The Best Thanksgiving dog sweater

Sometimes, a dog's fur coat just isn't enough to keep them warm during the fall and winter months. Maybe you just want to keep your dog warm or maybe you just want him to look his best during the family dinner, either way, the best Thanksgiving dog sweater options will do the trick.

Doggy sweaters can be a practical article of clothing and a great way for your pup to show his (or your) excitement for the upcoming holiday. But, you have to ensure that you're just picking his new wardrobe based on aesthetic appearance alone. The best Thanksgiving dog sweater should be fashionable and functional.

The first thing you need to consider is whether or not your dog really needs a sweater. We know they are adorable, and there is no doubt that your canine companion will be the envy of all of your Thanksgiving guests, but does he really need that extra layer of warmth? If your dog already has a thick, warm coat of fur, covering him in a sweater could cause him to overheat.

We've found some great Thanksgiving dog sweater options below, and they'll all ensure your pet is the talk of the dinner table. Below, we'll discuss how to choose the best Thanksgiving dog sweater, how to measure your pup for a sweater, and the pros and cons of each of these top five choices on our list:

Thanksgiving Dog Sweater Price Quality Rating
Double-Legged Pet Sweater Knitwear $$ B 3.7/5

Blaoicni Plaid Dog Hoodie Sweatshirt

$ B 3.7/5
Knitted Holiday Dog Sweater with Pompom $ C 3.0/5
CafePress Leftovers are for Quitters $$$ C 3.0/5
BOBIBI Dog Sweater Plaid Winter Knitwear $ C 3.0/5

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Picking the right Thanksgiving dog sweater

If you decide that your pooch does indeed need a Thanksgiving dog sweater, you'll have many shapes, sizes, and colors to choose from. As with all consumer products, these pet sweaters are not all created equally. It's your responsibility to find a sweater that is comfortable for your dog and won't cause discomfort or pain or restrict the range of motion.

Before choosing a Thanksgiving dog sweater, measure your pup. There are three areas you need to measure on your dog: (1) neck size, (2) girth, and (3) length. For a full explanation of how to measure your dog for clothes, see this video guide.

How to Measure a Dog for Thanksgiving Dog Sweater

How to Measure a Dog for Thanksgiving Dog Sweater

If the openings for his legs are too tight, or they don't fit correctly, it may chafe his armpits, causing him a lot of discomforts and even pain. If the dog sweater is too loose, it may get caught on household objects or tree branches and become a hazard.

The best option is to purchase a sweater from a dog-friendly pet store. This way, you can bring Fido with you and have him try on the best Thanksgiving dog sweater options right in the store. You will be able to make a wise purchase knowing that the sweater fits perfectly. If you find a better deal online, you can still purchase the product after trying it at the store. Just make sure the company has a good return policy.

Top 11 Best Thanksgiving Dog Sweater Options

1 Pet Cuisine’s Double-Legged Sweater


Get your pet’s apparel in sync with your Thanksgiving color palette. These knitted sweaters from Pet Cuisine come in orange and black, with cute patches of turkey and pumpkin, respectively, stitched at the back. Four sizes are available from XS to L. To give you an idea of the size, the S size will be perfect for a 10-lb Chihuahua.

The neck, hem, and sleeves are ribbed, and the acrylic yarn fabric gives the sweater a good stretch for a snug yet comfortable fit. Pet Cuisine's Double-Legged Pet Sweater is great as a costume for Thanksgiving dinner or just to keep warm for more practical activities like walking and hunting. There are two other colors – red and blue, with snowman and Christmas tree patches, respectively – which you can buy ahead, too, for the Christmas holidays.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review + PHOTOS): “My little fella loves this sweater. Not too thick, and fits nicely over his fur…”



 Blaoicni Plaid Dog Hoodie Sweatshirt

Plaid Dog Hoodie Sweatshirt Sweater for Small Dogs Cat Puppy Clothes Coat Warm and Soft(S) This best Thanksgiving dog sweater is a really attractive hoodie sweatshirt for your dog. There are six sizes available–ranging from XS to XXL.

The Blaoicni Plaid Dog Hoodie Sweatshirt features a classic red plaid pattern and is made from 65% polyester and 35% cotton.

The hoodie itself is made from fleece fabric that can keep your dog warm and comfortable during the cold winter.

There is also a hole in the back for the leash, so you can still take your dog for a walk while wearing this.


3  Knitted Holiday Dog Sweater with Pompom


This knitted sweater has the same basic cut as any other winter pet wear, except that there is a hood with a cute little pompom attached to it. The hem and neckline are highly-elastic, making it easy to put it on your dog. It's also double-knitted, so you'll be sure of your pooch's comfort while being stylish.

Like the two sweaters we’ve featured on top, this covers your dog from the neck down to the base of the tail. The front part of this Knitted Holiday Dog Sweater with Pompom is high enough to allow your pet to pee without wetting that part. There are only 2 sizes available; the larger one has an 11.8″ neckline and a 14″ chest size.


4  CafePress Leftovers Are For Quitters

CafePress Leftovers are for Quitters Emoji Dog T Shirt Dog T-Shirt, Pet Clothing, Funny Dog Costume Arrive at your Thanksgiving dinner or family gathering with your pet in a lighthearted mood – get your dog this cool shirt from CafePress. It says, “Leftovers Are For Quitters,” and bears a plump turkey emoji. This shirt is white and made of highly breathable cotton fabric, accented with black ringers around the sleeve, neck, and hem.

