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11 Large Dog Clothes That Your Big Pet Needs This Fall and Winter

Top 11 Large Dog Clothes That Your Big Pet Needs This Fall and Winter

There is no need to limit dog fashion to the small dogs that fit inside purses; there's plenty of stylish clothing for dogs of all sizes. Obviously, small pups enjoy a larger variety and it can sometimes be difficult to find large dog clothes that fit your Golden Retriever or Great Dane, but luckily the trends are changing.

While some pet owners might be searching for a perfect outfit to show off their pooch, others are trying to provide extra comfort and warmth: a raincoat, sweater, or a thick jacket for the cold winter months. Either way, it feels nice to pamper your dog and show them how much they are loved and appreciated. Here's a list of the best large dog clothes that are perfect for any situation.

Handmade Mexican Serape Blanket

1. Handmade Mexican Serape Blanket

Available in both blue and pink, Baja Handmade Mexican Vest ($37.99) is one of the most unique and creative options for any owner. It comes in sizes suitable for all dogs including those that may require sizes XL or XXL. The exterior is made from polyester and acrylic while the interior is made from 100% polyester. The vest closes with a Velcro attachment and is easily adjustable and removable.

This vest also allows owners to easily use a harness through the vest as it has a spot on the top where a hook or collar clip can come through. So no worries about having to constantly take off and put on the vest.

LovinPet Dog Pajamas

2. LovinPet Dog Pajamas

As one of the most difficult articles of clothing to find for larger dogs, the LovinPet Pet Pajamas ($29.80) provides a great post-surgery cover for large dogs. They are made from 100% cotton to create a soft feel without irritating the dog’s fur or skin. It is machine washable and has a snap button closure and an easily adjustable elastic waist. The pajamas are extremely easy to remove and put on dogs.

With a design that covers all four legs and is made of hypoallergenic fabric (cotton), these large dog pajamas also reduce allergens in the home. It limits the dog’s reaction and exposure to unknown and known environmental allergens, reducing the risk of reaction.

Chilly Dog Boyfriend Dog Sweater

3. Chilly Dog Boyfriend Dog Sweater

Both functional and fashionable, the Chilly Dog Boyfriend Sweater ($18.99) is made from 100% wool and is designed to mimic a human sweater. It provides enough warmth to assist the dog in maintaining its body heat during those winter months. The downside to this nifty sweater is that, because it is 100% wool, it should not be washed in a washing machine. Instead, it should be hand washed in lukewarm water and hung dry.

Another reason to include Chilly Dog among the best large dog clothes is that the company that sells these sweaters is looking to benefit those in need and maintain an environmentally friendly product. The big dog sweater is colored by all-natural plant dyes and is hand-made by Inca Artisans located in South America.

Lovelonglong 4 Leg Raincoat

4. Lovelonglong 4 Leg Raincoat

Another stylish raincoat for the list, the Lovelonglong 4 Leg Raincoat ($21.99) is slightly different as it is more form-fitting and covers the legs of the dog. It is completely rainproof and windproof to keep dogs dry in harsh weather. The raincoat is very breathable and features a small hoodie to keep the water out of the dog's eyes. It is equipped with an adjustable waist and elastic leg bands to ensure a comfortable and secure grip on the dog.

This high-quality polyester big dog raincoat is not only meant for water protection but is also thick enough to provide warmth in cool weather. It is available in four different colors: red, blue, green, and orange.

Rugby Thundershirt

5. Rugby Thundershirt

With a functional approach rather than stylish, the Thundershirt Rugby Jacket ($39.95) is helpful and colorful. It creates a snug and comfortable fit that increases its effectiveness in treating noise anxiety. Although it is meant for medical and anxiety purposes, the thunder shirt is still visually appealing. The fabric is machine washable for ease of use, is durable, and resists collecting and piling dog fur.

The large dog thundershirt is also available in multiple sizes and colors. It can come in either pink rugby (fuchsia with a white stripe) or navy blue rugby (dark blue with a white stripe). While snug, it can easily be taken off and put back on.

TOPSOSO Reversible Winter Jacket

6. TOPSOSO Reversible Winter Jacket

Cute and extremely useful for dogs in the wintertime, the TOPSOSO Reversible Winter Jacket ($22.96) keeps dogs warm and stylish. It has a snowflake patterned fleece side with a paw print on its side and a waterproof alternate side with a reflective stripe. Created to be comfortable and provide warmth for dogs, this large dog jacket can also be washed in the washing machine and is dryer compatible.

