Now that Halloween is almost upon us, we're finalizing every set of decorations in our houses, costumes, and treats.

In this blog, we'll discuss the best Halloween dog statues you can buy as an addition to your spooky Halloween decorations.

I'm sure I'm not the only one that loves the Halloween season. And spending this event with my dog makes it more fun and complete.

However, preparing for Halloween is not an easy task. It requires hard work and time. For instance, picking the right costume not just for you, but also for your pup is fun but chaotic.

If you're on a tight budget, you can always resort to DIY Halloween costumes for dogs.

And with all this hard work with your dog, we should reward them by giving them the best Halloween dog treats.

If you're planning to join a Halloween House Decoration Contest and trying to persuade the judges with some cute but spooky dog statues, you're in the right place.

Without further ado, scroll down and choose from these terrifying but cute decorations.

Best Halloween Dog Statues

Home Accent Halloween Skeleton Wolf

Home Accent Halloween Skeleton Wolf

Up next is the Home Accent Holiday Skeleton Wolf. What's unique about this Halloween Dog Statue is that it has glowing red LED eyes that can amp up the scary factor. Also, this wolf produces howling sounds as the head tilts for a synchronized sound and motion.

It is the perfect greeting for Halloween guests and naughty trick-or-treaters.

This Halloween decor can either stand up or sit down, depending on your preference. Moreover, its size is about 2.5ft when the wolf is sitting down.

Etistta Day of The Dead Dog Figurine


Etistta Day of The Dead Dog Figurine

Let's start things off with a small figurine that you can put on a home desk for your Halloween Decoration.

The dog's size is 4.3″ W x 6.5″ H and it is made of sturdy polyresin.

This figurine is not only a good decoration for your home.

Etistta Day of The Dead Dog Figurine Back

But it can also be a great gift for all dogs celebrating their birthdays this November.

This product is also sculpted and hand painted by skilled carvers.

For the product's safety, it has carton packaging to ensure that the product will be delivered to your home in good condition.

Halloween Dog Skeleton Decoration Animal Puppy Bones

Bulldog Halloween Skeleton Dog


Bulldog Halloween Skeleton Dog

Furthermore, these Halloween-themed dog skeleton decoration is perfect for the spooky season.

Firstly, let's discuss the Bulldog Halloween Skeleton Dog.

This item is 2 pieces of animal skeleton Halloween decoration and it is both 16 inches in size. This decor features a realistic look of a dog skeleton.

It is perfect for Halloween decorations, Halloween parties, or Skeleton Bones Prop Themed Parties. Also, this prop can be put indoors and outdoors.

Moreover, this decor is made from premium durable plastic material to withstand different weather conditions.

Also, it is safe for children since it is made from non-toxic and non-BPA materials.

Dachshund Halloween Skeleton Dog


Dachshund Halloween Skeleton Dog

Now for all you Dachshund lovers out there, we've got you covered.

There's also a Dachshund Halloween Skeleton Dog.

Similar to the Bulldog Skeleton Dog, you'll be getting two, 11 x 6 inches, Skeleton Dachshund dogs that have bendable tails.

This will be the perfect addition to your Halloween-themed graveyards.

Moreover, it is also made from durable, all-weather plastic that can withstand rain and strong winds.

This item is perfect to scare your neighbors. It is great for indoor or outdoor decor. It can also be for a project, a prank, or more.

LKXHarleya Halloween Mini Poodle Dog Skeleton


LKXHarleya Halloween Decoration

For those Poodle owners out there, I recommend the LKXHarleya Halloween Mini Poodle Decoration.

This mini-size animal skeleton is a good decoration at home, a cafe, a shop window, or other school decorations.

This creepy-cool decor is reusable, meaning you can use it for your yearly Halloween haunt.

Also, it is made from durable all-weather plastic.

Moreover, this skeleton puppy is lightweight. You can easily carry it in and out of your house if you need to.

Notakia Golden Retriever Statue with Solar-LED Windproof Lamp


Notakia Golden Retriever Statue with Solar-LED Windproof Lamp

On the more cute side of decorations, the Notakia Golden Retriever Statue with Solar-LED Windproof Lamp will be a great addition to your Halloween-themed yard.

Since it has Solar LED lights, it absorbs heat during the day and automatically turns on the lighting mode at night.

The LED won't be on when there is light, only when it is dark.

That's because the nickel-metal hydride solar panels are sensitive. It is also energy-efficient and durable.

Moreover, the lamp also adopts a waterproof design. That means you don't have to worry about the rain.

This Halloween dog statue is made from environmental-friendly resin material by hand.

It is not easy to wear and not easy to scratch. Furthermore, this decor has good texture, natural color, and realistic hair texture.

On the other hand, they also have a Rottweiler statue! You can check it out through this link.

Best Halloween Dog Statues: Frequently Asked Questions

What can a dog be for Halloween?

There are plenty of good ideas on what your dog can be for Halloween.

Since there are plenty of costumes to choose from, here are a few ideas for the best Halloween costume for dogs:

  • Wizard
  • Pumpkin
  • Shark
  • Skeleton
  • Lion
  • Teddy Bear
  • Spider
  • SuperHero
  • Snail
  • Pirate

Do dogs like Halloween?

It all depends on the dog. Some dogs love wearing funny Halloween costumes and they don't mind the constant flow of trick-or-trickers ringing the doorbell and getting candy from your yard.

However, some pups can be stressed out from this festive holiday. This holiday can also be unsafe for dog owners if you are not prepared.

Why is it unsafe? Well, Halloween is full of chocolates. And as we all know, chocolate is a big NO for dogs.

Furthermore, another thing that can stress out our dogs during this spooky season is if there is too much noise in your neighborhood. Try and open the radio or T.V. to drown out the noise.

Can dogs be scared of Halloween decorations?

Yes, there are electronic props that make sudden noises or pop-up scare pranks that can scare your pup.

As dog owners, we must keep our dogs calm since these events can trigger fearful or aggressive behavior in some dogs.

Moreover, there are still lots of factors that can stress out your pup during Halloween. For instance, there are spooky Halloween costumes and different visitors.

Dog Rottweiler Statue

Best Halloween Dog Statues: Summary

The spooky season is upon us. By now, we already should be finalizing our costumes, food, and decorations.

If you're still not satisfied with your yard or home decorations, you can use this blog as a reference.

Above, we've compiled a list of the best Halloween dog statues that will be the perfect addition to your spooky design to scare trick-or-treaters.

You put these decors on your lawn, porch, or at a table full of candies and chocolates.

However, keep in mind that not all dogs enjoy this holiday. Halloween can also be stressful for our dogs.

Let us monitor our pets so that they can also enjoy this holiday with us. Keep them off from chocolates and candies.

Instead, feed them with the best Halloween-themed dog treats out there for being the best buddy we have.


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