Most Expensive Dog Breeds

Some of the most expensive dogs are so costly most of us wouldn’t even look twice into purchasing one. The more obscure and rare dogs can cost upwards of $10,000.

The most expensive dog breeds might be worth it to some, but future pet owners on a budget should probably choose low-cost dogs instead or adopt from a shelter.

Who wants to spend thousands of dollars for a dog that will undoubtedly chew up your favorite shoes, go to the bathroom in your home and ruin your furniture?

Believe it or not, some people do, and Americans, in particular, love their designer dogs.

Most Expensive Dog Breeds Breakdown

Irish Wolfhound$1400-2500
Canadian Eskimo Dog$6000-$7000
English Bulldog$1500-$4000
Yorkshire Terrier$600-$3000
Purebred: $1500-$10000
German Shepherd$1500-$5000
American Staffordshire TerrierAround $2000
Pharaoh Hound$1500-$2500
Peruvian Inca Orchid$1500-$4000
Bichon Frise$1000-$2000
AzawakhOn average: $2000-$2500
Can be sold for $3000
Tibetan Mastiff$1500-$5000
Bearded Collie$1500-$2500
Hairless Chinese Crested$1200-$2200
Dogo ArgentinoOn average: $1200-$2000
Purebred: $10000
Portuguese Water Dog$1500-$2500

Why Some Dog Breeds are So Expensive?

What are the most expensive dogs

The reason is because some of these costly dog breeds that are extremely expensive are at the top of their pedigree.

They come from reputable breeders who have taken the time to breed out all of the concerning health conditions known to their genetic lineage.

Reputable breeders will spend thousands of dollars on health testing every single dog, use DNA tests to predict ailments and take the time to properly screen all their animals.

However, studies show that there is still no 100% guarantee that a dog will be completely healthy and will have no genetically predisposed diseases during their lifetime.

While some of the most expensive dog breeds may appeal to you, it's best to consider your budget and the lifetime costs of caring for one of these dogs.

The more expensive the dog upon purchase, the more costly their care will likely be.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the most expensive dog breeds from all over the world, in no particular order.

Keep in mind that the price will depend on the dog's region, genealogical lineage, and any awards or certifications dog's parents may hold.

20 Most Expensive Dog Breeds 1

20 Most Expensive Dog Breeds in the World

Most Expensive Dog Breeds in the World1. Lowchen

Cost: The Lowchen usually sells for about $3000.

Also known as the ‘Little Lion Dog', the Lowchen was once one of the rarest dog breeds.

They're small and considered in some places as a toy breed.

It’s a non-sporting dog who has always been a companion to his humans.

Smart as a whip, happy, healthy, and a friendly pup who isn’t known for barking.

Irish Wolfhound as the Most Expensive Dog Breeds

2. Irish Wolfhound

Cost: The Irish Wolfhound generally sells for about $2000.

“Gentle when stroked, fierce when provoked.” This quote beautifully sums up this large and introverted breed.

Irish Wolfhounds are a reserved breed.

Their personalities are so vastly different that one cannot pinpoint one exact characteristic to the breed.

Irish Wolfhounds tend to not be destructive unless left alone and are very rarely boisterous.

Due to their size they can seem quite formidable and tend to be aloof towards strangers.

Other than that, this is the perfect breed for any family wanting a companion.

Maltese Most Expensive Dog Breeds

3. Maltese

Cost: One of the most expensive Maltese ever sold was for $5,000, an AKC registered pure pedigree pup.

This small white toy dog has long been the cuddly, friendly companion of humans all over.

Lively and very playful, they are easy to get along with. Even as they age, the playing doesn’t seem to cease.

This breed is great for people with apartments because they don’t need a lot of space and enjoy being indoors.

Sadly, this breed is also commonly surrendered at shelters because of their incessant barking.

Canadian Eskimo Dog as the Most Expensive Dog Breeds4. Canadian Eskimo Dog

Cost: Due to their dropping numbers, this breed can sell for upwards of $6000.

This breed is one of the rarest, as well as oldest wolf-like dog breeds alive today.

Unfortunately, their population numbers are dwindling down towards extinction.

They have a strong prey drive, are extremely loyal, and very intelligent.

The Canadian Eskimo dog is an affectionate and very gentle breed.

English Bulldog as the Most Expensive Dog Breeds

5. English Bulldog

Cost: They often sell for about $3000.

This wrinkly and stout breed is known for their relaxed approach to life. They aren’t the most athletic breed but make up for it in personality.

