Are you looking for a pet who’s a great guard and a great companion at the same time? Then, the Rottweiler dog might be the one for you.

They’re hard-working and intelligent, but there is so much more to discover about the stunning Rottweiler dog breed. 

As you go on in this article, you will:

  • Get an insight into their characteristics, personality, and appearance (including rottweiler height and weight)
  • Learn what to feed, how to raise a rottweiler puppy, and rottweiler's lifespan
  • And know their common health problems and learn ways on how to prevent them

If you’re currently a Rottweiller dog owner or planning to adopt one, you’ll highly benefit from this detailed discussion.

Quick Glance at The Rottweiler Dog Profile

Rottweiler Dog Breed
Rottweiler HeightMale: 24-27 inches
Female: 22-25 inches
Coat colarBlack combined with: Tan, Mahogany, or Rust
Rottweiler LifespanAbout 10 years, but can live longer if they have a healthy diet and are cared for
Rottweiler TemperamentVery friendly, great with kids
Grooming DemandsLow; Once a month
Exercise Needs?More than 30 min, these large dog breeds are prone to obesity
Nutrition NeedsThey will do well on a balanced diet, but THIS BREED IS PRONE TO OBESITY

Rottweiler Dog

What is a Rottweiler Dog?

Rottweiler, commonly called “Rottie,” is a large, smart, and hardworking black dog. That’s why they became one of the most popular dogs in the US.

It bears the scientific name Canis Lupus Familiaris. And in German times, they call this Rottweiler Metzgerhund, which literary means Rottweiler butchers. Why? Because they used to pull the cart of butchered meat in the past.

This breed initially came from Germany, and it is one of the most ancient dogs in the world.

They inherited their muscular strength, confidence, and endurance from a mastiff in the Roman legion. 

Rottweiler Dog

Main Characteristics of Rottweiler Dog

This Rottweiler breed has a pleasant personality. They are very active in participating in many rescue operations if they are trained appropriately.

They earned a good reputation thanks to their hard work in serving the military. In addition, these dogs also received club recognitions as working and guardian dogs.

However, sometimes they act aggressively, especially when their owners are hurt. But luckily, their lovable, playful, friendly, and intelligent nature outweigh that negative tendency. 

If there’s an award for one of the most loyal dogs, this Rottweiler will surely be one of them.

Apart from that, a Rottweiler is typically aloof when encountering different people or situations. So they have the wait-and-see attitude. 

Rottweiler puppies are born to be cute. As they grow older, they become as hardworking and playful as their parents.

After knowing their true personality, you might want to take care of these cute Rottweiler puppies.

But, like the other breeds, you need to be responsible by providing for their needs. And feeding is not enough for them; they need more time and effort. 

rottweiler height

Rottweiler’s Physical Appearance

As time pass by, the Rottweiler puppy's physical appearance develops to a mature and more robust one. 

Described below are their physical attributes:


Rottweiler's body color is always black. But they have clear tan markings at some parts, such as their cheeks, muzzle, chest, throat, and legs. That's why you can quickly identify them with just one look.


They are born to have a medium to a massive head. Rottweiler puppies have a standard head size, and their ears are fluffy that lies tight to their head. 

Height and Weight

Male Rottweiler could grow with an average height of 24 to 27 inches tall and weigh 80 to 135 pounds. 

On the other hand, the females are a bit smaller and lighter. They generally have an average height of 22 to 25 inches and weigh 77 to 115 pounds.

They can be short compared to other breeds like Labrador retriever, but their height is usually relative to their weight.


Rottweiler's tail may vary- some are docked while others are not. The American Kennel Club accepts Rottweilers with docked tails in their breed standards.

But tail docking is not necessary unless your dog is prone to many injuries on its tail.

rottweiler lifespan

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Rottweiler Lifespan

A rottweiler’s lifespan depends on how committed you are to care for them. But with a proper diet and training, they could last up to 10-14 years. 

If you currently have some Rotties and want to prolong their lifespan, here are some tips to keep them healthy.

Proper diet

Foods are essential to all living creatures, and so for Rottweiler puppies and dogs. If proper nutrition is given, it will help them grow healthy. 

It also allows them to develop their potentials, stay active, and keeps them away from diseases. But, it must be at an adequate amount.

You also need to provide proper food for your Rottweiler for them to have a healthy lifestyle.


Just like humans, Rottweiler dogs and puppies need a proper diet and exercise

It helps maintain their mental health and slows their aging. On top of that, it helps to build a strong bond with you.

In addition to that, regular exercise would strengthen their joints and muscles and prevent many health issues.

Rottweiler puppy’s exercise may be different from the adult Rottweiler. A puppy may love to play and starts with essential activities like walking and running.

But as they grow bigger, they’d like to indulge in more vigorous activities.

rottweiler dog breed

What to Feed Rottweiler Dog

Here are some tips you need to remember to maintain your Rottweiler puppies' good diet and nutrition to maintain your Rottweiler puppies’ good diet and nutrition. 

Dry food is a must for your Rottweiler. At least 4 to 10 cups of dry food divided into two meals daily would be great.

But the amount they need depends on their size, age, and the activity level they're performing. Rottweiler puppies don't need the same amount as their mature parents have. 

The quality of your Rottweiler's food is also essential to keep them safe. So it would if you’d talk to your veterinarian about the best foods for Rottweillers and where to find them. 

To keep their good shape, measure their food every meal instead of letting them gorge on their food. 

If you want to know if your Rottweiler gained more weight, eyes and the hands-on test would be of great help. To do that, you just have to look closely at them.

But if you're unsure, measure their body by putting your hands on their back and your thumbs on their spine. Be sure to spread your fingers downwards. 

If you feel his ribs without pressing hard, then they're not prone to being overweight. But if you don't, then your Rottweiler needs more exercise and less food.