While the winter theme is one of the most unique options, it is available in other colors such as green, orange, and red. This large dog coat is very durable and is made to last the lifetime of the dog, and most owners confirm that. Unlike some of the flimsier best large dog clothes mentioned, this one is able to withstand frequent use and tough weather without falling apart.

Hotumn Large Dog Raincoat

7. Nacoco Large Dog Raincoat

A classic addition to any closet, is a bright yellow raincoat. The Nacoco Large Raincoat ($21.95) is 100% polyester and has a waterproof PVC coating to prevent the dog from getting drenched in the rain. It has a reflective strip across the back to ensure that it can be easily located in harsh weather by both the owner and other passersby. Additionally, the leg straps are made of high-quality elastic and the belly band is adjustable to allow the raincoat to remain secure and comfortable.

As a small bonus, this large dog raincoat includes a hood so that the water doesn’t get into the dog’s eyes and ears. Unlike all other best large dog clothes I've mentioned, this one prevents water from dripping down through their jacket and soaking their fur, which would defeat the purpose of the dog wearing a raincoat.

KOOLTAIL Plaid Dog Hoodie

8. KOOLTAIL Plaid Dog Hoodie

Although not necessarily functional, but certainly very fashionable, the KOOLTAIL Plaid Hoodie ($25.99) is perfect for all large dogs. It comes in both a black and red plaid pattern or a blue and black plaid pattern, making it suitable for any color dog. The hoodie is made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton and is machine washable. It is soft and comfortable and easily adjustable with a hole in the back to allow a leash to attach.

The large dog hoodie has a kangaroo pocket and cinched armholes. The armholes prevent cold air from entering underneath the dog’s hoodie, keeping them warmer in cool weather.

FUAMEY Dog Winter Clothes


9. FUAMEY Dog Winter Clothes

The FUAMEY Dog Winter Clothes ($41.99) are a great option for larger dogs that want to stay warm in the winter season. This dog jacket is just the right amount of coverage to keep your active dog warm without overheating, thanks to its premium quality fabric and faux fur-lined turtle neck design. The protective guard on the dog jacket prevents dog fur and skin from getting accidentally zipped.

This dog jacket has adjustable elastic straps on the abdomen for the best fitting possible. It comes in 7 different sizes and colors.

Among jackets, this one is easily one of the best large dog clothes that's comfortable for pets and has a snug fit, allowing it to be very breathable while still providing warmth. It does not squeeze or tighten uncomfortably around their stomach.

Kuoser Winter Coat for Dogs

10. Kuoser Winter Coat for Dogs

Perfect for heavy snowfall or constant freezing temperatures, the Kuoser Winter Coat for Dogs ($27.99) is one of the best large dog clothes that will keep your big pooch warm and cozy. It is made of fleece vest lining to keep your dog warm and dry when out on a walk in the winter. It is breathable and moveable and provides plenty of space for the dog to breathe without feeling constricted or too hot. This jacket comes in a variety of different styles and colors to create plenty of options when searching for the right coat for your dog.

This jacket requires covering the dog’s two front legs, which affects the way the company sizes them. The jacket sizes have exact specifications based on dog measurements rather than on breed type and weight to ensure a proper and accurate fit. Therefore it is extremely important to measure the dog before ordering instead of guessing.

Gold Paw Stretch Fleece Coat

11. Gold Paw Stretch Fleece Coat

A simple coat solution rather than one with a fancy design, the Gold Paw Stretch Fleece Coat ($32.00) is a great solution. The coat is American-made with recycled polyester and custom-developed Bluesign certified textile making an environment that is not too hot not too cold for daily use. While coming in multiple different sizes and colors, this large dog coat is also stretchy and flexible for pets that do not quite match the measurements of a specific size.

The coat is breathable and easy to put on and remove from the dog. It's also machine washable, making for easy clean-up on those messy dog days. It does need to be dried on low-tumble or hung-dry to prevent the material from deteriorating. As the last option of best large dog clothes, the fleece coat may be just the type of clothing that your big doggo needs this fall and winter.

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