If you enjoy running and looking for a dog that would like to tag along, some breeds are more suited for jogging than others. The best dogs to run with are those that have that excess energy, are naturally active, and are very social.

Different dogs are good for different types of runners. Just because a dog is a working breed or an active breed doesn't make them a good dog to run with for many miles or at increased speed.

The type of runner dog also matters: a good for fast, short distances may not be the best for slow-paced long runs.

Top 10 Best Dogs to Run With

Top 10 Best Dogs to Run With

1. Weimaraners

Weimaraners were originally bred as hunting dogs. They are large, athletic canines, and they have high energy. They are good dogs to run with, as they were bred to run down deer and other animals.

Their powerful muscles mean that the Weimaraner can also run long distances, so they are popular hunting dogs. These dogs need exercise. This means they would not be suitable for the casual runner.

They require lots of socialization, so this is an excellent dog for families with a yard.

These dogs are brilliant, making them easy to train. Since they are hunting dogs, they may chase prey while you're out and about.

Weimaraners need a firm hand to keep them from killing cats, squirrels, and other little furry animals.


2. Vizslas

Another friendly family dog is the Vizsla. People bred this dog to be a hunting dog. Its primary job when hunting is as a retriever. They are a social breed and do not do well being left alone very often.

This dog is extremely friendly with people, other dogs, and other animal types. Although he is a hunting dog, he doesn’t have as much of a prey drive as the Weimaraner.

This is another active dog that needs to be exercised.

You either need to be an avid runner or have a large yard for play if you're thinking about adopting a Vizslas. This dog is good for long, steady runs, but they may require a hands-free leash to keep them near you during jogs.

Vizslas are also good for short, fast runs.

Labrador Retriever

3. Labrador Retrievers

Labs are prevalent dogs in the United States. They are originally bred to assist fishers. They could be trained to fetch nets, ropes, and many other items.

Labradors are mainly used now to retrieve waterfowl for their hunters.

Labrador Retrievers are very friendly and extremely social. They usually will not make good watchdogs because of their amicable nature.

However, this makes them excellent family dogs, including families that are sporty, active, and like jogging.

Labs have high energy and need to be walked frequently or have access to a nice yard to play in. They are intelligent and easy to train.

Labs are good for long-distance, slower runs. They are equally as good in shorter, faster runs.


4. Whippets

These dogs are fast and agile. They are good at running cross-country, as well as on short, fast runs.

Whippets are very active and need to be exercised regularly, which makes them great for joggers and for doing almost any kind of sport.

Whippets are friendly and social. They do not like being left alone. This breed is intelligent and easy to train.

They were originally bred to hunt rabbits, so they need to be trained not to chase and kill small, furry animals.

This breed is one of the best dogs to run with, as they are commonly used as racing dogs. I don’t know if you need any more convincing than they are great companions for runners.

Jack Russel Terriers

5. Jack Russel Terriers

Jack Russel Terriers are great for runners that are looking for a smaller breed. This is a mighty dog, making them great for longer, slower runs. They can be a handful, though.

This breed needs an experienced dog owner to instill the best training in them. They are very active and energetic. A large yard, or frequent walks, is a must.

These dogs are a little more independent, meaning they can be left alone for a greater amount of time than some of the other best dogs to run with.

Just make sure your Jack Russel has a chew toy to fight boredom. While the Jack Russel is not as kid-friendly as some other dogs on our list, they are still very family-oriented.

They should do fine around kids, especially if purchased as a puppy.


6. Greyhounds

Greyhounds are the most popular racing breed in the United States, making it only fitting they would end up on the list of the best dogs to run with.

They are retired at a fairly young age, so one can adopt a young dog that already has significant training.

Greyhounds are very fast but only good for short-distance runs. Surprisingly, these dogs can adapt to living in an apartment as long as they are exercised daily.

They are very friendly and are great for families with kids. They must have a strong hand when on a leash, as they have a large prey instinct.

These dogs were bred to race initially, giving them an excellent reputation as a runner’s companion.


7. Beagles

The Beagle is also a good dog for a runner looking for a small pet. This breed is the best on this list for apartment living. They were originally bred to hunt small animals, such as rabbits, foxes, etc.

