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Smart breeds is a category used to describe trainable dog breeds who are fast and adept learners (source). They are the main protagonists in the dog world.

But just like any other world, the dog world has its antagonists, too. They are called the “stubborn breeds” due to their dominant, independent, and aggressive character (source).

In this article, we will look at the 15 most stubborn dog breeds in the world. Do you think your puppy is one of them? Let's find out!

Stubborn Dog Breeds

15 Most Stubborn Dog Breeds That Are Hard To Train

15 Most Stubborn Dog Breeds (Hard to Train)

1. Siberian Husky

Several studies and experts have confirmed that Huskies are indeed one of the most stubborn dogs in the world.

These dogs have short attention spans that frequently lead to temper tantrums. Thus, your Husky might need regular exercises and rewards.

Siberian Huskies are excellent escape artists with very vocal characters, making them unsuitable for first-time dog owners.


2. Dachshund

In addition to Huskies, Dachshunds are a stubborn breed too.

These little barking sausages would instead run around the yard to hunt than listen to your commands.

Nevertheless, Daschunds are good dogs for families: their high lifespan, looks, and other positive traits make them attractive.

Boston Terrier

3. Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier is a lively dog breed that has an independent streak. According to trainers, it's a fun breed to own, but they're stubborn to train, even when employing the most effective psychological tricks.

These dogs don't like being told what to do and would rather romp around than play fetch or sit for treats.

Patience is a virtue for them, and it'll be worthwhile if pet owners take the time for them.


4. Chihuahua

Tiny and fierce, the Chihuahua would rather lie in your lap than work for a reward. They're not only challenging but also one of the laziest.

These dogs tend to be aggressive when not trained. Hence, you must work with a professional pet trainer to avoid this type of problem.

Even with the Chihuahua's miniature stature, they are very protective of their owners. These dogs will undoubtedly attack anyone to defend their household.

Overall, they aren't the best dogs with first-time pet owners or a family with small kids.

Scottish Terrier as the Most Stubborn Dog Breeds

5. Scottish Terrier

Scottish Terriers are handsome pets. These dogs are an enchanter due to their gorgeous beards and stunning black coat.

However, don't let their good looks fool you because these dogs are stubborn too!

Vocal, active, and proud, a Scottish Terrier will do whatever they set their mind on. If these dogs don't want to do something, they don't.

Furthermore, a Scottish Terrier can be a handful since they're a one-person type of dog. Thus, make sure to train these dos from a young age.

Stubborn Dog Breeds

Shiba Inu

6. Shiba Inu

The Shiba Inu breed is fiercely independent, making them one of the most stubborn dog breeds.

These pets are also known for being aggressive if not properly trained at a young age.

Shibas need an experienced owner full of patience, preferably those who have experience in handling stubborn breeds.


7. Beagle

Beagles are known as one of the best hunting dogs and companions in history.

However, these dogs are also famous for their independent and tenacious character, making them hard to please. They even tend to howl when they are left alone.

Because of their deep-set hunting characteristics, Beagles need plenty of exercises and training sessions to keep themselves from getting bored and destructive.

Fox Terrier

8. Fox Terrier

Fox Terriers are dogs that know their worth and will not submit to aggressive interaction. This impulsive breed has a mischievous streak, boundless energy, and an eager attitude.

As a consequence, Fox Terriers will likely not respect an inexperienced dog owner.

They need someone who knows what they're doing because this breed knows how to get what they want without working.

Akita Inu

9. Akita

Dominant, quiet, and complex, the Akita has many dogs with a unique, strong will. On top of that, these dogs can also be aggressive to other dogs but aloof towards people.

It won't be easy to get along with an Akita as they will require professional help in training.

Nonetheless, Akitas are talented and well-rounded loyal dogs.

Shar Pei as the Most Stubborn Dog Breeds10. Chinese Shar-Pei

Shar-Pei is an ancient dog breed known for its original traits, such as its wrinkly coat and blue tongue.

Early training is a must for these dogs due to their uncompromising character. Regardless of that, a Shar Pei dog can be an obedient trainee only if they're with a good trainer.

Stubborn Dog Breeds

Miniature Pinscher

11. Miniature Pinscher

Min Pins, short for Miniature Pinschers, is one of the most active, independent, but stubborn dog breeds. They're related to Doberman Pinschers, who are one of the scariest dogs in the world.

Despite the Min Pins' stubbornness, they require tons of exercise, constant stimulation, and a partner in crime who can understand their needs.


12. Dalmatian

Noted for its unique white coat spotted with dark marks, the famous Dalmatian can have a mind of its own, too.

Despite their extrovert personality, these dogs can be challenging to train. They need constant activities and exercise to stimulate their mind and body so they won't get bored.

But they can be a great, perfect companion as an apartment dog.

English Bulldog

13. English Bulldog

Strong, solid, and challenging, the English Bulldog is another headstrong dog breed.

Their lazy personality makes them the perfect pets for couch potato owners who aren't interested in training dogs.

Thus, if you're someone who's looking forward to teaching their pet new training tricks, the English Bulldog is not for you.

On the bright side, despite their fierce looks, these dogs are friendly with anyone and are great for kids.

Basset Hound

14. Basset Hound

Basset Hounds are considered great hunting gun dogs.

Friendly with strangers and other dogs, this scent hound will greet anyone with a loud bark.

But with almost zero aggressiveness, the Bassett Hound would instead remove itself from a difficult situation than attack.

However, even with their sad and droopy face, this breed has a stubborn and independent mind.

Weimeraner as the Most Stubborn Dog Breeds

15. Weimaraner

The final breed on this list is the Weimaraner or the “gray ghost.” This beautiful and energetic dog will chase anything that runs.

The Weimaraner isn't recommended for new dog owners, as they can be challenging to handle. But a professional dog trainer or handler can help.

They may be stubborn, but they aren't the most difficult to train. Knowledge and patience are the key to training this breed.

They're Headstrong yet Intelligent Dog Breeds.

These stubborn dog breeds aren't a joke regarding dog ownership since they can be hard to train.

They aren't the best dogs for first-time pet owners and other pets due to their strong willpower and unruly behavior.

In the end, all breeds, even the intelligent dog breeds, are still trainable at a very young age. With consistency in proper care and training, your dogs can adjust any of their destructive behaviors.

Unless you're patient and pro, you're likely to need some help from a professional trainer or canine behaviorist.

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