

These fur babies have smooshed faces that may be cute, but they need extra care.

These breeds cannot be in hot or cold weather.

They need moderate climates and short walks due to their facial structures.

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17. ChiweenieChihuahua & Dachshund

Chiweenie With a long body and large head (pictured on the right), these four-legged family members are ready to waltz into your heart.

Little dogs like these are sensitive and fragile; make sure you can provide the constant supervision they need.

18. PuggatAmerican Rat Terrier & Pug

Ideally, these dogs have the longer, healthier snout of the Rat Terrier.

Either way, they are still making small dogs that beg for lovin’.

The calming Pug personality calms down the, at times, aggressive Rat.

19. YoranianYorkshire Terrier & Pomeranian

These dogs will usually get somewhat bigger than Yorkies, but they are usually more poofy and sturdier than the breed.

Energetic and loveable, these mixed-breed dogs need quite a bit of obedience training.

20. Yorkie-PooPoodle & Yorkshire Terrier

Like other pups on this list, you can find information stating these pets are calm and gentle and others saying they are energetic and active.

Your best bet is to ask your reputable breeder what the personalities of the parents are.

Marvelous Mutts (Large breeds)

Just because some mixed breed dogs aren’t a fancy “hybrid” doesn’t mean they aren't special.

Here are some more mixed-breed dogs that can knock the full breeds out of the park and still get registered in the AKC program.

Of course, you don't have to do that if you don't want to. Dogs don't need papers unless you want them to compete in shows.

If you're simply curious about your dog's heritage, you might want to consider purchasing a canine DNA test.

21. BullmatianBulldog & Dalmatian

Like Dalmatians, these four-legged family members are born white and will develop their spots around 5 months of age.

Some may be born with coloring and then develop spots, too.

22. LabradaneLabrador & Great Dane

Love a Dane, but not the genetic illnesses associated with the breed? Welcome to the Labradane.

All the benefits in a slightly smaller size, and better health.

These canines are sure to be friendly, silly and loyal – just like the Labrador Retriever.

23. WeimermanWeimaraner & Doberman

This combo pet is not well known.

If you are looking for something unique, this is the dog for you.

The friendly and fearless Weimaraner and the brave and loyal Doberman make a good pair.

24. ChowskyChow Chow & Siberian Husky

Chowsky This cute combination tames down some of the aggression and aloofness that Chow Chows are known for.

Even with these mixed breed dogs, it's important that you make sure your pet gets pack-leader training and socialization training starting at a young age.

25. PitskyPit Bull & Siberian Husky

High energy and outgoing, these canines do better in active outdoor families.

Make sure your Pitsky is trained in pack leader and socialization skills.

Remember – A tired dog is a happy dog – that is never truer than with aggressive breeds.

26. LabstaffLabrador & American Staffordshire Terrier

The friendly, outgoing nature of the Lab works great to tone down the sometimes aggressive and territorial American Staffordshire Terrier.

This makes for a better family dog that is still strong and courageous.

27. CordieGolden Retriever & Welsh Pembroke Corgi

If you get the best of both sides, your Cordie will be loving and intelligent.

Their coat will probably be a wavy golden color, but it may be wiry like the Corgi.

They may even have a mix of fur types on one dog!

28. Australian German ShepherdGerman Shepherd & Australian Shepherd

Australian German ShepherdUsually, these pups will have the colors and markings of the German Shepherd and the shorter legs and wider body of the Australian Shepherd.

They are generally calm and reserved.

29. Labsky – Labrador & Siberian Husky

With the usually short hair of the Lab and the clear blue eyes of the Husky, this is a beautiful dog that is easy to maintain.

Also, a Labsky does better in warmer temperatures than a Husky.

30. GoberianGolden Retriever & Siberian Husky

While the blue eyes and the golden coat are the preferred mash-up of these breeds, they are all quite lovely.

These dogs do well with kids and other pets.

31. AussieadorLabrador & Australian Shepherd

These canines are intelligent and striking. Right now, they are arguably one of the most sought-after mixes.

Make sure yours comes from a reputable source, as popularity breeds puppy mills.

32. UtonaganAlaskan Malamute & Siberian Husky & German Shepherd

This is one of the mixed breed dogs hoping to receive recognition as a purebred soon.

Unlike “designer breeds,” this mix is made with male and female Utonagans.

Pure-breed dogs are no longer used.

Pictured below, you can see that these are some of the most beautiful mixed-breed dogs on this list.

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Mixed Breed Dogs

Marvelous Mutts (Small breeds)

33. CheagleChihuahua & Beagle

With this mix, you get a bigger canine than you would with a full-blooded Chihuahua.

With markings like a Beagle, they will usually resemble other Beagle mixes.

Socialization is important with this breed.

34. AussiepomAustralian Shepherd & Pomeranian

With these fur-babies, you can expect a smaller size than an Aussie, but the colors and markings of the Aussie.

You may even get one or two blue eyes.

35. Jack-a-ranianJack Russel Terrier & Pomeranian

With short hair like a Terrier but the curved tail of a Pom, many people are opting for this combo.

Watch your shoes and socks! Like Poms, these little dynamites like to chew.

36. CorgipooPembroke Welsh Corgi & Poodle

Corgipoo I am a fan of anything with Poodle, and these are no exception.

They have the limousine look of a Corgi and the soft, wavy hair of a Poodle.

Hopefully, if you go with this breed, the “Poo” will cut the shedding of the “Corgi.”

37. PugapooPug & Poodle

Size can vary depending on what size poodle is used – standard, mini, or toy.

It creates cute, lovable pups that are healthier than Pugs.

The mix complements each other is attitude, both breeds are stable, loving, and predictable.

38. SiborgiSiberian Husky & Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Also known as the “Horgi”, the offspring of these fur babies usually look like a miniature Husky.

They often have the markings and colorings of a Husky and the long body and short legs of the Corgi.

39. Rat-ChaChihuahua & Rat Terrier

I think the better name for this mix is the “Taco Rat”. Both of these breeds are energetic and fun-loving, so it is no different in these mixed pups.

Rat-chas are intelligent and easy to train.

40. Taco TerrierChihuahua & Fox Terrier

Although I guess this name would also work for the Rat-Cha, this name is used for the Chi and the Fox Terrier.

In appearance and personality, they are the same due to terrier breeds looking similar in colors and markings.

40 Most Incredible Mixed-Breed Dogs: Before You Go…

The thing with these mixed-breed dogs is that there are always new ones emerging in the dog market. You could even start your own!

As you see from this list, all you need are two different breeds and a catchy name.

If you are in the market for a new four-legged family member, don’t just look at “purebreds.”

There are many mixed breeds out there that are just as deserving of your time and energy.

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Top Most Incredible Mixed Breed Dogs

Amy is a writer who lives with her husband and daughter on the United States Gulf Coast. She has a BA in Behavioral Sciences, and volunteered for shelters through various activities, as well as fostering animals. Amy currently has 3 dogs and 5 cats.