Beagles are intelligent but can be a little harder to train. Like most hounds, they can be stubborn. They are very friendly and great for families. This dog is good for people who take short, brisk runs.

Due to their stubborn nature, an experienced dog owner will work best, but with all the training guides out there, a determined, novice dog owner can have a great pet with a beagle.

While not quite as active as other dogs on this list, they still need regular exercise or play.


8. Dalmatians

Dalmatians were originally bred as coach dogs. They were bred to be strong and have excellent stamina. Dalmatians were also used as war dogs and are currently very popular among firefighters.

But they're also a great breed for running and jogging.

They can be trained to make excellent guard dogs. Despite this, Dalmatians are friendly dogs and great for families.

Given that they were bred as war dogs, they can be a little uneasy around strangers.

They are good companions for long-distance and cross-country runners but may need a little more training on leash walking.

Like most dogs that are good for running, they have lots of energy and need to be exercised often.


9. Poodles

Don't be fooled – despite their regal reputation, this breed is one of the best dogs to run with. The poodle was bred to retrieve waterfowl.

Their coat keeps them warm and protected from water so that grooming will be quite a chore.

They are intelligent and easy to train. Their prey instinct is not very strong, so they train well on a leash without wanting to chase other animals.

They are excellent family dogs, which also means they do not like to be alone.

Poodles do well with long, slow running. They are a great breed for the distance runner. Like other dogs on this list, they are high-energy and need to be exercised regularly.

Catahoula Curs

10. Catahoula Curs

Catahoulas were bred to hunt in the swamps and forests of Louisiana. This makes them agile and great runners for cross-country.

The Catahoula does good for long, slow runs. They have excellent endurance.

These dogs are affectionate with family, and they do not like being alone. They are usually not very good with children.

Kids would need to understand how to treat and respect a dog to choose this breed.

Catahoula Cur dogs are a little harder to train and will need a dedicated owner. They make up for all this in their unique appearance. If you want a dog that stands out from the others, this is the dog for you.

They are usually multi-colored, even having different color eyes.

Honorable Mentions for Best Dogs to Run With

The above dogs are far from the only breeds that love to run. While the Louisiana Catahoula leopard dogs certainly love to run, and so do Dalmatians, you don’t have to stick to a breed on the above list.

The following breeds also love running, just not quite enough to earn a spot on our list. You will be surprised to spot some AKC-recommended apartment dog breeds on the list.

Between all the breeds, you can find great choices for homes and children as well.

  • American Staffordshire Terrier
  • Australian Cattle Dog
  • Australian Shepherd
  • Airedale Terrier
  • Belgian Sheepdog
  • Belgian Shepherd
  • Border Collie
  • Brittany Spaniel
  • Boxer
  • Cattle Dog
  • Doberman Pinscher
  • English Setter
  • Fox Terrier
  • German Shepherd
  • German Shorthair Pointer
  • Golden Retriever
  • Malamute
  • Malinois
  • Parson Russell Terrier
  • Pharaoh Hound
  • Pit Bull
  • Portuguese Water Dog
  • Rhodesian Ridgeback
  • Shetland Sheepdog
  • Shiba Inu
  • Siberian Husky
  • Springer Spaniel
  • Swiss Mountain Dog
  • Terrier

Remember that your dog doesn’t have to be an American Kennel Club-approved breed to enjoy running or excel at it. Many mutts and mixed breeds also love running.

Whether your dog enjoys running will largely depend on his personality and temperament, in addition to other traits.

When Choosing The Best Dogs to Run With, Here's What to Look for in a Dog 

In general, when you are looking for a dog to be your running companion, you want a dog with a high energy level.

You will notice that many of the dogs that made our list were bred to hunt, herd, or do other tasks that require endurance and traveling long distances.

Remember that working dogs tend to love running, regardless of their coat colors.

If you want pups that like running, talk to the breeder before becoming its owner.

You can gain insights into temperament, health problems, and more by learning about the parents and their origin.

Consider Your Running Plans For The Best Dogs To Run With

The type of breed you choose will also depend on your planned runs. Some of the dogs mentioned above love running extremely long distances, while others prefer shorter runs.

