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Showing appreciation for your family and friends is what Thanksgiving is all about, and one of the most popular ways to show affection to someone is by sending them a Thanksgiving card. Yes, we live in the age of the Internet, and sending a message on Facebook or Twitter is certainly the easiest and fastest option to wish someone happy holidays, but sending dog Thanksgiving cards seems a lot more personal and touching.

Top 10 Cute Dog Thanksgiving CardsSome would probably say that letters and cards are the relics of the past, and even though that is true to some extent, they are also a warm and caring way to let a person know that you care about them. There is also an option to send an electronic Thanksgiving card, or eCard, to somebody, but I feel the same about eCards as I feel about eBooks – they are just a fine enough replacement for the real thing.

Looking at a photo on your device will never be the same as holding a card in your hands, and I believe that many people feel the same way about this. Thankfully, there is a great selection of sweet and cute dog Thanksgiving card options you can order online, and for us dog lovers, there are plenty of choices that include our canine buddies on the cards.

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The 10 Best Dog Thanksgiving Cards

10 Best Dog Thanksgiving Cards

Since our canines are a big part of our everyday lives and basically members of our family for most pet owners, choosing the best dog Thanksgiving cards is a great way to make true dog lovers very happy. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best dog Thanksgiving cards I have selected for you for this year's holiday.

1. So Many Things to be Thankful for…

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There Are So Many Things To Be Thankful For This Year - Mind if I Start With You - Romantic Happy Thanksgiving Card with Pilgrim Corgi DogOne of the most important things about a Thanksgiving card is the message, and this card has a great message. On the front, it says: There are so many things to be thankful for this year. I just don't know where to start! And to continue the sweet message on the inside, the card says: Mind if I start with YOU?

This Thanksgiving card has a picture of a sweet corgi wearing a pilgrim's hat and measures ‎8.9 x 6.97 inches. It also comes with an envelope, which means that you don’t have to worry about anything other than sending it to a dear person, preferably someone who truly loves dogs.

2. Pumpkin & Puppies in Truck

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NobleWorks Thanksgiving Greeting Card with 5 x 7 Inch Envelope (1 Card) Pumpkin Puppies - Truck C10191BTGGPumpkins are synonymous with Thanksgiving. Add to that a picture of two adorable puppies snuggling with one another in the back of a truck, and this dog Thanksgiving card is the perfect gift to the truck-driving, dog-parent, special person in your life! Measuring 7″ x 5″, this card is printed on a glossy cardstock and comes with a white envelope.

Oh, and the inside reads, “Hope your day is filled with love and friendship. Happy Thanksgiving!”

3. Frenchie Jumping in Fall Leaves

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Avanti Press Frenchie Jumping In Fall Leaves Cute / Funny Dog Thanksgiving CardNothing looks happier than a Frenchie excitedly running and jumping in fall leaves. While this dog Thanksgiving card is pretty simple and straightforward, as it only shows an adorable Frenchie with no text, it'll definitely put a smile on the face of anyone who receives it.

But of course, it's not totally without a unique message. The inside reads: “Did you say Pumpkin pie?! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!” Now, we know why this Frenchie is hurrying! This card is sized at 4.75×6.7 inches and comes with a fall-inspired orange envelope.

4. Hallmark Peanuts Thanksgiving Cards

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Hallmark Peanuts Thanksgiving Cards Assortment, Snoopy (4 Cards with Envelopes)If you are looking for cartoon-inspired dog Thanksgiving cards, then check out these assortments of cards with Snoopy drawings, arguably one of the most famous dog cartoons in the world. Their color palette is definitely in for the autumn, and each has its own message as well.

What I personally liked about these cards is they're not only illustrated outside, but the design continues inside the card (Click the link and see for yourself!) Three designs measure 5.8″ x 8.3″, while the falling leaves design measures 5″ x 7.2″. This pack also includes 6 coordinating envelopes.

