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Review: Andis Premium Pet Deshedding Tool Review

For pet parents looking to improve their dogs coats, I'm doing a Andis Premium Pet Deshedding Tool review. This deshedding tool for dogs was provided to me free of charge by Andis in exchange for my honest opinion and full review.

Andis Premium Pet Deshedding Tool Known for their grooming tools for humans as well as large and small animals, Andis is one of the most well-respected manufacturers in the world. They've been creating innovative products for almost 100 years, and now they're also one of the best manufacturers in the dog grooming supplies and dog care products market.

In this review of Andis premium pet deshedding tool, I will quickly walk you through the process of deshedding a dog, and how using a tool like this one helps. We'll also dig deeper into whether this Andis deshedding tool worth its higher price when compared to other pet deshedding tools, and how it differs.

Andis' small animal line includes dog hair clippers, dog nail clippers and trimmers, pet brushes, combs, other dog nail care products and more. They really have a great selection of top quality dog grooming tools for companion animals, but watch the video and read the below deshedding tool review to decide for yourself.

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Andis Premium Pet Deshedding Tool Review

Andis Premium Pet Deshedding Tool
Photo: Samantha Randall

Andis does make top-quality products, which means that they are a little bit more expensive than many other grooming tools on the market. Just like anything else, you get what you pay for.

On the manufacturers website you can purchase this product for $34.25, and shopping around online you can get it about $10 cheaper from Amazon and other online retailers. The Andis Premium Pet Deshedding Tool is well-made, durable and built to last for a very long time. I wouldn't be surprised if we were still using this grooming tool with future pets for many years. In the long run, $25-$35 for a deshedding tool that I'll use for multiple dogs doesn't seem like a bad deal. Not to mention, the hours of cleaning up dog hair that it will save me!

Andis claims that this brush reduces shedding up to 90 percent. I can't give an exact number, but I was certainly impressed with the amount of hair that it pulled from Saddie's coat. We're used to short haired dogs, as we've raised boxers for many years, so Saddie's thick undercoat and insane amount of shedding was not a welcomed surprise in our home. Using this brush on her for about 10 minutes every day has drastically reduced the amount of loose hair that is released in our home.

The ergonomic design and soft-handle of the brush keep your hand from getting fatigued while brushing. It's really comfortable to hold onto. The specially designed curved blades were created to reach into the undercoat of breeds like Labradors, German Shepherds, Chows and Huskies. The curve of the teeth allow them to pull out the loose hair without cutting or scraping the dog's skin. The teeth are also designed to maintain a damage-free top coat.

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Andis Premium Pet Deshedding Tool Review

This brush is able to remove the unwanted hair, but it's also gentle enough to be used in sensitive areas like on the head, neck and belly of your dog. As you can see in this video, Saddie loves to be brushed with the Andis Premium Pet Deshedding Tool. She is a puppy, so at first she was a little rowdy at grooming time, but now when she sees this brush she'll willingly come over and let me groom her.

You can use this brush on any dog. As I mentioned in the video, we don't use it on our boxer Chloe. We use a soft bristle brush for her, because she does not shed very much and I feel like it is gentler on her skin.

However, the Andis Premium Pet Deshedding Tool can be used on any size and any breed; whether your pet has a long or short coat. I even use it on our two cats, and it works great for them too!

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andis-premium-pet-deshedding-tool-reviewThis ergonomically designed deshedding tool from Andis greatly reduces shedding and is built to last. The curved teeth pull loose hair from your dog's undercoat and maintain top coat health at the same time. It's tough on loose hair and gentle on your pet's skin.