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Top 10 Cool Thanksgiving Dog Collars

It's fun to share the holidays with your family members – including your furry family members. Sometimes just bringing Fido with you to the family gatherings is enough,

Top Best Thanksgiving Dog Collarsbut other pet owners wish to be a bit more festive. The best Thanksgiving dog collars are an easy way to include your pet in the holiday fun!

Just remember that these collars aren't just for show. Your dog will have to wear it for at least a few hours at a time. You need to ensure that you find a collar that fits and is comfortable.

We've found 10 of the best Thanksgiving dog collars and evaluated the pros and cons of each one. Here's a quick look at our top five choices, and we'll go into more details about each collar down below:

Thanksgiving Dog Collars Price Quality Rating
Blueberry Pet Spirit Collection Designer Collar $ B 4.6/5
Schmoopsie Couture Thanksgiving Turkey Collar $ A 4.7/5
Caninedesign's Thanksgiving Collar $ A+ 4.8/5
Country Brook Design Deluxe Collar $ A 5.0/5
Up Country Gobble Gobble Thanksgiving Collar $$ B+ 4.5/5

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Top 10 Best Thanksgiving Dog Collars

1Blueberry Pet Spirit Designer Collar

Blueberry Pet Spirit Collection Designer Dog CollarMark the start of the holiday season with a Thanksgiving collar for your wooly friend. Blueberry Pet introduces its Thanksgiving Spirit Collection with designer dog collars, and you'd love this Turkey pattern in autumn colors with a removable felt maple leaf accent. The collar is durably constructed of high-quality polyester webbing for optimum comfort on the skin.

The Blueberry Pet Spirit Collection Designer Dog Collar has eco-friendly plastic press-stud buckles, plastic adjusting slides, and a metal D-ring for convenient fastening and maximum adjustability. Medium size has a length that's adjustable from 14.5″ to 20″ and width of ¾,” and is recommended for dogs weighing up to 45 pounds. For a secure fit, measure your dog's neck circumference allowing two fingers to fit between the collar and your pet's neck.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “Love Blueberry collars. Highly recommend them for your pets. Bought this for my grandpuppie. My goal is to have one for each holiday plus I have purchased others for her. Then matching…”


2Schmoopsie Couture Turkey Collar

This Thanksgiving Dog Collar from Schmoopsie Couture is proudly made and handcrafted in the USA, and you'll love its strong nylon strap. Unlike the Blueberry collar, the turkey face pattern along the collar's length was not directly printed on the orange nylon webbing. Instead, it was printed on the brown ribbed US designer ribbon accent and sewn to the orange nylon webbing.

This is one of the best Thanksgiving dog collars because it has a plastic buckle and slider for adjusting and fastening and a heavy-duty D-ring for leash attachment. The strap of this medium-size collar is a 1-inch wide strap and 11″ -17″ adjustable length. There are three widths to choose from with the Schmoopsie Couture Thanksgiving Turkey Dog Collar, but 1″ is the widest. You may check out the other collar sizes, and matching leashes, too.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “Great quality & ships timely! Plus you get a nice personalized card thanking you. Very nice. Love the collars. We had experienced some collars slipping and not keeping their size, not these they are…”

3Caninedesign Thanksgiving Dog Collar

Caninedesign’s Thanksgiving Dog CollarThis bright-colored Thanksgiving Dog Collar from Caninedesign has all the trappings you'll want for the upcoming festive holiday celebrations. It is made of grosgrain ribbon accent sewn on heavy-duty webbed nylon. It features a sturdy, slightly contoured side-release buckle, a slide adjuster for locking and adjusting, and a metal D-ring. The needlework is solid, and uses box stitching was needed to prevent it from unraveling.

There are three sizes for this 1-inch wide collar, ranging from medium through extra-large. The extra-large size has an adjustable length of 18″ -26″. You'd love the pattern choices you have with the Caninedesign's Thanksgiving Dog Collar because there are five cute designs all dedicated for Thanksgiving. If you have several pouches at home, check out the other designs so each of your dogs can have their individual style for Thanksgiving dinner.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “Thick, sturdy and soooo cute! A great quality collar that is very fun for Thanksgiving. The medium fits our beagle perfectly…”


4Country Brook Design Deluxe Collar

Country Brook Design Deluxe Dog CollarLike our top collar from Blueberry Pets, this collar from Country Brook is not designed using ribbon overlay. Instead, it's one solid polyester strap with the design directly on it. This 1-inch wide collar is recommended for large breed dogs, such as German shepherds, pit bulls, and golden retrievers. The large size will fit a neck circumference of 16″ -22″. The clasp is made with a durable YKK contoured plastic side-release buckle for your convenience, and adjustment is an easy glide with the tri-glide adjuster.

A heavy-duty metal D-ring is also incorporated for your dog's leash. There are three other sizes aside from this large collar. You may want to know that while this is one of the best Thanksgiving dog collars, it is also the most inexpensive item on our list. That's quite surprising since we can see how well-made the Country Brook Design Deluxe Dog Collar is judging by the solid stitching, double box stitching, and solid nylon webbing it uses instead of ribbon overlay as we have noted earlier.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “Great quality. Very happy….”


5Up Country Gobble Gobble Collar

Up Country Gobble Gobble Thanksgiving Holiday Dog CollarGet your pet noticed and complimented with this attractive red-orange collar with a repeating pattern of the word “gobble” and the image of a turkey. One of the best Thanksgiving dog collars, this model from Up Country gets the festive message across in a subtle yet unmistakable way.