5. Heart-Eyed Dog in front of Turkey

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Designer Greetings Dog with Heart Shaped Eyes Licking Lips in Front of Turkey Juvenile Thanksgiving Card for GrandsonWhat's a Thanksgiving without a turkey feast, right? This dog Thanksgiving card features an illustrated dog licking his lips with heart-shaped eyes in front of a big platter of roasted turkey. The front message reads: It's Thanksgiving, Grandson! So you definitely know whom to give this card to.

The inside verse reads a bit sweeter and more meaningful than that. It says: Hope you're ready to dig into all the food and fun that's waiting for you today… because Thanksgiving is here, so it's time to celebrate in the most delicious way! Happy thanksgiving XOXOX

The card size is 5.75″ x 8″ inches and also comes with a white envelope.

6. Golden Retrievers and Pumpkins in the Kitchen

PRICE: $13.64 (Pack of 8)
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Caroline's Treasures DAC1775GCA7P Golden Retriever Fall Kitchen Pumpkins Greeting Cards and Envelopes Pack of 8 Blank Cards with Envelopes Whimsical A7 Size 5x7 Blank Greeting CardsIf you're looking for something more cost-effective and customizable, then this dog Thanksgiving card might be the best option for you. It features two golden retrievers in pilgrim costumes, with a pumpkin and pies in front of them.

I say this is customizable because the inside is totally blank—enough space for you to write your own Thanksgiving message to your recipient. Also, you can specifically choose the dog breed to be featured on the cover!

Like any standard greeting cards, they also measure 5″ x 7″, with white envelopes included.

7. A Really Hungry Chihuahua

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YeegfeyA Little Dog Behind Big Turkey - Avanti Funny Chihuahua Thanksgiving CardThis is one really funny Thanksgiving card that has a photo of a chihuahua barely seen behind a big, delicious turkey. And the small pooch is getting ready to feast with a knife and fork in his paws. There are some other traditional Thanksgiving foods on the table, like corn and green beans.

There is no text on the front of this 4.7 x 6.6 inches big card, but there is a message on the inside that says: Gratitude… and gravy! Happy Thanksgiving. The card is made from recycled paper and includes one orange envelope as well.

8. Thanksgiving Feast of Dog Biscuits

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Designer Greetings Bowl of Dog Biscuits on Dark Red Thanksgiving Card for a Great DogYou're giving greeting cards to every special person in your life, so why not get your special furry friend a dog Thanksgiving card, too? This is the perfect choice for them as it features what they'd probably be eating on the night of your Thanksgiving dinner—a bowl of special, homemade dog biscuits!

The front text reads, For a Great Dog at Thanksgiving, while the inside reads, So thankful for the tail-wagging, treat-begging, trick-trying, belly-rubbing, face-licking moment we share. Happy Thanksgiving!

The card size is 5.25×7.5 inches and includes 1 card and 1 white envelope.

9. Puppy in Bed, Thanksgiving Card for Sister

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Designer Greetings Puppy in Purple and Light Brown Dog Bed Juvenile Thanksgiving Card for SisterEven if she gets annoying at times, your sister deserves a card, too, especially on Thanksgiving day! This cute greeting card features a puppy sitting on her purple-striped bed, with the message, It's Thanksgiving, Sister, at the top.

The interior is printed in full color with the message, So thankful for a fun and awesome sister like you… not just at Thanksgiving but the rest of the year, too! Happy Thanksgiving.

Measuring 5.25×7.5 inches, this dog Thanksgiving card also comes with a white envelope.

10. Nothing Butt Thanks, Cute Funny Thanksgiving Day Card

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Kirynurd Nothing Butt Thanks, Cute Funny Thank You Card, Thanks Card for Anyone, Thanksgiving Day CardCalling all dog lovers! Say “thanks” in the funniest way possible with our “Nothing Butt Thanks” Card. This card, which has five adorable pups showing off their tail ends, will put a smile on anyone's face. Printed on high-quality 300gsm C1S white paper, it's perfect for Thanksgiving Day or just saying thanks to someone special. Don't be shy – get your hands on our cute and funny thank-you card today!

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10 of the Cutest Dog Thanksgiving Cards

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