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Tiny Pup ROARS: Dog’s Heartwarming Attempt At Being A Big Girl

Tiny Pup ROARS
Photo: Melissa Sundman

Chihuahuas. You either love them or hate them. There is no middle ground. But those of you that hate them have never had the pleasure of having one, as they are amazing little fierce creatures.

Here’s to you having a fabulous little Chihuahua in your life someday, hopefully just like this little darling, learning to roar!

Little Zoe, a two month old Chihuahua pup, is encouraged by her owner to sing for her. What comes out is the sweetest little howl, and another, and another. Think baby Simba learning to ROAR!

“Danger? Ha, I walk on the wild side. I laugh in the face of danger!” Simba tells Zasu in the Lion King, while showing off. He is pretending to be a big bad lion, and someday he will be. Someday he will rule as King of the Beasts.

Someday Zoe will rule that household. It’s what tiny dogs do. It’s the destiny of all Chihuahuas. It’s in the Chihuahua playbook – it’s in their manual. They will rule you, rule the house and wrap you around their tiny paw. But until that day comes, she will melt your heart with her determination to be all she can be. Go Zoe, Go!

Zoe musters all she can into her fierce dog voice. At times it sounds like a kitten, at times it sounds like a little duckling. But she has no fear and is giving it her best. It’s a shame her voice can’t match her spirit.

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As Zoe’s human mom encourages her to sing for her and to speak, she continues her valiant efforts, determined to give it her all. There is no stopping this pup! Zoe is the little Chihuahua that could. She is going places.

She has the guts and the fire to be somebody. She can be a superstar Chihuahua if she wants, or a Chihuahua ballerina, or even a tiny diminutive version of a Rottweiler if she sets her mind to it.

Now, we know Chihuahuas don’t have big scary voices. Some can barely muster a squeak, but they command respect with what they put forth. Except for sweet little Zoe.

Let’s hope puberty takes its effect on her and gives her the voice she needs to be a little tiny tot in a big old world. Practice makes perfect, little Zoe. You will be getting your ROAR on in no time!