As they say, the beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. We have all heard this saying at least once. It is true, but the most beautiful things are always beheld by the most eyes. In a world full of canines, many consider these dogs to be the most beautiful dog breeds by the greatest number of people.

Naturally, of the millions of dogs around the world, none will be as beautiful as the fur-baby that has stolen your heart. But this list will help you see simply which breeds other people thought as most appealing. A lot of this based on breed's popularity, too. So if you want a pup that is a conversation starter, one from this list will certainly turn some heads at the dog park.

Just remember that appearance isn't everything. Be sure to research a breed's history, common personality traits and any health issues they may be predisposed to. You can't choose your new forever friend based solely on looks. You need to know what you're getting into for the long haul before committing to adopting a certain breed.

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35 Most Beautiful Dog Breeds in the World

Most Beautiful Dog Breeds

Beautiful Large Breed Dogs

1. Doberman Pinscher

This famous dog breed is sleek and shiny, and very well-known around the world. Brave and loyal, Doberman Pinschers are very graceful and well-placed.

Energetic and playful, the Doberman needs to be exercised regularly to keep from being aggressive and destructive. These pups make great guard dogs.

2. German Shepherd

German ShepherdYou will often see the dogs in this breed working, whether on the police force, the fire team or as a guard dog. These aloof canines are not easily distracted.

German Shepherd Dogs are energetic and love play time, but they are calm and restrained as well. German Shepherds know there is a time and place for everything.

3. Chow Chow

DChow Chowogs in this breed look regal like a lion. These fur-babies are not very energetic and do not need a lot of exercise. Chows do well with alone time as they are independent and self-willed.

This also makes them hard to train. If you own one of these, you will need to use strong, “pack-leader” training. Keep in mind that this breed will also need a significant amount of grooming.

4. Akita Inu

Akita InuThese pups prefer to be the top dog, so they need a strong trainer to convince them they are the “beta”. Akita’s do not get along well with other animals.

While one of the most beautiful dog breeds, they are known to be aggressive without proper training. If you have kids in the house, they need to be taught not to approach a pooch at feeding time.

5. Alaskan Malamute

Alaskan MalamuteA breed that prefers colder temperatures, the Alaskan Malamute is friendly and playful, when you know how to handle them and care for these dogs. These personable dogs “talk”.

They will serenade you with “woo-woos” and “rouw-rouws”. Malamutes love to climb and jump, so you need a tall, sturdy fence for these fur-babies. But you also need to be an experienced handler.

6. Rhodesian Ridgeback

Rhodesian RidgebackAn African breed, these dogs are strong and tough. This powerful breed will need training. The Ridgeback is friendly and playful and can easily hurt someone in the heat of the moment.

Pooches in this category are muscular and well built. They have a distinctive line (ridge) of hair on their spine.

7. Great Dane

Great DaneLoving and loyal, Great Danes are great for homes with kids and other pets. These playful dogs will need to be taught manners while they are still small.

Once grown, the Great Dane can easily hurt kids and break things while just trying to play. If you think horses are beautiful, you will think these giants are one of the most beautiful dog breeds, too.

8. Boxer 

Boxer While Boxers can look quiet intimidating, they are really one of the friendliest breeds around. Muscular and sleek, they make great watch dogs as their appearance alone is a deterrent to would-be criminals.

These short hair dogs are easy to maintain, but they do shed a lot. Boxers are also very active dogs and require lots of exercise. Without an appropriate outlet, their excess energy could come out in naughty behaviors.

9. Kuvasz

KuvaszThis breed can be aggressive and fearful, you will need to be a strong, experienced trainer to successfully own this dog. Since this is a list of the most beautiful dog breeds, they are obviously very appealing to the eye.

These calm, laid-back dogs need a calm, laid-back household. They do not do well around kids and other pets. Simply put, it's best if your Kusasz is the only pet in the household.

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Beautiful Medium Breed Dogs

Beautiful Medium Breed Dogs

10. Australian Shepherd

Aussies are active and outdoorsy. They love to run and play and get wet and do tricks and …well, anything. Friendly and cheerful, they are great with kids and other animals.

Their often crystal-clear blue eyes are one of the unique features that lands them on the list of the most beautiful dog breeds. These canines can even have two different colored eyes.