Common Health Problems of a Rottweiler Dog

As a dog owner, you are not only responsible for caring for your pets. It would help if you’d also consider the health risks before deciding to adopt them.

Rottweiler dogs are not exempted from that. Like other breeds, they can be prone to many health problems if not cared for properly.

So it’s imperative to be aware of these health issues, including the following:

Hip Dysplasia

This hereditary disease refers to the abnormality on hip sockets, called femur (thigh bone), located in the dog’s rear legs. 

In this condition, the femur doesn't fit with the pelvis. As a result, the Rottweiler dog may suffer from arthritis as it ages. But you might not notice signs of it. 

Good thing the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals or the University of Pennsylvania Hip Improvement Program offers X-ray screening for hip dysplasia (PennHIP). 

Dogs with hip dysplasia should not be bred. 

So if you're buying a Rottweiler puppy, make sure the breeder can provide you confirmation that the parents are healthy. They must be tested and proven free from hip dysplasia.

Elbow Dysplasia

Elbow dysplasia is a genetic elbow joint deformity, which can also be hereditary. Only x-rays can determine the severity of this dysplasia. 

Your veterinarian may suggest surgery or pain medication to alleviate the discomfort of your Rottweiler if it’s suffering from this condition.


It’s a type of bone cancer that affects the strength level of your Rottweiler. If you observe lameness and swelling in your dog’s bone, it’d be best to consult your veterinarian.

Your dog may also suffer from Gastric Torsion, hypothyroidism, and allergies. Although these conditions aren’t severe, they also need to be treated. 

rottweiler puppy

Rottweiler Puppy and Adult Dogs: Where to Find Them

Finding Rottweiler puppies to spend time and bond with is an individual choice. You can either adopt a Rottweiler puppy or purchase one from a trustworthy breeder.

Below are some of the reliable organizations that can help you where to purchase or adopt Rottweiler puppies.

The American Rottweiler Club and AKC

The American Rottweiler Club is the parent club for all the Rottweilers. Together with the American Kennel Club, this organization promotes the precise reproduction of Rottweiler puppies and maintains their breeding standards throughout America.

ARC and AKC members are expected to strictly follow that standard to maintain a good level of humane ownership. They must follow the mandatory breeding practices and be responsible for presenting the best Rottweiler breed.

Therefore, you can be sure that the Rottweiler puppies and dogs you’d be purchasing through them are of top quality.

Rottweiler Rescue Foundation

If you prefer to adopt a Rottweiler dog, the Rottweiler Rescue Foundation can help you. It supports more than 45 groups that rescue Rottweiler dogs in the United States.

They cater to any group or individual that is interested in Rottweiler rescue. 

All rescuers should apply and must have a specific rescue policy in place.

It includes a statement that all dogs are spayed or neutered before adoption (unless a medical condition prevents it), and a dog should have no unsatisfactory temperament.

Considering these two ways in finding a Rottweiler would surely help you find the best companion.

rottweiler puppies

Rottweiler Puppy and Dog Care

Well-socialized Rottweiler puppies can develop a strong bond with their family, other dogs, and even with strangers. 

But although they are large and playful dogs, they can become bored, aggressive, and destructive if left indoors. Make sure you don’t leave them for a couple of hours, days, or even weeks.

It would be best if you’d prepare many different home activities for Rottweiler puppies who get bored quickly.

Early training is also essential for Rottweiler puppies to cultivate their personality, ability, and strength. That’s part of your responsibility in caring for them.

Here are some ways to groom and maintain the excellent look of your Rottweiler puppy while they’re also growing as an adult.

Grooming your Rottweiler Puppies and Dogs

The hair coat of your Rottie is short, coarse, and lustrous. So the shedding rate of this breed is modest, and it only requires essential brushing

Brush your Rottie using a curry brush or similar item regularly to keep the coat healthy. But in the spring and fall, you should expect more shedding.

As they grow, their nails also grow longer. So, to keep your Rottweiler comfortable and healthy, it's essential to check and cut it regularly.

You also need to ensure that regular bathing and brushing is part of your dog’s routine to clean their body. It can help them stay healthy and avoid many infectious viruses and bacteria.

Rottweiler Dog History

Now, let's go back to the time when and where this breed originates.

It isn't very enjoyable to talk about history. But, indeed, you might find this Rottweiler's history as an interesting one. 

The Rottweiler dog’s long history traces back to the glorious days of the Roman empire.

Roman armies bring their herds with them when marching to different parts of the world. So, they needed a tough and hard-working dog that could guard the flock.

That’s when they started to develop the Rottweilers using Asian Mastiffs. They even brought it to Germany when they were fighting the German army – the barbarian hoards.

When the empire collapsed, Rottweilers were left behind. And later, they were found working as cattle dogs in the town of Rottweil.

They dedicated their time to protecting the herd from bandits while traveling from the pasture to the market. That's how they got the name Rottweiler Metzgerhund, or Butcher’s Dog of Rottweil.

However, during the rise of railroad cattle cars in the 1800s, the Rotties lost their job at livestock. 

But later, these dogs became prized police dogs and personal protectors. 

Since then, their career has kept on flourishing. In fact, Rotties became one of the first guide dogs for blind people.

And many Rotties of today became part of the search-and-rescue workers in Oklahoma and the World Trade Center. 

Rottweiler Dog: Final Thoughts

Like any other dog, a Rottweiler comes with a few downsides. But its hard-working personality, intelligent mind, and attractive physical features make it a desirable pet.

If you need a dog that can safeguard and accompany you and your family, they are worth considering.

However, you have to remember that dog ownership comes at a cost.

You’ll need to provide quality dog food, pay for the veterinary costs and spend time to train them. 

But your sacrifices would be surely worth it. 

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