There are six sizes available, from Small through XXXL, but make sure to order 1 or 2 sizes up because CafePress – Leftovers Are For Quitters Emoji – Dog T-Shirts are not as stretchy as the first four sweaters we have on this list. To give you an idea, the Small size would be just perfect for teacup breeds, while the XXXL would be great for an English Mastiff.

5  BOBIBI Dog Sweater Plaid Winter Knitwear

BOBIBI Dog Sweater of The Diamond Plaid Pet Cat Winter Knitwear Warm Clothes,Orange,XS Another perfect holiday sweater for your dog is this knitwear from BOBIBI. The orange-and-gray classic diamond plaid design is perfect for both Thanksgiving and Christmas!

In fact, the colors and patterns are all very cheerful yet neutral, so your dog may actually wear the BOBIBI Dog Sweater Plaid Winter Knitwear, whatever the season.

This is available in 5 sizes and 2 color options–orange or navy.

If you were to pick this, it's better to base the size according to your pet's chest measurement for a proper fit.

6  Ruff Ruff and Meow Gobble Sweater

Ruff Ruff and Meow Dog Tank Top, Gobble, White, Extra-Large Get this turkey shirt for Thanksgiving Day, and let your family and friends know that you and your dog are ready for the feast. This best Thanksgiving dog sweater from Ruff Ruff and Meow is made of 100% cotton fabric and is very cool and comfortable. The shirt is white and has piping around the neck, armhole, and hem.

At the back is a silkscreened print of a turkey and the words, “Gobble Gobble Gobble,” all in orange. Only one size is available for dogs 20”-30” across the chest. The length of the Ruff Ruff and Meow Dog Tank Top, Gobble is 16.5”. This shirt won’t shrink because it has already been prewashed.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “My pitbull loves her shirts. This is perfect for the fall. She is about 55-60 Lbs (she doesn't like the scale so it is hard to get a good reading)…”


7 CafePress It's Gobblin' Time!


Another fun shirt from CafePress says, “It’s Gobblin’ Time!” The print also shows a turkey cartoon with ruffled wings and crossed eyes. The shirt is white, while the print is a combination of brown, black, orange, and red-orange colors. This cotton shirt is cool and comfortable is wide around the neck, and hangs low at the back.

This best Thanksgiving dog sweater has a black ringer accent around the collar, sleeves, and hem. Like the CafePress shirt we featured before the CafePress – It's Gobblin' Time! – For the Dog T-Shirt, choose 1-2 sizes bigger because the size runs small. This has not been preshrunk, so you have to allow for shrinkage. There are currently six sizes available for this style – Small through XXXL.


8 Pink Sky Lovely Thanksgiving Shirt


Pink Sky’s dog shirts will be the perfect clothing for the fun and feast you’re going to have on Thanksgiving Day. The shirt is made of 100% polyester fiber in color choices of ash, black, sky blue, and yellow, with edging of contrasting colors around the sleeve, neck, and hem.

At the back, there’s a multicolor turkey wearing a Pilgrim’s hat. Three sizes are available from Small through Large. While the Pink Sky Lovely Thanksgiving Turkey Dog Shirt is great for the holiday season, it is also practical for strolling and daily use. The bright colors will make your pet highly visible and easy to spot, especially in a crowd.

9 Petitebella Turkey Face Dog Shirt

Petitebella Cute Turkey Face Puppy Dog Shirt (Orange/White, Medium) This Thanksgiving shirt from Petitebella is made from 100% soft cotton fabric that is breathable and stretchy, best for dogs with sensitive skin. Petitebella Turkey Face Dog Shirt comes in 7 different sizes and 3 color options: orange, brown, or white.

Because it's made from cotton, it's best to wear this inside the house for some snuggle sessions instead of outdoor activities.

Also, the sizes mostly run small, so make sure to check the recommended weight first before ordering.


10 Gracefur Knit Breathable Warm Sweater


Gracefur’s pumpkin-color sweater will definitely look great for Thanksgiving, but it will also be a good outfit for keeping your pets warm yet unhampered in their movement through the winter season. It is made of thick, soft acrylic material, which remains light and comfortable when worn, washes easily, and dries quickly.

The collar is ribbed and looks like a turtleneck-style top with the collar folded down. The ribbed and folded-edge concept of the Gracefur Pet Dog Clothes Knit Breathable Warm Sweater is repeated on the sleeves and the hem. The back of the sweater displays a smiling pumpkin face. There’s a hole just below the collar on the back for the leash. There are five sizes available – from XS through XL.


11 Thanksgiving Gobble Breathable Pet Sweater

Dog Shirts Thanksgiving T-Shirt Pet Clothes Soft Breathable Hoodie Sweater for Small Dogs Cats Puppy L This list won’t be complete without this cute number for small dogs or puppies. This best Thanksgiving dog sweater is made of 100% soft cotton fabric, comfortable for pets to wear for a long time.

It sure is an eye-catcher, with the turkey and the word “Gobble,” definitely a must for a Gobble Day celebration!

There are five available sizes for the Thanksgiving Gobble Breathable Pet Sweater, starting from Small to XXL.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “I wanted to order this for my dog, but it doesn't give information on sizes. What is a medium? (chest, weight, length, etc.?) Hoping the seller can include this information. My dog wears a medium in some dog…”

The Best Thanksgiving Dog Sweaters

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