11. Canaan Dog

Canaan DogThe territorial Canaan is a great breed for a watchdog. They are affectionate with their owners, but they don’t like strangers.

These are calm dogs that do not like being around young kids or other pets. With almost no shedding and no need to brush, these pups are pretty and easy to maintain.

12. Shiba Inu

Shiba InuA mid-size dog, the Shiba Inu originated in Japan. While these beautiful dogs don’t just look good, they are also very healthy. These fur-babies are neat and dainty and will clean themselves like a cat.

Known to be aggressive, these pups do not like kids or other animals. They may be one of the most beautiful dog breeds, but they certainly are not one of the friendliest.

13. Beagle

BeagleThis breed has found its way into the hearts of many. They are lively and affectionate making them entertaining companions.

Bred as hunting dogs, the Beagle loves to bark and howl, and will need training to curb this desire. While maybe not beautiful in the traditional sense, they are definitely easy on the eyes.

14. Azawakh

AzawakhThese sleek canines are almost barkless. They also have a mild manner and calm demeanor. While they don’t like cats and rowdy kids, they are affectionate with their family members.

The Azawakh may seem aloof, but it is actually very attached to its owners and does better as an indoor dog. These dogs have a unique appearance, which is one of the main reasons they land on the list of the most beautiful dog breeds.

15. Siberian Husky

 Siberian HuskyPups in this breed are fluffy and prefer cooler temperatures. They are mischievous and entertaining, but they will need strict training.

With piercing eyes, Siberian Huskies make all of the most beautiful dog breeds lists. These dogs are outgoing and friendly, but are best suited for an experienced dog owner.

16. Belgian Malinois

Belgian MalinoisIf you have adult (or almost) children, and no other pets, do not rule out this breed. The Belgian Malinois is in the class of working dogs. If you are active and want a dog that you can teach all sorts of tricks and jobs, then this is the one for you.

Canines in this group are intelligent and easy to train. Unfortunately, they aren't very friendly with strangers. While they are one of the most beautiful dog breeds, the Belgian Malinois doesn't usually like children and would prefer to be in a calm, quiet home.

17. Pharaoh Hound

Pharaoh HoundThe breed that graces the walls of many Egyptian pyramids and temples, the Pharaoh Hound is regal and sleek. Independent and strong-willed, these dogs are a little harder to train than most.

An ancient desert breed, these good-looking pups do not do well in cold weather. These dogs have a lot of energy and were traditionally used as rabbit hunting dogs in the Maltese Islands.

18. Shetland Sheepdog

Shetland SheepdogThese healthy dogs have long hair and shed easily. But to outweigh that, they are highly intelligent problem solvers.

These dogs also bark little and are not known to want to break out of fences. Combine those traits with a reputation of not chewing up everything, and this is a great all around dog.

19. Whippet

WhippetAnother “barkless” dog, the Whippet is quiet to live around. These fast, agile dogs are friendly and social. However, they do need a lot of exercise and do best with the active, outdoor family.

These intelligent dogs are easy to train. They want nothing more than to be surround by happy people. The Whippet is a good choice for active families.

20. Ibizan Hound

Ibizan HoundThese streamlined, racing dogs are great with children. They also have short, easy to care for coats that keep them healthy in hot weather.

If this is the dog for you, make sure you have a tall, sturdy fence to keep them from constantly running away. Ibizan Hounds love to run and jump and can easily escape most enclosures.

21. Dalmatian

DalmatianThis is another ancient breed whose origins are spotty. They are believed to be ancient dogs of war. Dalmatians are independent and intelligent, so they are not as needy and clingy as some other breeds.

Dalmatians are known as one of the most beautiful dog breeds due to their whimsical, spotty coats. If you get one, you will need to make sure it gets lots of exercise. Dalmatians fit in well in homes with active humans who enjoy outdoor adventures.

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Beautiful Small Breed Dogs

Beautiful Small Breed Dogs

22. Bichon Frise

Quiet and calm, these little dogs do not fit the “hyper lapdog” stereotype. These sociable, curious fur-babies make great companions.

You will never have to worry about your pet running away, they are clingy and prefer to stay close to their master. Not only are they one of the most beautiful dog breeds, the luxurious coat of the Bichon does not shed.

