Resources for Hunters with Gun Dogs

Owning a gun dog means devoting yourself to the ongoing training and immaculate care of a working dog. While this may seem like an exhaustive possibility, fortunately, there are many great resources out there to help the gun dog owner carry out this responsibility.

Ensuring your safety and the safety of your dog will be your first priority.  Hunting with a dog can be an exciting adventure, but it can also be dangerous. Dog owners need to keep up with hunting dog training, grooming, and some gun dog gear.

The below resources will help you to stay on top of all of this. Whether you like surfing the internet, reading a traditional book, or watching informative DVDs with aspirations of going for a hunt with a gun dog, I've found something that will meet your needs.

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35 Resources for Avid Hunters with Gun Dogs

Invaluable Resources for Hunters with Gun Dogs

Websites for Avid Hunters with Dogs

1. SportDog

This is a website dedicated to hunting, training, and tracking of working sports dogs. The site offers educational articles, training tips, support, and apparel.

2. Gun Dog Central

Here is a gun dog website that offers a little bit of everything, from articles to shopping resources to trainer recommendations. The site itself is quite unorganized and messy, but it’s filled with a wealth of resources.

3. Gun Dogs Online

This resource has everything from forums to articles to hunting dog supplies. A well-reputed and active website, the average gun dog hunter will find everything they need here.

4. Gun Dog Breeders

This is a website that offers breeder resources for the hunter looking for healthy gun dog stock. It's also a great resource for owners looking to breed their gun dogs.

5. AKC Gundog Resources

This one is a subpage of the AKC website that lists information on the current AKC Gun Dog Championship.

Forums for Gun Dog Owners

6. Gun Dog Forum

A forum specifically designed to bring together gun dog hunters to answer questions about gun dog hunting, this provides resources for purchasing gun dogs, help to track dog pedigrees and tips for keeping gun dog owners up to date on pertinent news.

7. Gun Dog Breeders Forum

Here is a forum dedicated specifically to the breeding, selling, training, and hunting experiences of gun dog breeders and those who hunt with gun dogs. The majority of this forum is focused on breeding and selling gun dog stock.

8. Versatile Dogs Forum

This is a forum that focuses on all hunting dogs and the activities that they take part in. A non-specialized group, this is a forum that offers a little bit of everything for the avid hunter and sporting dog owner.

9. Duck Hunting Chat

Duck Hunting Chat is a forum that is specifically for gun dog owners who participate in duck hunting. This means that this forum, more often than not, focuses on retrievers and their owners.

10. Refuge Forums

This is another forum community dedicated to duck hunting and, most often, retriever breeds. A well-organized and active forum community, there are many great resources and plenty of friends to be made here.

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Professional Organizations for Gun Dog Owners


NAGDOG is the North American Gun Dog Organization. This organization is designed specifically to provide gun dog hunting opportunities to gun dog hunters and their dogs.


NAHRA is the North American Hunting Retriever Association. Unlike NAGDOG, NAHRA is dedicated only to hunters with retriever hunting dogs. The organization offers club locations as well as event and training information to retriever gun dog owners.


NAVHDA is the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association. A nonprofit organization, NAVHDA dedicates itself to fostering, promoting, and improving the various hunting dog breeds across North America.

14. The Positive Gun Dog Association

This is an association that is built upon a modern movement to use non-aversive training methods when training gun dogs. Although not as popular as other professional organizations, the positive training method approach is beginning to pick up in popularity.

15. The American Hunting Dog Club

Established in 1986, the American Hunting Dog Club promotes safety, conservation, and sportsmanship in the hunting community and offers many events and activities for hunting dog owners and their dogs.

Best Books for Hunters with Gun Dogs

Training With Mo: How Maurice Lindley Trains Pointing Dogs

16. Training with Mo — How Maurice Lindley Trains Pointing Dogs
by Martha H. Greenlee

A best-seller among gun dog owners and trainers, Training with Mo focuses on training pointing dogs with a compassionate approach.