This patterned ribbon is overlaid on a sturdy brown nylon strap which fastens with a quick-release plastic buckle, adjusts with a plastic tri-glide adjuster, and attaches to a leash with a metal D-ring. The Up Country Gobble Gobble Thanksgiving Holiday Colar is handcrafted, which is why it's neat and pretty finish. It's available in medium, large, and extra-large sizes. All sizes have 1-inch width. We recommend hand-washing and line drying, which should be quite easy.


6Native Pup Thanksgiving Collar

Native Pup Thanksgiving Dog CollarThis is one of the best Thanksgiving dog collars for the girls. But if it doesn't suit your big boy, why not try the fall leaves, pumpkin pie, and turkey face design? Native pup offers this pretty Thanksgiving collar at a reasonable price. They're made of durable polyester with strong plastic clips and a metal D-ring. The popular collar(in the photo) features a cute turkey design in brown, pink, and orange highlights.

This collar is available in three sizes (small, medium, and large) and offers vibrant and long-lasting colors. Since it's available in 4 different patterns, you have a lot of choices for your dog depending on your mood. We're sure you can get into the Thanksgiving spirit no matter what design you choose.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “Purchased 3 collars and all 3 were absolutely adorable! Exactly as depicted in images in listing. Reasonably priced, All 3 appear to be well made and durable, we’ve only worn 1 for a few weeks. My dawgos are pretty ruff on stuff, Into many outdoor activities & getting dirty and the collar is holding up & cleaning up very well. Received lots of paws-ative compliments from other fur parents asking where I purchased. Would definitely recommend. “


73 Dirty Dawgz Pilgrims and Indians Collar

3 Dirty Dawgz Pilgrims and Indians Thanksgiving Dog CollarsUnlike most collars in this list, the structural backing for this 3 Dirty Dawgz collar is made of Polypro webbing, a material that has high stretch resistance and is durable, too. This material is lighter than nylon or polyester webbing, thus it makes for lighter dog collars. The collar's 1-inch width displays a colorful and festive Thanksgiving scene of Labs as Indians and Boston Terriers as Pilgrims.

There are three sizes to choose from with these best Thanksgiving dog collars – medium, large, extra-large – and all sizes of the 3 Dirty Dawgz Pilgrims and Indians Thanksgiving Dog Collars sold at the same price. Here's an important thing, don't rely on your dog's usual size. You have to actually measure your dog's neck circumference to get the perfect fit.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “So cute! But measure before you order. I always order XL, and the collar is too big for my 85 lb Doberman. Super cute, but unfortunately I can't put it on her because it's just too big- and I can't tighten it…”


8CritterGear's Adjustable Holiday Collar

CritterGear’s Adjustable Dog Collar in Holiday Thanksgiving TurkeysOne unique thing about this Thanksgiving collar from CritterGear is that it's also made of a durable nylon core. It is covered by a printed fabric made of 100% cotton. So if you have a pet that reacts or is incompatible with nylon, then there's no reason not to be fashionable during the holiday season. The colorful turkey pattern over gray stripes and off-white background is definitely theme-specific, too.

The CritterGear's Adjustable Dog Collar in Holiday Thanksgiving Turkeys will make your pooch look cool without being overly decorated, which some dogs dislike. It's available in five sizes starting from extra-small, which is ½-inch wide and 6″ -11″ long, up to extra-large, which is 1-inch wide and 18″ -28″. It has the usual slide adjuster, buckle, and metal D-ring.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “Cute well made and appears to be comfortable dog collar. The collar arrived in the time promised, in good condition and looks just like the picture. I have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who weighs…”


9KOOLTAIL Dog Collar 2 Packs Thanksgiving Day

KOOLTAIL Dog Collar 2 Packs Thanksgiving DayThis package comes with 2 collars that feature different patterns. This festive collar plays with colors like the orangey pumpkins in the first design. The second design features the iconic turkey wearing a Pilgrim's hat with maple leaves and other holiday elements in the pattern. And it's finished off with a cute removable bow tie that freely moves on the webbing.

For ease in adjusting and fastening, it uses a quick-release buckle with stainless steel D-ring. The size of this collar is adjustable from 14″ to 21.5,” and it fits medium dogs the most. However, you need to measure your dog's neck to ensure it works. This collar is designed for Thanksgiving parties, but it's also suitable for everyday use.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “Love the colors and pattern. Very bright. Clasp has held up to our pup trying to take off at the park several times to meet another dog in excitement. So far, bow has been holding up… it's been about a week.


10Country Brook Design Deluxe Happy Thanksgiving Ribbon Collar

Country Brook Design Deluxe Happy Thanksgiving Ribbon Dog CollarCountry Brooks Thanksgiving Dog Collar is made of 100% nylon webbing and grosgrain ribbon sewn tightly together. The grosgrain ribbon is textured with its distinctive transverse ribs. It bears a pattern of leaves and acorns in autumn colors and a greeting of Happy Thanksgiving. This design strikes a nice balance between being festive and being simple and understated.

This collar is available in medium, large, and extra-large sizes. The medium size collar is 1-inch wide and works for dogs with neck circumference between 13″ and 16″.  The Country Brook Design Deluxe Happy Thanksgiving Ribbon Dog Collar is soft and comfortable, yet is sturdily made as can be seen from its durable box stitching and heavy-duty YKK plastic buckle and strap slide adjuster.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “Cute collar…”

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