23. Havanese

HavaneseA Cuban lapdog, these little pups do the job well. The Havanese is affectionate, inquisitive, and entertaining. The no shed, silky coat means this dog is pretty and hypo-allergenic.

A true lapdog, you don’t even have to exercise these pups. Most Havanese are content to just sit and be adored. They make an excellent pet for city dwellers living in small apartments and seniors looking for a small, affectionate friend.

24. Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire TerrierThe Yorkie is brave and confident, and pups in this breed love to explore. These popular dogs have coats of silver and gold. This is your more typically “yappy” small dog, but they can be trained to pipe down.

Affectionate and friendly, the Yorkshire Terrier does like to play. However, they don’t like things too loud and rowdy. It's best if these dogs aren't in homes around young or rambunctious children.

25. Miniature Pincher

Miniature PincherThese dogs have the look of the Doberman but not the size. The “Min-Pin” sheds very little and has a short, easy-to-groom coat. While friendly with its people, these pups do not like strangers.

Miniature Pinchers will need socialization training starting from puppyhood if you plan on taking them around strange people and places. These little dogs are low maintenance and become very attached to their owners.

26. Maltese

MalteseFluffy and white, these fur balls are a truly needy breed. They crave attention. Gentle and attentive, they also love to spoil their owners.

The Maltese is great for the person who wants to treat their dog like a child. With bows in their hair and painted nails, these beautiful pups garner a lot of attention.

27. Pekingese

PekingeseLike a lot of toy breeds, the Pekingese loves attention and does not like being left alone very often. These “Lion Dogs” are cute and spunky.

The Pekingese makes a great watchdog on top of being on e of the most beautiful dog breeds. They prefer the company of only a couple of masters. Calm, quiet homes are best for these canines.

28. Papillon

PapillonThe Papillon is instantly recognizable because of its butterfly ears. This intelligent breed is easy to train making them great for first-time and inexperienced dog owners.

These tiny pups are energetic and sturdy. They are ready for the more rough and tumble family. Healthy and friendly, these “butterflies” have it all.

29. Pomeranian

PomeranianPoms are alert and curious and make great pets for kids. These brave pups make great watch dogs. They will not hesitate to stand their ground.

Fluffy and cute, Pomeranians come in a variety of colors so you can choose your favorite. These dogs are hard to housebreak, so you may need puppy pee pads.

30. Coton De Tulear

Coton De TulearThis easy to house-train breed is the Royal Dog of Madagascar. Most of the show dogs from this breed are white, but you can find them in other colors.

In fact, the history states that the original dogs were many different colors, but the most popular white ones where actually created by breeding with the Bichon Frise.

31. Japanese Chin

Japanese ChinThis is the poster dog for lap dogs. They have a cute, inquisitive expression. Many people agree with the traditional Japanese view that they are an ascended being and higher than other dogs.

These little pups are loving and sensitive, and act more like cats than dogs. They are not just one of the most beautiful dog breeds, they're also a great fit for virtually any household.

32. Bolognese

BologneseThe Bolognese is a great dog for allergy sufferers. They have long white coats that do not shed. This fur-baby is calm and polite to everyone it meets.

This intelligent dog trains easily. The Bolognese learns to be quiet inside and rambunctious outside – just how it should be.

33. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles SpanielThese sturdy pups are one of the few toy breeds that can still go hiking and even hunting. The King Charles is said to be naturally obedient and easy to train.

A friendly dog, these handsome pups are ready to go out and meet the world – unless it is a furry animal. These canines retain a strong prey instinct.

34. Italian Greyhound

Italian GreyhoundThe Italian Greyhound is a very athletic dog. They need owners who are also athletic or have time to devote to satisfy this dog exercise needs.

An excellent jumper, these pooches need high fences. Like the larger Greyhounds, the Italian variation is sleek and slender.

35. Chinese Crested Hairless

Chinese Crested HairlessThis dog has enough hair to put in a bow if that is your wish, but the rest of their little body is hairless. The hair they do have is long and shiny.

In fact, they look like they could grace the cover of a romance novel. Chinese Crested are also calm and quiet; however, they do have house training difficulties.

That about rounds up our subjective yet researched list of most beautiful dogs in the world. Do you agree or disagree? Have you got any other dog breed to nominated as one of the most beautiful dog on the planet?

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The 35 Most Beautiful Dog Breeds in the World

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