17. The Ultimate Guide to Bird Dog Training 
by Jerome B. Robinson

A favorite book of Steve Snell of Gun Dog Supply, this book combines traditional and modern approaches to training a gun dog to perform up to standard.

Gun Dog: Revolutionary Rapid Training Method

18. Gun Dog 
by Richard Wolters

A book designed for the pointing dog owner who intends to train their own dog, Gun Dog focuses on tailoring training approaches to the mental development of the hunting dog.

19. Training the Versatile Hunting Dog 
by Chuck Johnson

A bestselling book by Chuck Johnson, this paperback focuses on using the natural talents and instincts of the hunting dog to create a successful training approach.

20. How to Help Gun Dogs Train Themselves, Taking Advantage of Early Conditioned Learning 
by Joan Bailey

Another bestselling book that focuses on using a dog’s natural talent, this step-by-step guide is filled with bright and descriptive pictures and details the importance of a gun dog’s first 12 months.

Training DVDs for Gun Dog Owners

21. Smart Work and Smart Fetch – Evan Graham's Retriever Training DVD series

These training DVDs focus on the use of the retriever as a gun dog and cover basic training to advanced essentials.

Fowl Dawgs vol. 3: Transition Training with Rick Stawski 22. Fowl Dawgs DVD Series with Rick Stawski

The Fowl Dawgs DVD series covers everything the gun dog owner needs to know about training their dog from a professional and successful hunting dog trainer.

23. Chris Akin's Duck Dog Basics Series Training DVDs

This basic training DVD series from Chris Akin focuses on duck dog training using a more positive approach. This is a favorite DVD series among gun dog hunters who believe in a low-pressure approach to training their dogs.

Training The Upland Retriever: All Three Volumes on One Disc (Volumes 1, 2, 3)24. George Hickox DVDs

George Hickox is an experienced trainer of hunting dogs and has a long track record of success with his training approach. This DVD series is a bestseller on Gun Dog Supply’s website.

25. Tom Dokken Training DVDs

An affordable DVD training series, the Tom Dokken DVD series covers everything from picking a puppy to preparing for hunt testing. Dokken’s approach is tried and true, and despite being an affordable DVD set, the information that these DVDs offer is invaluable.

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Best Magazines for Hunters with Gun Dogs

26. Gun Dog Mag

The most widely recognized quality publication in the gun dog community, Gun Dog Mag, covers questions and answers, gun dog resources, and articles of interest.

27. Pointing Dog Journal

A magazine dedicated specifically to pointing dog owners, this publication provides articles from seasoned professionals on vet care, training, and hunting with pointers.

28. Eastmans’

Another general hunting magazine, Eastmans’ offers both a hunting journal and a bow hunting journal. This is certainly the less gundog-centered magazine on the list, but it still makes for an interesting read for the average hunter.

19. Field and Stream Magazine

A more general magazine aimed at hunters and outdoorsmen, Field and Stream doesn’t always focus on hunting and hunting dogs, but they always offer quality content for the hunter.

30. Bird Dogs Afield with Paul Fuller

An online video publication, Bird Dogs Afield is a free publication with both video and written articles on bird dog hunting. This publication provides information on the training and care of the hunting dog as well as articles on hunting itself.

Best Gun Dog Supply Stores

31. GunDogSupply.Com

This is one of the most comprehensive online stores offering gun dog supplies from equipment to training books.


Here is another comprehensive online store that offers everything from field trial supplies and training DVDs to customized kennel signs.

33. Lion Country Supply

LCS focuses on providing hunting dog supplies and supplies for the hunter. Uniquely, they also offer seminars and gathering events to hunters.

34. is a huge online resource for gun dog supplies, including kennel and grooming products and field-specific items. Additionally, they also offer a loyalty rewards program.

35. Gun Dogs Online

This is another online retailer that carries all of the big names in hunting dog equipment. With hunting supplies for the hunter and for the hunting dog, Gun Dogs Online offers the best of the best brand-name products.

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Essential Resources for Hunters with Gun Dogs

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