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Articles, studies and advice on best dog food brands, interviews with vets on dog nutrition, reviews of top dog food choices and videos of how to read dog food labels, how to feed a dog, and everything else a responsible dog parent needs to know about dog foods.
How Commercial Dog Food Is Made

How Commercial Dog Food Is Made?

Learning how commercial dog food is made will help you understand the ingredients that are used and how they are processed. This can tell you...
vet recommended dog treats

Which Dog Treats Do Veterinarians Recommend and Why?

Many vets have their own preferences with regards to recommended dog treats. It's important to understand that in most cases, vet recommended treats for...
How to Know Which is the Healthiest Dog Food

How to Know Which is the Healthiest Dog Food?

Trying to decide which is the healthiest dog food for your pooch is a bit of a minefield.The first thing to bear in mind...
How Healthy Natural Dog Food Really Is

How Healthy Natural Dog Food Really Is? A Critical Look

Many people choose to feed their dogs natural food, which makes sense really. I mean, we can all picture in our minds our dogs...

Pros and Cons of the BARF Diet for Dogs

Feeding your dog bones and raw food is becoming extremely popular at the moment, but does it work? Is it beneficial to our dog’s...
Best Dog Food for Yorkies

Best Dog Food for Yorkies: How & What to Feed Yorkshire Terriers?

Careful diet consideration is important for the health of all dogs, but very small breeds can be especially tricky to feed. Yorkshire Terriers are...
Best Dog Food for Pugs How & What to Feed Pugs

Best Dog Food for Pugs: How & What to Feed Pugs?

Pugs make wonderful companions and are generally robust little dogs, but they are notorious for eating everything in sight. Since I have a Pug,...
Dog Food Ratings

Dog Food Ratings: What You Need to Know About Dog Food Reviews Websites

When we're deciding which dog food we want to feed our pets for a long period of time, one thing is always clear in our minds: we love our dogs and want to...
Can Dogs Go Vegan

Can Dogs Go Vegan? Ins and Outs of Vegetarian Diet for Dogs

When you decide to add a dog to your family unit, there are a lot of additional decisions that need to be made. Where...