For example, terriers and Bernese mountain dogs would rather you stick to three to five miles, while Vizslas or German short-haired pointers can easily run double-digit distances.

Some other breeds that love long-distance runs on our list include Australian shepherds, cattle dogs, Border Collies, Huskies, and Malamutes.

Generally, herding and sledding dogs will have great endurance. Hunting breeds like Pointers can also love long distances.

Are There Any Breeds You Shouldn’t Run With?

We talked about breeds like the Louisiana Catahoula leopard dog and greyhounds that love to run, but what about breeds you shouldn’t run with or hate running?

It would be best if you didn’t usually run with a short-nosed breed due to their higher risk of respiratory issues.

That means you want to be extra cautious before running with a Shih Tzu, Mastiff, Pekingese, Lhasa Apso, Boston Terrier, Boxer, Chihuahua, French bulldog, bulldog, or pug.

That being said, some dogs from those breeds will do perfectly fine and love running.

Just pay extra attention to your dog as you run if you choose one of these short-nosed breeds, and pay attention to any other health recommendations and health issues from the AKC or United Kennel Club.

Tips to Run with Your Dog

If you plan on running with your dog, whether it is a Catahoula leopard dog, a retriever, a terrier, or another breed group, you want to keep a few pieces of advice in mind.

The most important thing to remember is that you should always ease your pup into the program. Go for easy runs with your dog at first, no more than two or three miles at a time, and at a pace that you can comfortably communicate.

This will be slow enough for your dog.

You can do this three or four times each week to start. Once your dog is comfortable at that pace, add about ten minutes or 0.5 miles to the runs each week.

If your dog is still doing great at that distance, you can add another run during the week or try running a bit faster.

No matter your running schedule, make sure your pooch gets at least one or two rest days per week. Rest days are just as important as exercise requirements.

It would help if you also were courteous on your runs. Running with your dog isn’t an excuse not to pick up his waste. Follow the same etiquette you would on walks and clean up after him.

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Common Questions about Dog Breeds that Love to Run

If you still have some questions or problems about dog breeds that love to run, like the Catahoula leopard dog, then consider the following questions and answers before you bring puppies home.

What Are Breeds of Dog Good for Running?

Any of the breeds on the above list are good for running, including the Catahoula leopard dog, Weimaraner, Vizsla, German Shorthaired Pointer, Doberman Pinscher, Rhodesian Ridgeback, and Dalmatian.

What Is the Most Laid Back Dog Breed?

Most of the laid-back dog breeds don’t overlap with the above running dogs due to differences in energy levels.

Some easygoing options include the Glen of Imaal terrier, French bulldog, Clumber spiel, Chinese crested dog, Chihuahua, Bullmastiff, and Bernese mountain dog bulldog.

As these dogs are laid-back, they aren't necessarily great for self-defense.

Which Dog Can Run the Longest?

Many of the dogs on the above list can run for a long time, including the Catahoula leopard dog.

Golden Retrievers can also run for a very long distance, thanks to their excellent stamina. Any breed that is originally a working dog can do well, too.

Can Small Dogs Be Running Partners?

Yes! Many small dogs have a high enough energy level to make up for their small size. As a bonus, they weigh less, which reduces the stress that their joints feel as they move, including having a lower shoulder weight and being less prone to weight gain.

Some smaller dogs that enjoy running include Chihuahuas and a range of Terriers. Yet another bonus is their longer life span.

How Far Should You Run with Your Dog?

Whether you have a Catahoula leopard or another dog breed, you may be able to get him comfortable running 20 or 40 miles a week, sometimes more.

However, you shouldn’t expect your dog to do this all at once, even if it is a Catahoula. You have to build up your stamina, and so does your dog.

Build your dog’s distance and endurance over time if you want to go on these longer runs.

At What Age Can You Run with Your Dog?

You can typically start running with your dog once he is about six months old. Before this, running with puppies can lead to a risk of negative effects on their muscles and joints as they grow.

How Many Miles Is Too Much for a Dog?

This will depend on the dog. Pay close attention to how your dog reacts to your runs, and remember to build up distance gradually.

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