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Review: Aspen Pet Porter Kennel

Traveling with your dog can be extremely difficult. There is so much research to be done and lots of details to plan. Finding a suitable carrier for your dog is one of the most important tasks you'll have to tackle. The Aspen Pet Porter Kennel is available for dogs weighing up to 125 pounds, making it a good choice for owners looking for a travel carrier for their medium/large breed dog.

Size needs to be your first priority when shopping for the right travel carrier for your dog. It's easy to find carriers for small dogs, but it can be a challenge to find a travel crate for larger dogs. It's important to evaluate the interior dimensions of the carrier as well as the dimensions of the exterior.

Petmate Pet Porter Dog Kennel 19", Dark Gray & Black, for Pets Up to 10lbs, Made in USA Measuring your dog for a carrier is a 3 step process. The first step is to measure your dog's height from the top of his head to the floor. Next measure his length from the tip of his nose to the base of his tail. Finally, measure the width of the widest point of his body (probably his shoulders).

I've used this same process with Aspen Pet Porter Kennel during this review. Remember to add 2″ to each of these measurements, and that’s the size of the carrier that you’ll need to purchase. Your dog needs enough room inside the carrier to stand up, lie down and turn around comfortably. Remember, just because he meets the weight requirement does not mean he’ll fit in the carrier comfortably.

Aspen Pet Porter Kennel Review

Aspen Pen Porter KennelThe top and bottom of this carrier are made of durable plastic. As you can see in my video review above, there are plastic latches around the sides of the carrier that snap the two halves together. The halves also nest inside each other, which makes it easy to store the Aspen Pet Porter Kennel when not in use.

The door is made of metal and features a latch with a locking mechanism that you have to pinch together to open. This carrier can keep in dogs that scratch and chew, and it would be extremely unlikely that your dog would be able to maneuver the lock open from the inside.

The company does claim that the Aspen Pet Porter Kennel meets “most” travel requirements. Keep in mind that all plane, train and bus companies have different rules when it comes to travel carriers for pets. For this reason, you should always check the company's website or give them a call to ensure that you get a carrier that meets their guidelines.

Aspen Pet Porter KennelI always worry about our pets getting plenty of ventilation when in a travel carrier like this one. The Aspen Pet Porter Kennel has 360° ventilation, so you won't have to worry about your pup overheating while traveling.

As I mentioned, this is my pick for the best dog carrier for all sizes. It is available in 9 sizes:

    • 19″L x 12.6″H x 10″W for dogs weighing up to 10 pounds
    • 23″L x 15.2″H x 11.8″W for dogs weighing up to 15 pounds
    • 24.1″L x 16.7″H x 14.5″W for dogs weighing 15-20 pounds
    • 26.2″L x 18.6″H x 16.5″W for dogs weighing 20-25 pounds
    • 28″L x 21″H x 22″W for dogs weighing 25-30 pounds
    • 32″L x 23″H x 24″W for dogs weighing 30-50 pounds
    • 36″L x 25″H x 27″W for dogs weighing 50-70 pounds
    • 40″L x 27″H x 30″W for dogs weighing 70-90 pounds
    • 48″L x 32″H x 35″W for dogs weighing 90-125 pounds

It's also available in 8 colors. Depending on the size and color that you choose, the Aspen Pet Porter Kennel sells for $25.39-$330.28 on Amazon. The prices for the smaller sizes are very reasonable compared to similar products, but the larger sizes are in the middle of the price field.

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aspen-pet-porter-kennel-reviewIn my opinion, the Aspen Pet Porter Kennel is the best dog carrier for all sizes and breeds. It's available in 9 sizes for dogs weighing up to 125 pounds. It's hard to find carriers for medium and large breeds, and while this isn't the most convenient carrier for larger dogs, it's durable and meets most travel requirements.