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5 of My Favorite Dog Shedding Home Remedies You Should Try


I am often asked about tips and tricks to help stop shedding in dogs. Unfortunately, it's impossible to completely stop your dog from shedding. However, there are some ways to help keep it to a minimum. Today I'm sharing my favorite dog shedding home remedy options.

You'll never be able to remove every loose dog hair, and even if you could, more would grow in its place. The good news is that there are a few easy ways to drastically reduce shedding in dogs.

Shedding is very natural in dogs, and every dog sheds. Some shed less, some shed more, but they all have this issue. If you've got an extreme shedder, the first thing you may need to change is how you are grooming your pet.

A few preventative measures can drastically reduce the amount of shed dog hair you find around your home. It's really not difficult to reduce shedding, but it is time consuming. You'll need to be diligent about proper grooming and take the time to tend to your dog's coat each day.

My Favorite Dog Shedding Home Remedy Options

Regular Baths

1. Regular Baths

Washing your dog releases a lot of the loose fur that is stuck in his coat. Make sure his coat is completely dried before brushing him. If it's still wet, the brush will pull his fur and cause pain.

Non-drying shampoos are the best choice to reduce shedding in dogs. Dry hair breaks easily. Something non-drying or moisturizing will help prevent breakage of Fido's fur and reduce (but not prevent) shedding.

You can also use hypoallergenic dog shampoos to improve the condition of your dog’s skin. Bad skin can equal hair loss. Oatmeal and aloe shampoos are great for skin and coat health. These are often ingredients in the best de-shedding dog shampoos.

NEVER use human shampoo on your dog. It will damage his coat and lead to dry skin and more shedding. Also, be sure to follow a proper grooming schedule for your dog's needs. Bathing too often will dry out his skin and coat.

Regular Brushing

2. Regular Brushing

Specially made deshedding tools for dogs are very common. They can be found in any pet store, and you'll usually find a variety to choose from. Some are better than others. We have created a deshedding tool roundup of the top 10 options available, if you'd like more information.

Manufacturers make brush-like dog deshedding tools for different coat types and lengths, along with tools for different sizes of dogs. They aren't all made equally, so be sure to do a little research before making your selection.

You need to select a tool that will meet your dog's individual needs. As I explain in my video above, if your pooch has a double coat (like my Labrador), wiry fur or long locks, you need to buy a shedding tool that is specifically designed for that coat type. Also, make sure that you're buying a product that is safe, not just effective.

Research the right product for your dog, read customer reviews and visit the manufacturer's website. If you're unsure of exactly what you need, as a local dog groomer for some advice.

Once you find the right tools, it's time to start brushing. This dog shedding home remedy seems pretty simple, but there is more to it than you may think.

You're going to need to brush your dog in the same direction as his fur. This is to ensure not only the most efficient way to deshed a dog, but also to keep your pet calmer and more relaxed.

Basically, you want to brush from head to tail with long strokes. Stop to remove the shed hair from the brush as needed. DO NOT press down on the brush.

Unlike regular brushes, deshedding tools have a stainless steel head with a row of sharp teeth. These teeth are great for collecting loose dog hair, but if you press them into your pet's skin they could cut into him.

The amount of time that you spend brushing your dog will vary depending on his coat type. I typically brush my Labrador for about 15-20 minutes every day, but in the spring when she is shedding excessively, it can take anywhere from 45-60 minutes to thoroughly brush through her coat.

You'll want to continue brushing until you're not getting any more fur in the brush. This is the only way to reduce your dog's shedding. Of course, any amount of brushing will help. After all, whatever fur you do manage to remove from your dog is that much less that you will have to clean up around your home.

It will take a while in the beginning, but if you make brushing a daily event you'll be shaving time off the task after the first few days. Just remember to stay consistent, or the loose hair will begin collecting and you'll be back to brushing for an hour or more.

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Healthy Diet3. Healthy Diet

Not all dog foods are created equal. For stronger hair and less shedding, feed your pup a high quality food with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids.

Many dog owners don't realize how important it is to feed a high quality diet. While it is more expensive, it will actually save you money in the long run. You'll be spending less on vet bills, grooming expenses and supplements. A well balanced diet will aid in your dog's overall health and well-being, and you'll be glad you upgraded his meals.

4. Add Fish Oil

You can also add a fish oil supplement to your pet's diet. These supplements have been scientifically proven to improve dogs' coats and skin, and potentially reduce shedding. Fish oil is packed with Omega 3 fatty acids.

Follow the serving recommendations on the bottle, but most experts say about 1 tsp. for every 20 pounds of body weight per day is an appropriate serving. You can purchase fish oil in capsules or liquid form.

5. Hydrate

Along with a healthy diet comes good hydration. Water promotes hair growth by keeping your dog's skin moisturized, resulting in a shinier, healthier coat. Proper hydration will decrease the amount of shed hair as well as reducing itching and flaking of the skin.

Provide plenty of fresh water. If you're having trouble getting your pooch to drink enough water, check out my video guide on the subject.

Following these tips won't stop your pet from shedding, but it will greatly reduce the amount of shed hair coming from his coat. If your dog is an extreme shedder, you can reach out to a groomer in your area to discuss professional deshedding options.

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