The Best Thanksgiving Dog Costumes for the Holiday

Whether your dog needs a cute turkey costume to join in on the annual family photo or a warm sweater so he can participate in the yearly family football game, the best Thanksgiving dog costumes are a great way to involve Fido in this fun holiday. We've found a variety of options from pilgrim dog costumes to adorable dinner party dresses that will make your pup the talk of the dinner table.

Best Thanksgiving Dog CostumesKeep in mind that dressing your pooch for Thanksgiving isn't all about their adorable appearance. You need to make sure that he's safe and comfortable too! It's also a good idea to have him wear his new ensemble a couple of times before the big day. This way, you can assure that he's comfortable and keep an eye on him before you're overwhelmed with visiting relatives and cooking a Thanksgiving meal.

Depending on your dog's build, it could be challenging to find the best Thanksgiving dog costumes that will fit him properly. If you outfit him with clothes that are too tight, it may restrict his range of motion. If the clothing is loose, it could get caught on something and pose a hazard.

If you order the best Thanksgiving dog costumes online, it's important to follow the measurement instructions closely. Your best option would be to take your dog with you to your local pet store and try the outfit on in the store. Let Sparky wear it around for a little while to make sure it fits and it's comfortable.

Top 8 Best Thanksgiving Dog Costumes

1Puppe Love’s Turkey Costume for Dogs


How would you like your Chihuahua turn to a turkey, well, at least for the holidays? Puppe Love’s turkey costume is especially made for dogs of small to medium size breeds. This size fits dogs 14”-16” around the chest, 8.75”-10.5” around the neck, and 10.75” from the base of the neck to the base of the tail.

These best Thanksgiving dog costumes are basically a hoodie with an orange body part, a red hood with a turkey’s face and beak, and colorful felt plumage for the flared tail and wings. The Puppe Love's Turkey Costume for Dogs is foam-padded for a full and round body. The orange body cover has silkscreen-printed brown feather outline, while the rest of the colors are black, red, orange, yellow, and white. You will not need to wrestle with your dog to get him or her to wear this because it an opening at the front with snaps for fastening.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “This is adorable on my dogs!…”


2Puppe Love’s Pilgrim Girl Costume for Dogs


Dress up your dog with this Pilgrim female dog costume from Puppe Love as you bring her along to your Thanksgiving theme party. The dress can even be worn for the Halloween and other costume parties you’ll bring your dog to. It’s a black dress with white collar, apron, and sleeve cuffs. A Pilgrim girl can’t be without her white bonnet, so this set has that head covering with lacy eyelet trim.

The front of the dress has an opening that fastens with snaps after you’ve fitted your pet’s front legs through the sleeves. Just make sure that you have your dog’s correct measurements before ordering. This is size 6, the largest size for this style, and will be the right fit for dogs with chest girth of 20.5”-23.25”, neck circumference of 13.25”-15.25”, nape to tail length of 16”. The most important measurement for the Puppe Love's Pilgrim Girl Costume for Dogs is the chest girth.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review + PHOTO): “Too Cute!!!…”


3Puppe Love’s Pilgrim Boy Costume for Dogs


Here’s yet another costume from Puppe Love, and this one is for a Pilgrim male dog. This black outfit has four long sleeves with white cuffs. It has white large collars reminiscent of the Pilgrims. These best Thanksgiving dog costumes have an attached belt that goes through belt loops and fastens with a real metallic buckle. It fastens with snaps for ease.

Of course, this costume can’t be complete without the signature Pilgrim hat. The Puppe Love's Pilgrim Boy Costume for Dogs made of matching black material with the same metal buckle used in the outfit. This size fits dogs with a back length of 14”, chest circumference of 18.5”-20.5”, and neck circumference of 12”-13.5”. The chest measurement is very crucial, but so is the nape-to-tail back length because the legs have to go through all four sleeves.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review + PHOTOS): “Loved it. Fit good in the length but not around the chest so I had to alter a lot. But they stole the show when we went trick or…”


4Rubie's Pilgrim Boy Dog Costume

Rubie's Pilgrim Boy Dog Costume, Small Here’s another male Pilgrim dog costume, but it’s from another manufacturer and seller – Rubie's. These best Thanksgiving dog costumes are also cheaper, which is a nice option if you see them being worn only once. Without breaking the bank, your boy can definitely look like a real Pilgrim in this black jacket-and-hat costume with golden buckle on both the belt and hat.