They love their people and are really good with children if they’ve grown up with them in the household.

Sadly, the English Bulldog has a lot of health problems, so seeking a reputable breeder is an absolute must.

Yorkshire Terrier as the Most Expensive Dog Breeds

6. Yorkshire Terrier

Cost: Yorkies can range from $600-$3000 depending on their lineage.

Also commonly known as the Yorkie, this beautiful breed has grown in popularity due to their small size.

They enjoy living a luxurious lifestyle indoors.

But, don’t let that fool you.

The Yorkie is still a terrier, and with that comes a bit of a prey drive.

They are great with kids if socialized with them from a young age, and they need monthly grooming because of their humanlike hair; they're not the best for first-time owners.

 German Shepherd as the Most Expensive Dog Breeds

7. German Shepherd

Cost: German Shepherds can sell for upwards of $6500, especially with training.

Loyal, fearless, playful and gorgeous.

The German Shepherd has come a long way from just being a working breed.

As a companion in your household, this breed will protect you and your family with its life, which is why they're the most popular police dog breed.

They can be medium to large in size, depending on the dog, and they are very active.

This breed also needs lots of stimulation and exercise.

Rottweiler as the Most Expensive Dog Breeds

8. Rottweiler

Cost: This breed can sell for more than $6000.

This fierce breed is known for being self-assured and one of the most scary dogs according to statistics.

They are courageous, confident and very calm, with a touch of aloofness.

Rottweilers have strong guarding and herding instincts, and it’s only when they are abused or neglected that they will become aggressive.

American Staffordshire Terrier

9. American Staffordshire Terrier

Cost: The American Staffordshire Terrier sells for about $1200.

While they may be one of the most expensive breeds, the American Staffordshire Terrier is also an easy-going breed that is loyal, athletic, and stubborn.

They can range from medium to large size and mostly need moderate daily exercise to keep them out of trouble.

A strong and experienced handler is best to work with and adopt this dog breed.

The AmStaff can be aggressive towards other dogs, and they're known as one of the most aggressive dogs, but with early socialization, this won’t be such a big problem in the long run.


Pharaoh Hound as the Most Expensive Dog Breeds

10. Pharaoh Hound

Cost: They can sell for $6500-$7000.

This sighthound is a very sensitive breed and they're also one of the most expensive dog breeds out there.

They are fantastic watchdogs but not guard dogs at all.

The Pharaoh Hound does loves being with their owners and can easily live in an apartment environment if their people take them for daily walks and runs.

20 Most Expensive Dog Breeds 2

Peruvian Inca Orchid Most Expensive Dog Breeds

11. Peruvian Inca Orchid

Cost: The Peruvian Inca Orchid can go for about $3000.

Hairless and beautiful, the Peruvian Inca Orchid is a sight hound that is extremely affectionate toward their humans and their kids.

They can be wary of strangers and are very protective when it comes to the children and smaller-stature women of their families.

This breed is very friendly towards other dogs, which means they’ll do well in a family with other canine members and potentially other pets.

It's a rare dog breed and you'll seldom see one of these around, which is why these dogs are one of the most expensive dog breeds on the planet.

Bichon Frise Expensive Dog Breed

12. Bichon Frise

Cost: These dogs can sell for about $1500 or more depending on the breeder.

Another fluffy white surprise, the Bichon Frise is cheerful and merry. This breed is great with kids due to their playful nature, gentle demeanor, and affectionate attitude.

Although they're one of the most expensive dog breeds, they get along great with other dogs and animals.

The Bichon Frise is the perfect companion for any human who wants a dog to be at their side wherever they go.

Samoyed as the Most Expensive Dog Breeds

13. Samoyed

Cost: Often selling for $600-$1500, but if they are of prestigious pedigree, they can go for more than $3000 and even up to $14000!

The Samoyed is a poor guard dog because they’re so friendly.

Although they make expert watchdogs because they’ll bark at anyone approaching your home, this breed is not aggressive.

They are happy and alert pups who are excellent with other animals and even small children.

The playful nature of these dogs stays with them into old age, although they dig strongly when they’re bored.

As smart dogs, they were used to herding reindeer, and this will become apparent when they will sometimes try to herd small children into certain directions.

Azawakh as the Most Expensive Dog Breeds

14. Azawakh

Cost: The Azawakh usually sells for about $3000.

This interesting dog resembles the Greyhound, but is a lot more hardy.

Also a sighthound, the Azawakh forms amazing bonds with their owners.

Due to their gentle and extremely affectionate nature, they make great companions.

These dogs aren’t aggressive, but they do not like to be touched by strangers as they can be slightly weary of anyone they don’t know.

With lots of energy and astounding endurance, this dog is perfect for a runner.

The heat doesn’t bother them, but they hate the cold.

Tibetan Mastiff Expensive Dog Breed

15. Tibetan Mastiff

Cost: This breed can sell between $7000-$10,000.

This large breed was initially bred to guard flocks and is still used for that purpose today.

It is said that those who are bred in the Western sides of the world tend to be a bit more easy going compared to their Eastern family members.

This breed is often placed among some of the most dangerous dogs out there, too.

The Tibetan Mastiff is a dog that is nocturnal in their behavior, so leaving them outside would not be advisable.

They bark at anything that moves. Very intelligent and extremely stubborn, this is not a breed for everyone.

They are aloof towards strangers who enter their homes. Obedience training and strict leadership is what the Tibetan Mastiff needs to thrive in a family home.

Saluki as the Most Expensive Dog Breeds

16. Saluki

Cost: They typically sell for about $2500.

Also known as the Persian Greyhound, this breed is an independent and sensitive one and it's a little cheaper among these most expensive dog breeds on the list.

The docile sighthound is completely fine with other dogs, but might give chase to smaller pups who run off.

They were bred as one of the best hunting dogs, and because that instinct is still there, they are very difficult to train due to their stubborn nature.

Bearded Collie as the Most Expensive Dog Breeds

17. Bearded Collie

Cost: A Bearded Collie can sell for $1600 or more.

The medium-sized Bearded Collie originated from Scotland and was used to herd cattle and sheep.

It is a lively and playful breed with high energy.

A lot of exercise is required to keep this breed from tearing up your home.

Nowadays, they are used as show dogs and have become amazing companions.

They can be stubborn, but in general take well to training.

This breed is amazing with everyone – people and animals alike.

They tend to shed a lot and have extensive grooming needs due to their long coats.

Hairless Chinese Crested as the Most Expensive Dog Breeds

18. Hairless Chinese Crested

Cost: This dog sells for about $5,000.

This exotic looking small breed comes in hairless and coated forms, and very popular dog with women.

They are graceful and elegant and make somewhat good watchdogs.

The Chinese Crested is a high energy dog with a playful attitude towards to life.

Not only are they one of the most expensive dog breeds, they are a breed of dog that demands all the attention in the household.

Due to this behavior, they can become jealous of other pets in the home.

Dogo Argentino as the Most Expensive Dog Breeds

19. Dogo Argentino

Cost: These dogs can sell for upwards of $3,900.

The large white Dogo Argentino is an intelligent and headstrong breed who will do well in a family with older kids.

This breed needs an expert handler who knows the breed and how to care for it.

They have lots of energy, so the Dogo Argentino will be a perfect companion for jogging with.

Because they’re working dogs, they need something to do; otherwise, they can become bored.

Boredom can lead to pent up aggression and destructive behavior.

Portuguese Water Dog Most Expensive Dog Breeds

20. Portuguese Water Dog

Cost: This breed will cost about $2,500 or more.

Obamas actually have two – Bo and Sunny.

It is said that they were the chosen breed because of Malia Obama’s dog allergy.

The Portuguese Water Dog is a working breed and was taught to herd fish into nets.

They are quite a rare breed, which is why they are one of the most expensive dog breeds.

One of the best things about this breed is that they shed very little. Loving and intelligent, this dog is also friendly towards strangers.

They make extraordinary companions and learn quickly, so a sharp handler is required.

Because of their amazing personalities, the Portuguese Water Dog is often used as a service dog.

FAQs on The Most Expensive Dog Breeds

What is the most expensive dog in the world?

As of today in 2022, the most expensive dog in the world is the Samoyed. They can cost up to 14k depending on their pedigree and purebred status.

What dog cost $1000000?

Although the Samoyed is the most expensive dog today, a dog was sold for 1.5 million dollars. It was a Red Tibetan Mastiff bought by a Chinese entrepreneur and business owner.

Most Expensive Dog Breeds – Closing Thoughts

So now you know what the most expensive dog breeds are!

Many of these expensive dogs will make great pets, but most of them are for those with the budget to drop a couple of Gs without thinking much about it.

Let us know in the comments your experience with any of the breeds!

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