Compared to Puppe Love’s materials, this costume uses thinner cloth for the jacket and a thick paper material for the buckles instead of metal. But it will be good enough for one night of fun and festivities. The Rubie's Pilgrim Boy Dog Costume is available in four sizes ranging from small, which is recommended for small breeds with chest girth of 14” and neck-to-tail length of 11”, to extra-large, which will be perfect for medium breeds with chest girth of 24” and neck-to-tail length of 28”.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “This costume – if you want to call it that – is really made out of gosh – paper. It is NOT material. You can see right through it. And it is SO wrinkled up – I don't think I can get the wrinkles out. The buckles on…”


5Petitebella Puppy Clothes Thanksgiving Dog Dress

Petitebella Rainbow Turkey Puppy Dog Dress (Orange/Turkeys, Medium) Let your dog take center stage with Petitebella’s tutu in eye-catching colors. The front of the orange shirt-style bodice has differently-colored patches of cloth to outline a turkey’s shape. The ruffled tutu skirt has a white background printed with images of orange-tailed turkey. An ornamental ribbon at the waist with metallic ring completes the costume. The stretchy cotton top makes it easy to wear over the head even without openings other than the neck and arm holes.

These best Thanksgiving dog costumes may look too dressy for a dog but it’s actually comfortable if you’ve got the right fit for your dog. The reason for that would be the breathable nature of the cotton shirt, plus its flexibility. Down the waist, nothing else will restrict your dog’s movement, thus, great comfort there. Six sizes are available for the Petitebella Puppy Clothes Thanksgiving Dog Dress, which range from extra-small to XXL. No doubt this will look cute for small dogs, but might also work for bigger dogs. The biggest size allows for 23” chest girth and 19” length.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “this dresses is very cute fit my four pound dog just right in the extra small so glad they are making their dresses in extra small for dogs under five pounds will be looking for more in this…”


6Rubie's Turkey Dog Costume

Rubie's Turkey Dog Costume Rubie’s turkey dog costume is made of soft, fleecy brown material that covers from your dog’s head down to its tail, but has openings for the face, ears, legs, and front body part. The paws will be covered with yellow footwear that’s suggestive of a turkey’s three-toed feet. The hoodie part is made with red wooly cloth with two black round eyes and yellow beak. Yellow, red, and brown wings and tail complete the costume.

The materials used are of good quality, and the stitching seems solid. Stay close to the measurements to get a good fit. One weakness we see is that the turkey’s face is not as well-defined as that one from Puppe Love. Without the protruding beak and the large white part in the turkey’s eyes, the Rubie's Turkey Dog Costume would be hard to recognize. Well, probably not that difficult if your dog wears it on Thanksgiving Day.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “Too small for my dog even when I went with the recommendations. Ears don't stay in the slots and the foot pieces don't fit at all. Wasn't.…”


7Petitebella Puppy Clothes Thanksgiving Turkey Face T-Shirt

Petitebella Cute Turkey Face Puppy Dog Shirt (Orange/White, Medium) Let your dog be simply clad and comfortable, yet still be in sync with the festivities – that seems to be the message of these best Thanksgiving dog costumes from Petitebella. It is made of stretchy bright orange cotton shirt, which is highly breathable. The back length is longer than the front to allow for male dogs to do their business without the shirt hampering them. The sleeves and neck have white trimmings. On the back of the shirt is a simple outline but unmistakable likeness of a turkey’s face complete with the big white sclera and black pupil, light orange beak, and dark snood hanging.

While this shirt accommodates a little stretching, it’s still best to get the perfect size for your pooch. There are six sizes of the Petitebella Puppy Clothes Thanksgiving Turkey Face T-Shirt, which range from extra-small up to XXL. The smallest size fits chest girth of 12”, back length of 8”, and neck circumference of 8”-9.6”. The largest, on the other hand, fits chest girth of 23”, back length of 18”, and neck circumference of 18”-20”.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review + PHOTOS): “My dog looks like a boss in this shirt and the fit is perfect…”


8CafePress – It's Gobblin' Time! – Dog T-Shirt


Well, your pup probably won’t win the Best in Costume award with this CafePressshirt, but he or she would definitely be a shoo-in in the great looks department. This comfortable white shirt has black piping around the sleeves and neckline. Printed on the back of the shirt is an announcement that says, “It’s Gobblin’ Time!” with a bewildered turkey on the side.

The CafePress – It's Gobblin' Time! – Dog T-Shrt would be a great buy if you only knew what size to choose because there’s no size chart available. There are only suggested sizes for different breeds, but you know that your own puppy wore different sizes at different points in his sweet life. Here are some tips to give you a better idea about the sizing of these best Thansgiving dog costumes. Pick large for your 25-lb beagle, basset, dachshund, or mini-Aussie. Get extra-large for your 35-lb pug or Dalmatian. Your 50-lb Rottweiler would do better in an XXXL. There’s no chance for your 60-lb pit bull to ever wear this shirt. Hope that was helpful.

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